How to prepare a delicious ratatoo on quarantine

Coronavirus quarantine may be worse than coronavirus itself if not to make a variety of dishes, especially uncomplicated in its preparation and useful.

Ratatuy — Famous dish, whose roots come straight from France. Ratatouh himself refers to olive cuisine, mostly Ratatoux is prepared from fresh vegetables. The first time, when they mention the Ratato dish, occur from the distant 18th century, when the peasants were eaten by this delicacy.

Today we can see how different kinds add different kinds of ingredients who betray him new flavors. One of the most important components of the dish are herbs. As accepted in olive cuisine, the taste of the most common at first glance products is revealed with aromatic spices and herbs.

Also about this famous dish removed the same cartoon called «Ratatuy», where the main character meets a mouse, which is unlikely to cook, and our hero works as a cook in a restaurant. Restaurant, where the cartoon events are unfolded, it really wants to get a star Michelin, and in order to appeal to criticism, the mouse is preparing good and the taste of this dish reminds criticism of his childhood.

Similar dishes with good can be seen in different countries of the world, for example, an analogue of good in Italy is called Kaponta, in Spain, this dish is called a pisto, and in Catalonia itself — Samfayna.

How to prepare a delicious Ratatus on a quarantine articles on tourism from the tourism

Ratatuus prepared by the recipe below will be excellent and delicious. Such a ratatue is tasty there is both hot and cold, it is perfectly combined with meat and different handbrokers and is also perfect for an independent dish.
Step-by-step preparation instructions:

1. For a start, we take eggplants and onions, their mode on small cubes, after which the eggplants sprinkle with salt and leave them for a few minutes so that they let me be juiced;
2. Next, we take tomatoes and peppers, mine and clean from everything that is inside, the insides of tomatoes is also the mode of them to small cubes and in parallel to all of this we cut garlic and onions;

3. Then we take a frying pan, we pour a bit of olive oil there, take a sliced ‚Äč‚Äčonion and fry it to a soft state, then throw it on a colander.
4. Next, repeat the actions again: add oil to the pan and fry the pieces of eggplants and peppers alternately in a pan, after which we also throw on a colander.
5. Last step — This is added as earlier, oil in the pan and fry garlic there until a soft state, then put there tomato paste and add a little sugar, and there tomatoes. All this is grieving about 30 minutes, and then add everything we prepared earlier, add salt, pepper, save a minute and remove from fire.

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