How to plan a journey to Baikal by car

Traveling by car is One solid adventure, And if this adventure begins for several thousand kilometers, then it is necessary to thoroughly prepare and be ready to be ready for any kind of surprises on your way.

If the point "A" is truly far away, then the first thing to pay attention to – This is the readiness of transport. Faced on the way will be with the main obstacle – the quality of roads, so it is better to make sure in advance in the health of tires and suspension. With you have a cable, spare parts and necessarily a spare wheel.

The farther from Central Russia, the less often outside the window There will be a fade city. As you move to the East, the clock (no one has canceled time zones), so you need to think about where the traveler will spend the night. To spend the night with amenities from a favorites route will need to go away, as hotels and hotels on the way will not be everywhere. Night in hotels or sleep in the car – Personal business tourist: Someone does not want to spend time, someone is quite capable of relaxing in the car, and someone is in no hurry and is ready to spend time in the city-transit.

"Satisfactorily". Such an assessment put experienced travelers Quality of roads in the direction of Baikal. There are areas of roads where you need to be extremely concentrated: Yekaterinburg-Tyumen is distinguished by passing and counter wagons, Ishim-Abat, bad dear.

When go? Those who visited Baikal, those who live there, argue that the ideal time is a month since mid-July. For this period there are peaks of holidaymakers, but the climate of Baikal is favorable in all respects from July to mid-August. Another option – the beginning of spring, when frosts are no longer so strong, but the ice is still strong.

What to have with yourself on a trip? On Baikal at any time of the year from day to night Sharp drops of temperature, Therefore, warm things, whenever the journey planned, should be. The first-aid kit is a standard traveler set (anesthetic, against symptoms of colds, allergies and intestinal disorders). In addition, if plans accommodation in the tent savage, then take things with you, Required in hikes and treat them with ticks (the activity of them is high to about August). Do not forget the cream from the tan: next to Baikal, not even on a sunny day you can fool.

Where to reflue? Refueling, especially after Krasnoyarsk, a rare phenomenon, the distance between them in Siberia is large enough, so it is worth "full" to pour "in full" to have enough at least 200 km. More often than everyone is found "Gazpromneft".

What about to eat and sleep? Lack of places where you can relax and eat on federal tracks, the traveler will not feel. Stripping in the selection costs from your own preferences, as well as reviews of the same adventure lovers. It is worth remembering And about the financial component: in roadside hotels cheaper than in the city.

How to plan a journey to Baikal by car

Money on the road. Reality dictates its rules and at gas stations, and in the cafe, and in hotels to take both cash and cashless payment, but it is better to progress and have cash with money. ATMs on the road do not meet, they are in cities.

Traffic police. Unlike the ATM, road inspectors along the path will meet often, they do not neglect their duties, but it is impossible not to note – in Siberia there are less.

Orientation. On the way it is not necessary to rely only on gadgets and GPS navigators. For the first time on an unfamiliar road, incorrectly perceive the route data is simple. It is necessary to keep in mind that the technical means are often incorrectly denoted those or other objects. It is recommended to take a paper card.

Way to Baikal by car Energy costs, But the more interesting and most saturated, because it is in this way that you can truly see the country. A huge plus for a free traveler – he his own owner, and independently determines which way and when he needs to move towards the goal.

How to plan a journey to Baikal by car

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