How to prepare for traveling to Thailand?

Sea and beach there are very dirty. Worse beach holiday is quite difficult to present. In Pattaya, you can (and even need) come, but just a couple of days &# 8211; There are some interesting attractions in this city. But if one of the goals of travel is the sea, then you need to look for other places.

  • Phuket

Beaches and the sea are already much cleaner than in Pattaya. But this is too crowded tourist. On some beaches even free space you can not find so many people. And since so many tourists, prices for hotels, food and transport – significantly higher than on average in Thailand. And considers this place one of the best in Thailand.

  • Where then go for a beach holiday?

Maxim Shansky, the author of the video guide in Thailand, the last 6 years lives on the island of Samui, also in the video guide he brought from a dozen worthy places for a beach holiday, from which you will be in full delight!

Choosing a route

Thailand is too an interesting country to come here and just lie on the beach.Do not waste vacation wasted – take a maximum from each trip! Buy a ticket to Bangkok – the capital of Thailand – a huge selection of flights and the cheapest prices for flights. Bangkok – Beautiful City. Stay here at least 2-3 days and plunge into the atmosphere of this city.

You are amazed by the wealth and beauty of some palaces and temples. Next, at a minimum, build an interesting route to the place you have chosen for recreation. You can, of course, fly on an airplane from Bangkok. But then you will fly past. After all, you can travel by train, bus, rented car, high-speed boat or ferry.Some of these ways of movement are generally a decent penny, and the types outside the window will form imagination!

Also on the way you can stay in interesting historical places or national parks and reserves. And the task is the maximum – it is to go along the route from Bangkok to the north of Thailand. Drive through a lot of beautiful places to the city of Chiang May. And, perhaps, go further into the mountains to tribes, which still live in the separation from civilization, or get to the "Golden Triangle" &# 8211; border with Myanmar and Laos. And if time allows time to dwell on meditative practice in one of the Buddhist temples.

Technical moments

Buying tickets, hotel booking, searching for terrestrial transport timetables and the calculation of the entire logistics of movements.As a result, you will get a journey, the impressions of which will remain for life!Differently and can not be – all your friends, children and grandchildren will listen to your stories, hopping breathing.

Travel interesting, not like everything!This is the main goal of our project.But such joures need to carefully prepare! Maybe a month or even two.But our video guides reduce this task up to several days!And, fortunately, the video guide in Thailand is ready!There is everything you need for self-journey:

general information

How to prepare for traveling to Thailand

You will learn everything about documents, climate, money and communication. How to stay in Thailand longer than 30 days.

Flight tickets

How to get to Thailand from the cities of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.All regular and charter airlines are disassembled.Nuances and secrets of buying favorable tickets.


How to move in Thailand. Airplanes (regular airlines and rails), buses, trains, ferries, car rental and motorbikes. Timetables and nuances of ticket shopping.


How to get from airports to the city.How to move around the city.How to choose a place for a hotel.The most important attractions. Shopping in Bangkok.

Thailand routes

The best places for a beach holiday in Thailand, as well as how to get to them.
And author routes from Maxim Shansky – in the south, north and east of Thailand.


Travel Guide for Fruit and Thai Cuisine Dishes – What to Try.Where can I eat. Nuances and features.

In video course format

Access to it will come immediately after payment by email, which you specify when ordering.
Information is assimilated from the first time, and it will not be necessary to revise on the trip.Maxim also prepared a special cheat sheet – all useful information from the video guide in one file.
It can be printed, or you can download yourself on a tablet or laptop and enjoy on a trip.2 more days will operate a minimum price for the video guide – 1970 rubles.
November 7 at 23:59 MSK will happen price increase, and more will not be reduced.
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How to prepare for traveling to Thailand

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