How to plan a world tour?

Have you ever thought about the world journey? If so, then you have a great opportunity to realize your dream into reality.

We have already written about aviation alliances and mentioned that they all provide special flight rates around the globe. Today we will tell about the Round The World from the Skytea Alliance.

To plan a trip of dreams, on the alliance site there is a wonderful application called "Round The World Planner". With it, you can plan your trip duration from 10 days to 1 year, while you can make up to 15 stops.

There are, however, certain restrictions, but there are only two of them:

  • Your travel route must include one transatlantic flight and one flight crossing the Pacific Ocean.
  • The route should begin and end in one country, although not necessarily in the same city.

After the route is planned, you can book the first international flight, and you can leave the rest of the trip with the "open" date. Other flights you can book at any convenient time.

Passengers are offered four packages miles, depending on the distance of the trip in miles:
• 39,000 miles
• 34,000 miles
• 29 000 miles
• 26,000 miles *

* Package 26,000 miles are offered not in all countries.

So, proceed&# 8230;

To plan your route, launch the application on Sky Team: http: // www.Skyteam.COM / Flights-and-Destinations / Travel-Passes / Go-Global /

How to plan a world tour

You have 2 options for planning your route:

  1. You do not know in what order you want to visit the right cities
  2. You know the order in which you want to visit the cities

For example, we have chosen option number 1.

First of all, we need to solve from what city we will start our journey:

Choose cities that plan to visit during your trip. And press the button &# 8220; create the shortest path&# 8221;.

This route suggested us Sky Team:

For convenience, it is possible to view it here in this form:

Now go to the schedule. We need to decide on the date&# 8230;

We can choose the rest of the dates and flights in advance, but it is better to leave them &# 8220; open&# 8221;, maybe we will want to linger somewhere 🙂

Everything! Now you can save, print or send by e-mail your route and contact the aircraft or airline for buying a travel Round The World.

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