How to protect a bank card and money from journey fraudsters

Once, after a long night flight to Asia, on the way to the hotel I lost my handbag in which all my money and cards lay. Extremely unpleasant incident that could spoil all vacation. I was saved only that I kept the phone in my hands, and passports always lie with her husband. After that, I thought, How to protect your bank card and money from scammers in travel and not stay in someone else’s country without money?

Away from home can anything happen. Valuable things can steal, card – block, in the exchanger – to issue fake banknotes. How to protect a bank card and cash from theft and abduction?

Having studied this question well, I made a list of rules that would be able to protect me from big losses:

  1. Do not put eggs in one basket: you need to take cash and several cards on the trip.
  2. Learn how local money looks.
  3. Keeping small bills at hand, and large to clean away.
  4. Prevent a bank about your trip and check the status of accounts.
  5. Check ATMs and payment devices before shove in them the map.
  6. If something happened to the card, then contact the bank.

Budget division – security deposit

When I’m going on vacation, I distribute my budget as follows:

  • The smallest part take in cash;
  • The remaining money put on 2 debit cards of different banks;
  • Be sure to carry a credit card.

I will take a minimal amount that depends on the country in which I am going. It is usually about 5 thousand rubles or $ 100 / euro. I change money for small bills and put them in a wallet or the nearest pocket. They will pay on the road. The remaining amount, if it is, we clean the plump in the bag.

Bank cards also distribute in different places. One, for payment, leave at hand, the rest we cleaned away. Especially for trips I bought for my smartphone case with a pocket for a plastic card. Now the phone and the card is always in my hand. Cards I never hold next to bills.

This distribution does not attract the attention of fraudsters. Even when I get money, it is immediately seen that they are quite a bit. If I lose a wallet or pickpocket climbs into my bag, the loss will not be so great. I definitely do not stay without all savings.

Another important point. Before the trip, I will definitely study the currency of the country. Especially coins.

Now I even am afraid to imagine what amounts did the merchants who I offered me to choose the right glands from my hand. Incorrectly give out or take 5 yuan (50 Jiao) instead of 5 Jiao – this is the most harmless, but very unpleasant to the tourist type of fraud.

Knowledge of bills and major watermarks will be useful in the exchanger. It is difficult to immediately determine which item can be trusted. A small course can be brought to a place where you can slip a couple of fake bills. Therefore, it is important to know how the banknotes should look. After receiving, I carefully examine each bill.

Recount the delivery, check the money and can save a considerable amount.

How to protect the map from blocking and scammers

Before the holidays, I will definitely highlight a couple of hours to prepare and protect a bank card from the lock on the journey.

  • Check that the Internet Bank mobile app. For this, it is enough to enter it once.
  • Mark in the Internet Bank the country in which we fly, and the period of staying in it. It is necessary that the bank does not block the map.
  • Set the limit to remove cash and pay shopping. I usually point out 10-20 thousand rubles. If necessary, the limits can be increased. But if the card will decoke fraudsters, you will not be able to write off a big amount.
  • Save contact numbers in the phone book. This is important for quick communication with the bank.
  • Check the validity of the cards and make all the required payments on loans. It is necessary that the card is not blocked on the trip.
  • Connect the SMS warning service. Perhaps it will have to pay a small commission for it, but it will allow you to notice in time if someone took advantage.

What should be done:

Preparation will not take much time, but can very much in someone else’s country, if something happens while traveling.

How to protect a map from scammers if I shoot money in an ATM

Fraudsters constantly invent new security bypass opportunities that bank security services are installed for their cards.

So I definitely observe Simple rules that protect against unpleasant consequences:

1. Never inform the PIN from the card.

This is a simple rule that you need to memorize once and for all. If the scammers enter the pin code and remove the money from your card, to prove the jar that it is theft, it will be very difficult. Therefore, do not hesitate to show an excessive stealth: Turn the board with the scoreboard with a set of numbers, ask to turn away from behind a man.

2. Before using an ATM, I definitely examine it.

On the keyboard and the cartrider there should be no films, plastic linings or caps. Such things are usually poorly fixed, so it is better to touch them and shake. Nothing should hang out or fall off. Scammers learned to establish special systems that do not violate the operation of an ATM, but retain all the details of the map and the introduced PIN code. You get cash, and thieves – the ability to manage your card. There were doubts – go to another apparatus.

The cartrider is a place in an ATM, where you insert the map. Here, a special device reads the necessary data from it and transfers to the bank.

3. I try to make money in an ATM, which is located in a lean, well guarded place: Bank branch, shopping center, restaurant.

How to protect a bank card and money from journey fraudsters

Do not use devices on a quiet deserted street or around some kind of building. Fraudsters easier to install their linings on such devices, and in such a place you can attack and take money.

I try to go to an ATM with someone from friends. Especially if I remove a large amount. Feeling much calmer when there is a person who is watching the situation around.

4. Checking money and map without departing from an ATM.

Covers can get stuck in the device for issuing banknotes. If you forgot the card in an ATM, it needs to be blocked immediately. Even if there is an opportunity to immediately return to her. During the time you were not, someone could pick up the card. If it remained in the device, you still can’t get it back. Open the ATM can only with collection, and it can be every few days.

How to safely pay a card

I have long changed all the cards with a magnetic strip on cards with a chip and the possibility of contactless payment.

I try not to give a map in the hands of the seller. I ask to file the terminal to insert the card itself. This applies to cafes. Never allow the waiter to carry the map. All details are indicated on it, including CVC code. Terminal to pay bills should bring to the table if it is impossible, I myself go to the checkout.

CVC code is a three-digit number on the revolving side of the card, which allows the bank to check its authenticity when paying without filing a map. For example, via the Internet.

