How to plan a journey in 2021 and not lose money?

Plan a trip in the current conditions – it’s how to walk through a mine field – you never know where the consequences will fall and how much. But if you manifold and care, then everything will work out, and even in case of cancellation you do not lose money. Tell me how to plan a trip for 2021.

Check constraints

Suppose you have long chosen the direction of the dream (perhaps, where you did not get in 2020), now it remains to check which restrictions there. Yes, now information about which countries will open their borders, but there is something.

In Rospotrebnadzor, it is said that the pandemic will end in approximately the spring of 2021, subject to successful vaccination of the population. I want to believe. Let it and do not superely predictions, but at least some. You can already plan summer vacation.

But still look for information about the restrictions in the country you need or the city, under what conditions the ours go there, what you need to enter. Countries that are already open, collected here .

Choose Flexible Flight Tariffs

We advise you to choose a flight with a flexible tariff – it means that it includes favorable conditions for return or exchange. Yes, such a tariff is a bit more expensive, but you pay for a guarantee that you will be returned with money in case of cancellation of the flight. And is it important.

We also recommend choosing direct flight whenever possible, so as not to jump in transplants, but immediately fly from point A to point B. It happens that in the change point there may be its limitations and rules – for example, an additional reference for the absence of coronavirus. If the direct flight does not work, be sure to find out what limitations are waiting for you in the Change Point. But this question can be left for later, because it will change a hundred times.

Select Insurance

Whether it is a luggage insurance, from coronavirus or cancellation – no matter. The main thing is all these services on our website. Pay attention to the process of buying a ticket. Read more about each of them here >>>

How to plan a journey in 2021 and not lose money

Also for any trip is needed medical insurance. Watch it to cover the treatment of coronavirus in case.

Book the hotel correct

Going to book a hotel? Then let it be with the possibility of free cancellation. This is a bit more expensive, but it will be possible to cancel the reservation in case of something and nothing will lose. The main thing is to cancel in time – in booking you will write the time of free cancellation.

Health Passport

It is likely that the health passports will already be introduced by the time of your trip. At least there are already British and Belarusian developments. It is an application in which you can download vaccination data and all the tests you did. Check these border guards will be able to a special QR code. Traveling with such an application will be accurately easier than without it. At least you do not need to carry paper with you.

Here is a small instruction that you need to pay attention when planning a trip for 2021.

How to plan a journey in 2021 and not lose money

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