How to prepare for traveling how to make it safe and budget?

Our today’s conversation with Christina Endless, Traveler and the author of the blog IDEAL TRIP. Independent travel, it turned out a bit "green", a little philosophical, infinitely useful and, definitely interesting.

Christina that for you "Independent Journey"? What is his romance?

An independent trip is, first of all, responsibility for yourself and for all those who are near, this willingness to be open and ready for new impressions, experience, communicating with the most different people, is an interest in life, to know yourself and the surrounding world.

From the point of view of practicality, independent travel is the organization of all its aspects: buying tickets, housing booking, receiving a visa (as needed), registration of insurance, finance planning, baggage preparation and t.D.

And his romance is that an independent trip is an opportunity for a little money to plunge into an absolutely other life rhythm, culture and life, the opportunity to visit the most remote places, untouched by man, the opportunity to feel like a discoverer.

V Profile In Instagram, you wrote that you are "for green projects for the planet" – and managed to take part in some of them during travel or, maybe even organize yourself?

Yes, I try to support Greenpeace, signing online petitions in order to conserve nature, helping them a little material.

Also, we, together with the talented designer Elina Gordeeva, made a page with advice on how, at all applying any effort, to help the environment and our planet. There are simple steps, which, not take away from you, a lot of effort and time, will help save nature, as long as possible green, keep her beauty, life!

Great to find the purpose, the importance of which you understand yourself. One of these purpose on my feelings: help nature, our natural habitat continue to bloom, do not die from the power of the people.

You have already managed to visit 25 countries, which one has become the biggest discovery for you?

My world turned over each country in which I visited.

Each country taught me the novelty of the worldview, updated, deeper gloves, opened new horizons and opportunities to be the Creator of his life … There is an endless philosophy 🙂

If more urban words: it is difficult to allocate some kind of one country. Each is remembered unique and unique, with different colors, uniform memories, experienced experience, joyful, students and shocking moments.

A visit to each of the new countries, peoples – as if a small life that you lived every time in a special!

Many refuse themselves to travel because of some fears, fears, stereotypes – did you have something like you have overcome this period?

The very first fear of traveling I had 5 years ago, when I, almost blindly, flew to New York, not knowing where I would live, who would work, what awaits me, from $ 200 in my hands.

This fear passed me at once, as I stepped on the plane. I think so works almost everyone. Try and you 🙂

Since then, to today, I have no fear for traveling. There is fear to walk at night alone on dark areas.

Of course, it is important to know the list of countries where it is really not worth it, because of a high level of crime, especially girls traveling alone, are countries such as Libya, Haiti, Somalia, Venezuela, Iraq, Honduras, and others.

How do you prepare for the journey: where are you starting to plan it, what you definitely do in advance?

First, I choose the sights, cities and countries that I am interested to visit. Then I study favorable routes, the cost of living, assessed how difficult it is to get a visa, the "monitor" is valuable for food and profitable tickets to the places that I interested me.

It happens that at first I find very profitable flights and only then I start to "google" this direction. If this place or country interest me, and the budget suits me, I buy tickets.

If there is an opportunity to just booked ("freeze") air tickets, when you need to make a visa, then I do not pay them before this very visa will not give me.

After the visa and plane tickets are in my pocket, I am a personal and start detailed planning: booking a place to stay on the first days of travel or for the entire period, if the journey lasts no more than two weeks.

All the remaining aspects of my adventure is to design insurance, budget planning, baggage preparation for departure, collecting information on routes inside a new country – I usually cook a few weeks before the start.

By the way, about planning, and how you make a travel budget – share the secrets of savings.

It is important not to make a mistake with the choice of a bank card for travel. It is better that you have at least two debit cards: MasterCard (you will pay), Visa (secondary – it is useful to you in case your main card for some reason is blocked).

When choosing a bank card, it is worth navigating:

&# 8211; Tariff plan and choice of bank. When choosing a bank in which you plan to open a card account, as well as a tariff plan, specify which commission is charged when deregulating cash in ATMs abroad.

&# 8211; Availability of chip in the map. Connect "SMS banking" – thanks to this function, after each transaction, SMS will come to your phone with detailed information about how much money was removed and by whom. This will allow you to control costs and react in time if your card starts to pay someone else.

How to prepare for traveling how to make it safe and budget

&# 8211; The ability to take advantage of the PayPass function is a non-contact technology that allows you to pay in one touch and eliminates the need to transfer a card by the cashier, the waiter and T.D.. This payment method is gaining all the most popular in the entire modern world, besides, in some places, paying services or purchases in this way, you can get a discount from 5 to 20%.

&# 8211; "Cobrand" cards for travelers – now almost every large bank offers special cards for travelers. As a rule, it is joint with the map airlines on which miles – they can be used to further purchase tickets.

In addition, it is more profitable to convert rugs in foreign currency with a bank debit card with a score in rubles.

The question may be immodest, but for beginner travelers is important – what you make a living? As possible, in principle, earn money during travel?

I help people save money on organizing independent travel through their video courses, online master classes and seminars. Helping to acquire favorable air tickets, I speak in my lessons about dozens of residence of abroad, including the free features that they can take advantage of travel.

The essence of wealth is simple: be useful, do what you like that, truly, solves people’s issues, then you will be in demand and ensured to all that you really need.

If you are competent in your area, as much as possible and honest, you will be recommended to your friends with satisfied people whose questions you helped solve.

In addition to photographs that you leave yourself in memory of the country where we visited?

Ten years ago, I began to collect different tickets, left "for memory" beautiful packaging from zhwamk, stickers and other wrappers, reminding about past events.

When I travel, almost always leave for my memory used cards for which I was focused in a new city for myself, transport tickets (bus, metro, plane), museums, events, attractions. Also, even though it is trite, but I love to buy magnets, postcards in each country – to yourself and friends, for memory.

And, finally, your most important advice for those who are still dreaming of long journeys:

No need to be afraid to travel yourself. Civilization with the Internet and a taxi is already in all countries. People from other countries and continents do not wish us evil. Rather, on the contrary, they are smirking and friendly than our.

In the modern world, the number of "big money" in the wallet is becoming less significant. If you earlier, allow yourself such a luxury, as a flight to distant countries, could only diplomats, now there have been a huge number of low-budget companies, thanks to which you can fly for completely reasonable money.

There are dozens of ways to stay abroad. Due to the fact that there are serious competition between hostels, apartments and hotels, we can use their discounts and promotions.

There are free accommodation options abroad: Kauratsurfing, various volunteer social programs, thanks to which you can travel with a minimum amount of money.

The era of independent accessible tourism has come. Throw up a century dust – now travel at times cheaper than on a batch tour, it became real!

How to prepare for traveling how to make it safe and budget

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