PIN-code entry rules are the same as on ATM. Turn around with your hand or ask people to turn away when you type numbers.

How to protect a bank card from scams when shopping on the Internet and using an Internet bank:

  • Mobile applications of banks I only install from official markets. Be sure to set up a special code for entering the application and SMS alert.
  • On the trip, I never enter the Internet bank and do not buy in the online store if my device is connected to Wi-Fi. This is a very unsafe type of connection. Fraudsters can intercept the signal and get full access to all information that you enter: Details of the cards, passwords from personal accounts. I connect through the mobile Internet if I want to pay for something or make a translation. This is significantly safer.
  • Never use public computers or devices to enter the Internet when I need to do something with the card.
  • I use only proven sites. I do not pay anything in systems that do not require SMS-confirmation of payment.

Be careful when using a mobile application. If the attackers are kidnapped by the details of one card, then it is not so scary, and if they enter the Internet bank, they will be able to manage all your accounts.

It is important to remember: the bank will never send a message or will not call to dictate the details of the card or call the PIN code. So do only scammers. Never answer such questions.

What to do if the map was stolen

When I discovered that I lost my handbag, the first thing I started to do is Block your maps.

It is important to notify the bank as quickly as possible that the card is lost or stolen.

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Block the map in several ways:

  • via the Internet bank;
  • by call to the bank;
  • Send a special message to a short number (if you know it);
  • Ask someone from acquaintances to contact the bank.

After calling to the bank, I calmed down a little: more with a card nothing can be done. I needed to check if I did not use anyone my card. Although SMS-messages about purchases or withdrawals did not come, I still entered the mobile app and once again all over. I was lucky, nothing was gone. My only consumption is a commission for reissibration, but I decorated it after arriving home.

In case the write-offs from the card were still, look at what time they are made. It will be fine if you can get some kind of confirmation of where they were at that moment. For example, save a train ticket or aircraft, ask the restaurant administrator to confirm that at this time you have dinner in their institution, save the check on the payment of another card. It is necessary in order to prove the jar that at the time when your card took advantage, you were far from this place.

Map blocking is one of the few operations that other people can do for you. Bank is obliged to take a message from them and secure your accounts.

Report the bank that money is stolen from the card, you need to immediately by phone. Next Follow the instructions received.

Most likely after returning to Russia, it will be necessary to contact the Bank’s office and to the police to write an application for challenging operations.

IMPORTANT: If the money disappeared after your request to block the card, the bank carries all responsibility. It is he who will have to return funds lost by his fault.

How to make money from the card if you blocked it?

Next you need to find a way to make money from accounts. It’s good that I rested with my husband. I immediately transferred funds from my bills on his cards. It took only a few hours, so everything went well.

If there are no other cards with you, there are several options:

  1. Translate via Internet bank for details vLocal bank. To do this, contact the office. Perhaps you will be asked to open an account.
  2. Make a transfer to the electronic wallet, acting on the territory of the country in which you are. For example, using the WebMoney service, which is presented in many cities in the world. True, it is not very convenient and takes a big commission.
  3. Decor the money transfer of one of the systems working in the country: Contact, Golden Crown, Unistream other.
  4. Find an ATM in which you can withdraw money without a card. Make it will be difficult, t.To. Not all devices are equipped with similar programs. In addition, it is not always possible to make it from a foreign bank card. If it turns out to find such an ATM, be prepared to enter full details of the map and the data of the contract.

For any of the listed methods will have to pay the commission.

In order to avoid all these unpleasant consequences, I drive with him a spare card, which I leave at the hotel along with other valuable things.

The map disappeared, and you did not immediately notice – how to protect the card with money from fraudsters

The main amount I keep not on the map itself, but on the storage account.

In this case, even if the card is stolen, my savings will be fully safe. When you need, I go into a mobile application and translate the required amount on the map. If the fraudster gets a card, he will not get to the cumulative account &# 8212; The bill is virtual and the card is not tied.

Keep money on the storage account is also useful and because often we do not remember &# 8212; Forgotten the card at the hotel or lost, then I don’t want to block it right away, because most likely it will soon be. But for money still fear. Protect the map from fraudsters easy and without blocking – if she is debit and there is no money on it.

Sometimes it happens that I enter the card, but paying the purchase or make money fails. An error comes to the screen and a message comes to refuse.

Why payment does not pass and I see a message about the refusal:

  1. PIN-code entered incorrectly. Most often, this reason is specified in the SMS message and on the device screen. If I am sure that I enter it true, then there were previously 3 incorrect attempts to enter a pin-code and the map is blocked. You can call the bank and remove the blocking. The card will earn again.
  2. Operation limit exceeded. It sets it a bank or by you in a personal account separately on cash withdrawal and on purchases. You can also expand it in a mobile application, but it may take some time. It is better to check the limits in advance, and at such a case have a spare card.
  3. The map is blocked by the Bank. This can be done after purchases that the bank has considered fraud. For example, when payments abroad, if you do not make a note on the way out in advance. For unlocking, you will need to contact the bank, and the restoration of performance can take several days.
  4. Error on the payment device side. In this case, you can not do anything. It is better to find another ATM or pay cash.

Very useful contactless payment services appeared: Apple Pay, Android Pay and Google Pay. All my cards are loaded into the phone, and some of them I do not even take with you on the trip. All payments can be done using a smartphone. The main thing is that the terminal, through which you will pay, supported the contactless payment method. Now such payments support most devices and some ATMs.


To protect the card and cash from scammers not enough to keep them in different places. At the same time, bank cards still remain more reliable way to store funds. If you lose money, then you will not return them. With maps everything is different. Any problem Bank will help solve. The main thing in time to inform him about what happened. That is why I prefer to go on a journey with plastic in your pocket.

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