How to play a wedding in thailand?

Marriages are in heaven, and celebrated on earth. But you can change this rule, noting the wedding in the present paradise – in Thailand. Think it is too difficult? Specifically to dispel your doubts, Travel Correspondent.Ru went to Samui Island and found out how to organize a celebration in the country of smiles.

Why Thailand

In recent years, millions of people have been visited in recent years: they went there to rest on the beaches and watch unique Buddhist and Hindu temples, major firms conducted corporate events there. But the most happy, undoubtedly, those who went to this country celebrate the wedding were returned!

Holiday in Thailand is incredibly beautiful. Special mood creates a shining sun, juicy tropical greens and exotic flowers, colorful national outfits and, of course, smiles of friendly Thais. Beautiful landscapes will help make an incredible photo session. And after the end of the celebration, you do not have to go for the thirty lands – the honeymoon has already begun!

  • Newlywed photo session at Santhiya Resort and Spa Koh Phangan
  • Newlywed photo session at W Retreat Ko Samui
  • Dancers at Thai Wedding
  • Newlyweds after the wedding in the hotel Santhiya Resort and Spa Koh Phangan

Probably, you have some fears: whether the Thais will be able to organize everything well? Will it be too expensive? Like guests to fly so far? Recent years of weddings in Thailand are very popular among Europeans, and this means that the organizers have tremendous experience, the whole process has already been debugged, many scenarios have been developed – you will have a huge selection. Another plus – the cost of the holiday: prices for products and services in Thailand are on average lower than in Russia, so the holiday in this country will be even cheaper. Should not scare and distant 8-hour flight, because on board the airline Thai Airways there is always something to do! If you decide to register in Thailand, you will have to contact the our consulate in Bangkok in advance and get permission for marriage with official certificate at the local Foreign Ministry. It is much easier to sign in the homeland, and the abroad to conduct a symbolic ceremony without bureaucratic red tape – so most couples make.

Where to begin

You can contact one of the numerous agencies in Bangkok – they will consult on any wedding issue and will help you decide on the holiday destination. If you strive to save, choose the resorts of cheaper – Phuket or Krabi. Would you like to spend time in the impeccable hotel of the highest class? Then look at the more expensive island of Samui. Think: Do you want to spend the ceremony by the sea (then you should look closely at the hotel beach) or in some other beautiful place – by the pool or in the hotel Square?

But perhaps you already have a pretty hotel where you rested or who you recommended friends? Then it is not necessary to contact the intermediaries, because in any major hotel there are specialists who organized no one hundred weddings – write directly to the address of the hotel and find out all questions. Correspondence is usually conducted in English, but, given the number of tourists from Russia, large hotels hire our-speaking employees, so if you do not own foreign adverbs at all, you will still help you. The organizers will talk about the main versions (the ceremony can be held on European or Thai traditions), the cost of the standard ceremony will report. Usually the hotel dictates some conditions in the number of nights. For example, at least 10 guests will have to spend in the rooms at least two nights.

  • Wedding Tent at the hotel W Retreat Ko Samui
  • Hall for Thai Wedding at the Santhiya Resort and Spa Koh Phangan
  • How to play a wedding in thailand
  • Gray and Bride Greeting at Santhiya Resort and Spa Koh Phangan

Attention to detail

Deciding with the hotel, go to the detail discussion: to the choice of decorations for the interior, bouquets – your e-mail box will be filled with decor layouts, floristic compositions. If you decide to Thai ceremony, speak to (a, perhaps, for your guests) prepared national outfits for you. Do not forget to agree on the services of the hairdresser and makeup artist, photo and video shooting. Ceremony ends with luxurious guest treats. So you have to discuss and menu of a festive banquet. Remember that Thai dishes can be quite sharp, and if your relatives are not ready for bold experiments, let there be several European dishes on the table, and put less Chile in the Thai chef – all this you can agree with the organizers.

  • The decoration of the wedding tent at the hotel W Retreat Ko Samui
  • Interior Decorations in the hotel w Retreat Ko Samui
  • Floral composition at the hotel W Retreat Ko Samui


Ceremony can be held in European or Thai traditions. Being in Thailand, we managed to see both options: Olympic champion 2012, 8-fold world champion in synchronous swimming Angelica Timanin and its elect Ivan Vasilenkov decided to extend the holiday and first staged a celebration on the island of Samui in the hotel W Retreat Ko Samui in European, And then in Thai on the next small island of Phangan at the Santhiya Resort and Spa Koh Phangan.

European ceremony We all saw in Western films: a beautifully decorated tent or a small scene, where the pastor with the bride and groom, the bride and girlfriends are waiting for the newlyweds, oaths in front of the improvised altar. This beautiful option will appeal to romantic features, who since childhood dreamed of a wedding "as in Hollywood film".

  • Wedding at the hotel w Retreat Ko Samui
  • Pellet for the ceremony in the hotel W Retreat Ko Samui

Angelica and Ivan celebrated by the pool, from which there was a magnificent view of the ocean, and the festive dinner with candles arranged on the beach. The evening ended a very beautiful rite – launching in the sky of burning paper lanterns.

  • Wedding Banquet Hotel W Retreat Ko Samui
  • Launch of lanterns at the hotel W Retreat Ko Samui

Thai ceremony is much more difficult. It all begins in the groom’s house where his friends come and dressed in bright multicolored national costumes Thais. The procession slowly moves to the house of the bride: the musicians are beaten in the drums, local beauties dance. Finally, all reach the hall, where the holiday should take place, but on the threshold of our hero is waiting. familiar to us "ransom": He must answer questions about the bride and give her relatives with money. Only after that it will be allowed to beloved.

  • Meeting for monks at the Santhiya Resort and Spa Koh Phangan
  • Rent’s retinue at Santhiya Resort and Spa Koh Phangan
  • Groom ready to go to the bride
  • Redemption of the bride at the hotel Santhiya Resort and Spa Koh Phangan

When young meets, the long ceremony of Buddhist wedding begins: five monks in orange robes read prayers and wedding mantras. At the end of the newlyweds fold palms with a boat, and all invited alternately fit and, pouring holy water from the shell in their hands, congratulate. And after the wedding, the young went to plant a tree. Hotel Santhiya Resort and Spa Koh Phangan has such a tradition so that the memory of the solemn day is preserved for centuries.

  • Buddhist monks at the Santhiya Resort and Spa Koh Phangan
  • Wedding in Tisti at the Santhiya Resort and Spa Koh Phanga
  • Congratulations newlyweds
  • Angelica and Ivan Save Tree at Santhiya Resort and Spa Koh Phangan

As local wedding organizers told, most of the foreigners choose exactly the Thai version – for his unusual and beauty. Sometimes such a ceremony is ordered by couples that have been married for a long time and now they want to somehow celebrate the anniversary of family life. Surprisingly, each of these ceremonies is relatively cheap. For 90-120 thousand baht (i.e. for about the same volume), everything is organized to you in an expensive hotel: they will decorate the territory, the monks will be invited and gathering gifts for them, Nimat actors who will play a role "Sweet" Groom. Separately you have to pay for the treat and for accommodation. However, if you are ready to spend more, the organizers will perform any of your whim: they have already had to run newlyweds to the sky in the balloon and bring a flock of elephants to the wedding.

The cultural program

The holiday will last one or two days, but you are unlikely you and your guests will want to stay in Thailand such a short time. Talk to the hotel: usually newlyweds as a bonus give several visits to local spas, organize for newlyweds. Excursions – skating on virgin jungle on elephants, fishing, snorkeling, diving or romantic evening on the yacht. And do not forget about your guests – for them, too, you need to come up with some adventure!

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