How to prepare for safaris in Africa

When sending to African safari, newcomers inevitably arise a lot of questions. What clothes to take? What to put in the first-aid kit? Do I need to make vaccinations? We will respond to these and other questions in this material.

Word «safari» came to Europe from Sugili. Literal translation means «we go» – This is how African hunters say, going down to extract the beast. However, in the tourist sphere, safari has long ceased to be the designation exclusively hunting. Most travelers go to African savanna to just watch wild animals in a natural environment. Therefore, we will not describe the choice of weapons, and focus on the general issues that will inevitably come up as «Militarists», so I «Pacifists».

Choose clothes: do not be like zebra

Perhaps this advice can be considered key to departure on safari. It must be remembered that it is not about visiting the trendy salons of Paris. In the savanna, tourists will focus not on the appearance of the group participants, but on animals. Yes, and dangerous animals are better not to irritate the closure of screaming shades. Experienced Tour Operator Guides Altezza, organizing Safari from Zanzibar, advise to choose natural flowers: brown, sandy, olive green or khaki.

Here, that you will need first, both a man and a woman:

  • shirt with long sleeves;
  • How to prepare for safaris in Africa
  • Light pants (best of cotton);
  • Windbreaker or fleece jacket;
  • several t-shirts;
  • hat or cap;
  • shorts,
  • Tracking sneakers or boots.

If you have departure to Africa in the rainy season, it will be cool at night. Therefore, the list of clothes should include a hooded raincoat, a scarf, sweater and warm socks.

Man’s first-aid kit

Africa has long ceased to be a wild place, most countries work is a good medical system. However, it should be borne in mind that safari passes away from large cities. Therefore, in case of force majeure in the first-aid kit there should be necessary tools. These include: Tablets from diarrhea, antibiotics, analgesics, antiallergenic and antiviral drugs. Be sure to be stocking antiseptics (including creams and napkins), plaster, tweezers and lip balsam. But the repellents are better to buy in place – those that act on the Mosquito of the Central Strip of Russia are not always effective against their African fellow.

Lick from yellow fever

For entry into some countries, Africa (for example, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda) will need a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever. Do such a vaccination better no later than 10 days before departure because it can cause some malaise. Like other vaccines – from typhoid, tetanus, hepatitis and t.D., This is fully your choice. Contrary to the stereotype, grab these (and others) infections in the same Tanzania – Much more complicated than in Egypt with his busy tourist traffic.

How to prepare for safaris in Africa

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