How to place a visa to Poland alone in 2020?

Poland – Beautiful and interesting country with a rich history.

For business, the developing market of this state also looks attractive.

That is why a considerable number of inhabitants of our country are trying to get the opportunity to enter the territory of this republic.

To make a permit, you can use the services of specialized agencies, but for those specimens who wish to save, there is an option with independent passage of all instances.

Yes, it’s more difficult. But if you have all the necessary information on this given, the result of such works will be quite successful.

Do you need a visa to Poland?

Certainly, yes &# 8212; ours, Ukrainians and Belarusians and other representatives of the CIS countries need to make a Schengen visa.

Poland is no exception to this rule. Therefore, the design of all necessary documents is no different from any visits to other parts of the EU.

Registration for a visa to Poland

In order to get all the necessary permissions, it is necessary to register on the official website of the Polish consulate.

The procedure is quite simple: the place of residence, the desired date (or any available) and the address of the nearest representation of Poland is selected.

After receiving confirmation of the reception of this application, you must fill out the questionnaire and in the specified number to arrive at the embassy or consulate to submit documents.

Questionnaire for a visa to Poland

Filling a blank sample questionnaire is made immediately after registration, everything is on the same site. It is required to meet in one hour, otherwise the application will be invalid.

This document indicates the main human data (F.AND.O., Year and Birthday, Place of Residence and Work), Visit Targets, Appointment, Desired Visa.

After entering data it is necessary to confirm the input on the site and print a paper document.

Schengen visa to Poland

Poland is a full participant in the Schengen Treaty.

This allows us to talk about a national visa to this country as one of the species of Schengen.

For those people who have already encountered permission to enter this type, all procedures are already quite familiar, which is very positively affected by the clearness of the necessary actions.

In addition, if you openly "Schengen", then there is an opportunity to visit not only Poland, but also other countries zones.

Make a visa online:

Documents for a visa to Poland

Before applying for registration, you need to check the willingness of all Documents for obtaining a visa to this state:

  • A completed application form;
  • a valid passport with a copy of the title page;
  • one color photo 3.5 x 4.5 cm;
  • Check on the payment of visa collection (minimum – by € 30000), operating in the EU, for a period until the end of the trip;
  • copy of the passport;
  • How to place a visa to Poland alone in 2020
  • certificate of cash.

What documents are needed if the applicant is minor?

  • birth certificate (original and copy);
  • the consent of parents or guardians;
  • In the case of a joint trip with adults – copies of passports and visas of the latter.

Tourist visa to Poland

Tourist visa to get quite simple. To go to Poland for shopping or inspection of attractions, additional documents are needed.

In addition to the main papers, you should provide a consulate Documents talking about travel purposes:

  • tickets;
  • reservation in a hotel with a payment payment or
  • Invitation with additional information about inviting individual or
  • a written description of the route (if other options are not available);
  • Confirm your intention to leave the country After the expiration of the deadlines (reverse flights, certificate from work or studies).

Working visa to Poland

In order to get the opportunity to work in the Polish company, It follows in addition to the main set of documents, to provide:

  • permission to work from Poland itself;
  • labor contract or request from the employer – confirmation of employment;
  • intention to leave the state after the end of the visa.

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Dates for receiving a visa Poland

The usual terms of consideration of the application – 5 working days. In difficult cases – up to one month, and with the additional need for references and other papers – up to two. It is also possible urgent consideration, but for this opportunity to make a fee.

Visa cost to Poland

Registration of a visa to Polish lands is in different ways, its price depends on how much it is issued. The cost of a conventional consular fee costs 35 euros. But if urgent design is needed, its price is already twice as expensive (70 euros).

Also do not forget about the costs aimed at printing documents and photos. This figure is relatively small, but still takes place.

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Getting a visa to Poland &# 8212; Visa Center

Very interesting innovation, which is designed to improve the service of citizens upon receipt of permits for the entry – the opening of visa centers. They are in Moscow, Kaliningrad, Minsk, Brest and other cities of the CIS countries.

Poland also did not remain aside from the trend and organized a large number of such items in the major cities of our country. They take documents, transmit them to processing to official offices, and after – give passports with decorated visas.

This allows you to reduce queues in consulates and distributes services for those territories where they used to be inaccessible. For people, it does not entail any additional expenses, which is very nice.

I recommend to make visas yourself: you will save time, money on intermediaries and nerves.

How to place a visa to Poland alone in 2020

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