How to prepare for a trip to Sri Lanka?

But if you do not prepare for a trip to Sri Lanka, the rest on the sea can be so beautiful,
T.To. in Sri Lanka, more than 1,000 km of beaches, and the really good beaches are not so much. And as for unforgettable trip around the island for sure it will be forgotten, that is,.To. without knowledge of this trip does not make.
Yesterday released a new video guide for Sri Lanka by Julia Safutdinovoy.
Its total duration of 2 hours 9 minutes.

Only 2 hours of your time – and a trip to Sri Lanka will be a completely different level than if you went through a travel agency or preparing their own without Video Guides.I’ll tell you in detail what is included in the video guide and what value will this knowledge:

  • general information
  • How to prepare for the trip &# 8211; that it is necessary to do and take.
  • Important information about Sri Lanka
  • Mobile communication: how to save.

Visa in Sri Lanka

  • Like 5 minutes to get a visa to Sri Lanka online and save $ 5 and 1 hour of your time, if you apply for the visa on arrival at the airport.
  • How to prepare for a trip to Sri Lanka
  • How to fill in the arrival card and no problem to go through passport control.

Flights to Sri Lanka

  • How to reach out of 19 large cities of Russia and CIS.
  • How to buy a cheap ticket.
  • Tricks how to extract additional benefits during the flight Qatar Airways and Turkish.
  • And I separate from the bonus video – Focus on how to reduce the cost of Etihad Airways air ticket for 1300 rubles and fly to Sri Lanka for 17 thousand rubles on one of the best airlines in the world
    (Have a date at this price every month until December)

Beaches in Sri Lanka

  • Dismantled 13 best beaches in Sri Lanka, suitable for
    different categories of travelers with different interests.
  • In addition, Julia gave an approximate cost of a taxi from the airport to the beaches,
    If you do not want to use cheap, but not very comfortable local buses.
  • By the way, even on the most remote beach (300 km from the airport) you can take a taxi –
    It will cost about 5,000 rubles at the current course.
    On the beaches closer cost, of course, will be less.
  • If you want to live in comfortable conditions in hotels with an average price category and above –
    then there are no tricks, book the hotel in advance through the search engine.
  • But if there is a desire to save and live in hotels simpler, Julia tells,
    As the same hotel can be booked 2-3 times cheaper.

Sri Lanka transport

The transport capabilities of Sri Lanka will suit every taste and budget:

  • There are very cheap local buses – Approximately 100 rubles for 2 hours of travel, they can be reached by anywhere.
  • There are trains – for 200 rubles You can cross the whole country
  • There are private trains with panoramic windows – For 1000 rubles you can enjoy a comfortable trip
  • You can rent a car from 1000 rubles a day, And you can rent a car with a driver from 2000 rubles a day.
  • You can ride a taxi or Tuk-Tuka at very low prices.
  • And for 8-10 thousand rubles you can fly on a private helicopter or hydroplane in any part of the island, feeling yourself with a millionaire.

Julia tells how to figure out and use each type of transport, how and where to buy tickets.

Sri Lanka sights

The most important thing is that you need to visit on Sri Lanka
Ancient cities and temples with a 2500-year history. Safari in National Parks. Sri Lanka &# 8211; The best place in the world to observe leopards in the wild environment. Plantation with the best in the world of tea. Walking through the hills and mountains.

Sri Lanka Kitchen

Sri Lanka dishes that are worth trying.
Features of the order of food in cafes and restaurants

How to prepare for a trip to Sri Lanka

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