How to plan an independent trip &# 8212; 10 simple steps

So, you still decided on our first independent journey. Our congratulations!) Where to begin?

1. Create a basic route

In fact, the development of the future travel route occupation is no less fascinating than the journey itself. It is very important to keep balance &# 8212; On the one hand, plan its time in an unfamiliar country with maximum benefit for yourself, on the other hand &# 171; not overlay&# 187; yourself information and leave a place for your own discoveries.

As a result of the work done, you should have an understanding of two main things &# 8212; Travel durations and approximate budget.

Check our section Finished routes

Here you will find ready-made proven and optimized travel logistics, accommodation options, indicative budget, recommendations and advice. Routes are available to everyone and completely free!

2. Check the current visas situation

It is best to check the current situation with visas on official pages, and not on the forums, travel agents and bloggers.

In our guidebooks you will find general information about visa mode in a particular country and useful links to verify current information.

3. Book international flight

General Recommendation for flights: In order for the flight to be at an optimal price, it must be booked in advance. Especially relevant this recommendation for international flights. If there is no suitable for the desired dates, check the coming dates +/- 3 days.

Use the price comparison system for tickets to which searches for different booking systems, filling the search form, turn on the +/- 3 day option.

4. Make the final route option

Once hand tickets, time to make the final route option. Adjust travel duration and slight all dates.

Carefully examine guides in the destinations in the route and decide on the logistics of travel. Make a sheet of necessary booking (internal transport and hotels) with dates and directions.

Read more about the finalization of the route, read in our article.

5. Book internal transportation

Tickets for local vehicles (for example, buses / ferries / local trains), as a rule, can be bought in place. Budget air flights, railway tickets, large ferries and TP should book in advance.

First Book all internal flights on the route. It is possible that at this stage you have to adjust the route.

After the air tickets are booked, book the rest of the transport (railway tickets, transfer, car rental and TP)

On the pages of the directions of our guide to you will find links to the useful reservation resources of tickets, rent a car and transfers for each of the directions.

6. Book hotels on the route

Book hotels on the route or search in place &# 8212; The question is individual. We always recommend booking in advance hotels in cities, in popular tourist destinations and on the islands, as it saves a bunch of time and energy in the journey. Especially if you have a clear route and limited time on a trip 2-3 weeks.

In our guide you will find information that will help navigate where to look for a hotel (city district, beach and TP). General Tip: First, define with the area / beach and already in the selected area, look for a hotel (use the maps on the pages of directions)

It is possible in order to book hotels on the route at an optimal price, you can check and compare options and prices at the same time in different booking systems

7. Learn tourist insurance

How to plan an independent journey; 10 simple steps

Take yourself a rule always make insurance, going on a trip.

eight. Download all the necessary App on your smartphone, update the cards in GPS

Smartphone on the journey will be your best friend. Load all the necessary aipheries at home, and upon arrival immediately buy a local online card.

If you are planning a trip by car, download or update the necessary cards in SMEM GPS.

nine. Take a guide to the road

In the independent travel, it is always useful to have a book at hand &# 8212; Guide from which you can learn more about the country, culture, people and traditions and read about interesting places and attractions.

Perfect travel option &# 8212; Electronic books that can be downloaded for tablet, phone or reader.

ten. Check your check list necessary on the way

And the last on the list, but not in importance &# 8212; download or make your own check list on the road, go through the list and make sure you have everything ready for an unforgettable trip, but your luggage is yours &# 8212; Easy and comfortable.

Everything else you will see and recognize on the spot!

Believe it is enough. You do not need to reborn the Internet in search of accurate information on which corner you need the bus you need, in which direction you need to turn from the hotel to get to the sights you need and where that restaurant in which someone once liked.

You will see and recognize on the spot. In the hotel, take the map where you will find attractions, walking on foot, you will find a place where you (not someone else) delicious and nice to eat. You can also buy an excursion in place, you can also buy an excursion, find the right markets and shopping stores and TD and TP.

&# 8230; Life is constantly presenting gifts. If you do not plan everything to the smallest things, things go better than you hoped&# 8230; &# 8212; Jennifer Morrison

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