How to place a visa to Estonia yourself in 2020?

So you are firmly intended to visit the Republic of Estonia.

For some time (namely, since 2007, when Estonia joined the European Union), a trip to this country may be accompanied by certain difficulties, and any ours need a Schengen visa. Its manufacture &# 8212; Mandatory requirement to be able to visit Estonia.

To make it easier to facilitate the process of registration of the necessary documentation and this article is sent.

Make a visa to Estonia online

Schengen visa to Estonia

In order to start designing a visa to Estonia, it is necessary to determine its type.

Distinguish the following types of Schengen visas:

  1. Tourist visa makes it possible to visit the country for the purpose of tourism and is short-term.
  2. Guest Visa It will take when traveling to Estonia to visit relatives or friends on a private invitation.
  3. Business visa It is drawn up for traveling on work or short business trips, for it it is necessary to invite the work organization.
  4. Transit visa Allows the transit to cross the Estonian border when traveling to other states, such a visa is not more than 5 days.

Sample visa to Estonia

Documents for a visa to Estonia:

What documents are needed for the design of an Estonian visa:

  1. International passport. Mandatory condition is the validity of a passport at least 3 months from the end of the validity period of the visa and the presence of at least two pure pages in it. Copy of the first page of the passport.
  2. Picture of 3.5 × 4.5 cm. Colored on a white background. The photo should be &# 171; Fresh&# 187;, that is, not more than 6 months ago.
  3. Copies of all pages of the internal passport, including empty.
  4. Filled questionnaire. About the rules for its filling Talk below.
  5. Activated in Europe Medical Insurance Policy With an insurance amount of at least 30,000 euros.
  6. Help from work On a special branded letterhead, where the occupied position should be indicated, work experience in the enterprise and the amount of annual salary.
  7. Extract from a bank account. The amount on it should be at least 50 euros for every day of the planned trip.
  8. Confirmation of the flight booking.
  9. Hotel booking confirmation or other residence in Estonia.
  10. How to place a visa to Estonia yourself in 2020

When making a private visa to the main package of documents, it will be necessary to attach an invitation from individuals to which

You are heading, indicating their passport data, phone numbers, address addresses in Estonia and documents,

confirming relationship in the event of a trip to relatives (birth certificate, marriage certificate and t.D.).

When traveling to Estonia with minor children, the following documents are needed:

  • Copy of the birth certificate
  • 1 Color photo of the installed sample &# 8212; If the child is entered into the passport of parents, if the child has its passport, then 2 photos
  • Help from school or other educational institution
  • notarized the consent of the second parent, if the child travels with one of them.

Application form for a visa to Estonia

One of the stages of filing documents for the design of an Estonian visa is to fill the questionnaire.

You can fill it online on the official website of the Estonian Foreign Ministry. Then it must be printed and put a personal signature.

Each printed questionnaire is assigned its registration number.

Issue tourist medical insurance

Order cheap transfer &# 8212; Taxi in Estonia

Cost and timeline of visa to Estonia

Visa design takes an average of about 6 days. Price Schengen &# 8212; 35 Euro , This amount is consular fees and paid in euros.

There is an urgent visa service &# 8212; It can be issued within 3 days, in this case, the consular fee will cost 70 euros. But at the same time, it is necessary to provide documents confirming the urgency.

Obtaining a visa to Estonia &# 8212; Visa Center

Documents for a visa to Estonia in Russia are adopted by the following institutions: Visa Centers Estonia, Embassy and Consulates.

They are in large cities of Russia, such as:

  • Moscow;
  • St. Petersburg;
  • Pskov and others.

The cost in any city will be the same. How many cities accept applications and where to submit them in your region can be found on the website of the Estonian Foreign Ministry. Most of them take people to recall &# 8212; This should not be forgotten.

Rent a car in Estonia

So let’s summarize the results

Obtaining a visa for a trip to Estonia can be divided into several consecutive stages:

  • Reserve housing in Estonia and buy transport tickets there and back. In the case of a private or business visa, we receive an invitation from a private person or a working organization.
  • Collect the main package of documents.
  • We are recorded at the reception in the Estonian consulate, To which you feel. This can be done by phone or via the Internet.
  • Fill out the questionnaire in electronic form and submit all the Ready Documents. We pay consular fee. We pass the interview in the consulate.
  • After 5-14 days We take a ready visa.

I recommend making visas yourself: you will save time, money on intermediaries, nerves.

I wish you success, Christina Endless.

Christina Endless

The author of the article, this blog. Traveling independently 8 years. Visited 32 countries. The author of video courses on the organization of profitable travel.

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