How to pronounce medicines in the plane

You can carry the usual tourist aid kit without problems. But if you are forced to regularly take medicines that write down the recipe, that there are certain subtleties here.

Requirements for the transport of drugs in the plane differ depending on whether you will cross the border or not.

Flights in Russia

If you are planning to fly through the territory of Russia, there are no restrictions on the movement of drugs.

You can carry medicines in the baggage in any quantity, but in hand putting it is necessary to remember the fluid.

According to the rules of aviation security, in the cabin of the aircraft you can take no more than 1 liter of fluid, in tanks of no more than 100 ml each.

If you need to translate the medicine for yourself and the capacity of more than 100 ml, then take a recipe from a doctor or an extract from the history of the disease with signature and printing.

If you arrive or fly out of Russia

Be sure to read the list of medicinal substances and drugs that are forbidden to import and export. Please note that the list shows not only the names of drugs, but also the names of the prohibited substances. If they are kept in your medicine, they are prohibited for transportation without relevant documents (prescription or certificate from the doctor).

Most often, analgesic drugs containing narcotic substances, such as codeine (pentalgin, piralgin, saltpaden, nurofen plus), also fall under the prohibition, as well as some cough preparations, for example &# 8220; Codelk Broncho&# 8221;.

One more thing to keep in mind &# 8211; Number of drugs. If you are carrying more than 5 packages of the same name, even if there is no restriction on import and export, it is considered small wholesale.

Flights abroad

Before the flight abroad, you must familiarize yourself with customs rules states where fly. To many countries it is forbidden to import drugs and psychotropic substances. Their list and names differ from the our.

For example, imports are prohibited in many countries Corvalol and Valokordina. The active substance of these drugs is phenobarbital, which in a number of countries is considered a drug and prohibited to import and sell. In particular, Corvalol is banned for imports to Lithuania and in the USA, and Valokordin &# 8211; In Lithuania, Estonia, United States and UAE.

Rules for transportation of liquid drugs

If you are constantly accepting any drug, and it falls under the limitation of liquids in hand baggage (its volume is more than 100 ml) you must:

1. Pre-pack medicine into a separate transparent package and when passing inspection to get it.

2. Before your stuff scatters a security service, report that we carry liquid medicines and their volume more than 100 ml.

2. Put a security officer recipe or an extract from the history of the disease. If it happens abroad, the recipe must be translated into English (or in the language of the country where you are watching a certified interpreter.

note that medicine should be in factory packaging. It is impossible to overflow it in its capacity.

Rules for transportation of drugs containing narcotic and other prohibited substances

If you transport medications that contain prohibited drug or psychotropic substances, then be sure to take a recipe from the doctor. Even if in the country where you bought it, it is released without a prescription, for example, Corvalol.

How to pronounce medicines in the plane

The medicine should be in the original packaging. It is not always convenient, especially if you take a lot of pills, but these are the rules.

Carry such medicines in their own container is prohibited!

These drugs must be in a transparent package, you will get it before inspection and put it separately.

Present a recipe or extract from the medical history from the doctor. If you abroad, the recipe must be translated into English (or to the language of the country where you are watching a certified interpreter.

In many foreign countries, prescription drugs are not issued in branded packaging, but in a standard jar with a sticker. The sticker should be the name of the drug as well Patient name. In this case, an extract from the history of the disease or the recipe is not required.

It is stricter to displaced medicines in Australia. Even if you are driving medications in the baggage, you will be asked to present a recipe.

Some medicines require certain storage conditions. For example, many drugs for injections need to be stored in the refrigerator. In this case, you can take on board the aircraft a small refrigerator bag for storing medicines or a special container with ice or cold batteries, but in the certificate of the doctor or the drug instructions should indicate that the drug must be stored in the refrigerator.

If the instruction is only in our, and you will pass abroad, then it must also be translated.

What will happen if I do not have a recipe from the doctor?

Since prohibited medicines relate to narcotic and psychotropic substances, in violation of the rules of their movement may come criminal liability.

Always pay attention to the composition of anesthetic, sleeping pills, sedatives, diuretics (diuretic), cough preparations and heart. They may include narcotic and psychotropic substances.

How to pronounce medicines in the plane

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