How to protect against mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes – this is not only an unpleasant hum above your head, insomnia and itchy bites, it is a direct threat to life and health. About 700 million people in the world every year fall after mosquito bites. These unpleasant insects carry bacteria, viruses and parasites causing a number of hazardous diseases: malaria, dengue fever, elephant disease. Only in 2012 due to the fault of Komarov, 207 million people got sick with malaria, of which more than 600,000 died. Cooking malaria in 97 countries and territories, especially high probability – in sub-Saharan Africa. our mosquitoes also transfer viruses: Karelian fever, hare-beyak, batha, inco, tragedry and others. In some regions of Russia, you can pick up the western Nile fever virus. We have and malarious mosquitoes: they can pass the malaria from tourists returned from rest. We will add allergies to this list on mosquito bites, and it will become clear that the protection against mosquitoes is one of the main tasks of mankind. It remains only to choose the most effective.


Repellents can be a rescue for three to four hours. However, they all contain harmful toxic substances. For example, Date – Diethyltolumide: This chemical compound was invented in the United States in 1946 to protect the army from insects. The consequences of its use are delayed and unpredictable, especially harmful to use for pregnant women and children. 17% of Deta falls into the blood, so the repellents should be applied on clothes, but in no case on face and hands. The greater the content of Deta in the bottle, the longer the means protects against mosquitoes, but the toxic substance for a person. If you apply a repellent on clothes, the drug is valid longer: 10-15 days, between socks should be stored in a hermetic package.

Know-how: Portable self-speaking rebel for relaxation. It is attached to clothes and creates a "protective cloud" around the person due to the unpleasant aroma mosquito. One cartridge is enough for 12 hours, however, you can continuously use it for no more than four hours.


Best mosquito protection – closed dense clothing and hood (or handkerchief). But in the heat such an outfit threatens a thermal blow. For those who spend a lot of time in the taiga, the swamps and in protracted campaigns, special anti-mosquito clothing has been developed, such as encephalitka, "Biostop", "bodyguard". Costumes look not too aesthetic, but, according to the reviews of experienced tourists, they are very effective: fully closed, equipped with grids, they protect both from mosquitoes, and from ticks (but they do not save from sweat).

Know-how: Equipment from the brand Columbia with protection against mosquitoes, midges, ticks, flies and ants. The technology is called INSECT-BLOCKER and is a special impregnation of natural ingredients, not having a smell and, as advertising, one hundred percent effective. There are few reviews so far, and the disadvantages are obvious: wonderful properties are withstanding no more than 70 styrics, while the equipment is not cheap (1799 rubles. for T-shirt, 2999 USD for windbreaker or shirt, 2599 USD per pants, 1499 p. for cap).

Essential oils (bracelets and plasters)

Mosquitoes are sensitive to smells: they are attracted by the smell of lactic acid contained in the sweat, and scare the smells of cloves, citronella, valerians, eucalyptus, lavender, geranium, mint, anise, camphor and cedar oils. You can drop the essential oil on clothes or in the aromalamp indoors, but it is not always effective, and oil leaves spots on things and at large concentrations can cause headaches. Manufacturers offer an alternative: bracelets and plasters, sources of castronells, geraniums, lavender, mint. They are suitable for children from two years and enjoyed in high demand from parents. Reviews of efficiency are divergent, but most likely it is psychological protection for the nervous system of parents: mosquitoes quietly sit on the skin near bracelets.

Know-how: Sticker on clothing with butter Zitronella. You can stick at the same time up to six plasters – the manufacturer promises protection to 12 hours. However, for all summer such patches do not fight. There are still few reviews, the product only appeared on the market.

Fumigators and Spirals

Funds from mosquitoes are divided into those that scare insects, and those that kill. The latter includes fumigators. They contain chemical preparations – insecticides in the form of a plate or liquid. They kill mosquitoes, but also for a person are not quite safe: can cause allergies in 12% of people. Therefore, the instruction of the fumigator usually looks frightening: do not use the fumigator in small rooms, with closed windows in the presence of people, do not include near the person and not use more than this time. For the rest in nature there are fumigators on batteries. Special children’s portable Japanese production fumigators are sold, which, if necessary, attached to the stroller.

In the anti-mosquito spirals, the substance is highlighted – alleletin, it kills mosquitoes, but can cause degradation of well-being in asthmatics and allergies, it is not recommended to nursing and pregnant women. It should be applied in rooms only with open windows, and better in the fresh air – spreading at a distance of 1-2 meters from people.

Know-how: Portable lantern shines and scares mosquitoes, spraying allelet in zone up to 20 m 2 (works from batteries).

Males do not bite never, they are a nap

Ultrasound discharges

"Sound waves … negatively affect the nervous system of mosquitoes," say sellers of ultrasound discreteners for insects. Their many types: there is for home inserted into the socket, and portable in the form of keyfobs, and there are even universal – for people and animals from all types of insects, including mosquitoes and ticks. However, according to the statement of the Bart Nols entomologist, the head of the consulting council of the Dutch Foundation for the fight against malaria, there is no scientific data that suggests that the ultrasound is distinguished by mosquitoes: the ten studies have not confirmed this fact.

Know-how: Air conditioning LG with built-in ultrasonic mosquito repellent and mosquitoes, feeding "mosquito alarm". According to the company-producer, the device scares 80% of mosquitoes, 20% of blood-sucking ultrasound does not take.

How to protect against mosquitoes

Traps for mosquitoes

The most cunning device for killing mosquitoes – trap, or "destroyer". He loves mosquitoes, imitating human breathing (produces carbon dioxide from propane), the smell of sweat and heat, then sucks them on the principle of the vacuum cleaner and destroys during the day (!): Mosquitoes die from dehydration. Shredders are designed for installation at the cottage, in the garden, there are models for home. There is such a thing about 20,000 – 45 000 rubles. However, home is cheaper and easier – put mosquito nets on all windows and doors. Mesh on magnets is very convenient for entrance doors.

Know-how: Mosquito shredder for home with night light feature with soft blue backlight and aromatherapy device.

Deadov methods

In times, when there were no repellents, in the pioneer camps from mosquitoes they were saved by a special ointment: 4-5 st. L. Salts fell asleep in a liter jar and rubbed the body.

Another popular recipe without chemistry: mix a pack of vanillin with children’s cream and put on the skin. Suitable for children, if there is no allergy to vanillin.

To become invisible for a mosquito, you need to wash more often, because bloodsowing flies on the smell of sweat.

What to eat to scare the mosquito?

Oddly, it is possible to protect against mosquitoes from the inside: for this you regularly eat garlic and vitamin B1 – they change the smell of the human body and make you unattractive in the eyes of mosquitoes. To enhance the effect, you can lubricate the open areas of the body with casica from garlic – bloodsowing, like vampires, are afraid of him.

What of these funds is equally efficient in Africa, Asia and in the our taiga and why some people mosquitoes bite, and others calmly go without any protection and don’t even bope? We appealed to the Clinical and Diagnostic Center for the First MGMU to them Sechenov, Department of Medical Parasitic and Tropical Medicine.

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