How to prepare for vacation with children and pets

Carefree trips for two passed forever. The family has grown. Holidays with a child &# 8211; This is not an easy task. Not to mention how much trouble will bring a ride with pet. In the turmoil and fuss easy to forget about something. Toiletries, clothing, documents, medicines and this is not a complete list of necessary things.

How to prepare for vacation with children and pets? What to pack in a suitcase?

What to take with you?

After the completion of the formalities, you need to gather on the road. With documents, it is better not to pull until the last. What to take on vacation with a child?

The answer depends on several factors, namely:

  • where will be vacation? (sea, mountains)
  • What time of year is planned vacation? (summer Winter)
  • The place where you live (Survey on the system "All Inclusive", Private placement, Camping and T. D.)
  • What age is the child? (kid, preschooler, teenager)

If you are going on vacation with a baby, you need to take diapers, moisturizing napkins, creams from diarmos and rubbing. And take more All accessories, which kid uses for example, nipples, teethers and bottles.

Traveling by car, take with you baby changing table, it will be useful in parking. And your favorite soft toy can be indispensable in travel and help parents when it comes time to put the baby to sleep in a new, unfamiliar place.

The older child, the less he needs. But in any case, do not forget to pack a sufficient stock of clothing in a suitcase, trying to predict the weather whims.

The necessary accessories include sunglasses with the UV400 filter and the creams protecting the skin from sunlight (for young children a filter 50 is recommended).

First aid kit – the most important thing

When you go on vacation, it will be appropriate Collect a first-aid kit. Since access to medical care in place may be difficult, and the cost of acquiring drugs is very high, pack the medicine into a suitcase:

  • Antipyretic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antoviral
  • anesthetics

Be prepared for the fact that despite the use of sunscreen, child’s skin May be burned. In such situations well have Funds from burn.

How to prepare for vacation with children and pets

Also, the first-aid kit will be needed in case of poisoning, that is, drugs from diarrhea, constipation, nausea and stomach pain. Very helpful Means for disinfection of wounds, patches and dressings. These recommendations should be taken seriously, especially if rest with the child is organized independently.

Hotel for children

Modern tourist standards allocate Hotel category for children. The hotel for children, like a family-run hotel, offers an extended range of services, usually aimed at servicing the youngest guests. It’s about the playground, as well as Additional entertainment, such as a shallow pool, bicycle rental, mini zoo and much more.

Hotel for children also offers Special menu. Rooms of the hotel will be properly designed and equipped with beds that meet the needs of the whole family. If you travel with a baby, then you can no problem Add to room a small bed, and in the bathroom there will be a bath and a changing table.

Passport on a dog

Second special category of companions on vacation &# 8211; dogs. Unlike a cat, which can stay at home for several days (provided that they are regularly visited), behind the dog should someone look after (family, friends, hotel for dogs).

Vacation with a dog, especially the first &# 8211; This is a difficult task. Interestingly, if for people the border in the European Union is constantly canceled, then for animals it is necessary to have a special EU passport.

Dog passport contains some important data, including information on rabies vaccination. Check out detailed instructions, operating in individual countries through which are going to travel. For example, 24 hours before the border crossing the border of the UK or Ireland, the dog needs to be cured from ribbon worms.

Where to get a passport for a dog? This can be done in a veterinary clinic, but only in the one that has the appropriate permissions.

Dogs Hotels

It is worth checking if you can stay in the hotel with a dog and on what conditions they can be placed there. The hotel in which the accommodation with dogs is allowed, not only allows them to be presence, but also offers a number of typical amenities, such as the possibility of free dog release to the street.

In typical hotels or guest houses it may be a problem. In such a situation, agritourism with a dog can become a good solution. In agricultural farms take dogs if their presence Does not cause conflict with local animals.

Holidays with a dog &# 8211; Dog bedroom

Dog bedroom &# 8211; one of those accessories for the house, which Be sure to take with you on vacation. Note that the pet can also experience stress in a new place. Brought from home Favorite bed will allow him Faster get used to space.

It is worth finding out if it will be possible to buy pet food, there, where will be vacation. If it is impossible, take me with you. Sudden diet change, which will be aggravated by stress while traveling may have unpleasant consequences.

In addition to the bowls for food and water, it is worth purchasing a road bottle with water with a cup attached to it, which will take little space. It is worth throwing Several favorite toys And Pet Snacks in the Road Bag. If you are going to a mountainous area, take the dog shoes that protect the gentle pads. In addition, for traveling with a dog, a leash, a muzzle, collar.

In public places and transport the dog should Be sure to wear a muzzle. Do not choose fabric muzzles, that is, the so-called veterinary, as the dog is subjected to overheating. The dog has thermoregulation through the mouth, so such muzzles wear only during a visit to the veterinarian.

Dog Transport Cage

Going on vacation with a dog is also important Select a vehicle. The owners of small rocks choose the train, preferably without a compartment and booking, where you do not need to ask permission to transport dogs from other passengers.

Larger breeds better Carry by car. For security reasons, invest in special belts attached to the trainer around the animal body. There may be a cell for the transport of a dog, but in this case it will take a fairly large machine (SUV or wagon).

As for airfares, depending on the size of the dog travels in the cabin or in the luggage compartment. W different airlines different criteria.

Remember that the cell for dogs used for transportation by plane must comply with the requirements of the International Air Transport Association.

How to prepare for vacation with children and pets

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