How to place a visa in Thailand

so. If you are just flying on vacation, on the border you are for free of charge stamp about visa-free driving for a period of stay up to 30 days. But Glory Dubinin decided to understand the subtleties of the visa of the visa, who is already on traveling around Asia (similar to the author of this publication), and wants to stay in the kingdomar.

You can get there on the ground can be straight from the Vietnamese town of Hue (10 things you need to do in Hue). Or if you want to extend a visa-free entry, as in our case, from the border Thai Mukdakhan, to which we will return a little later.

Arriving in Laos better in the early morning, from Monday to Thursday. If you surrender documents on Friday, you will be forced to stay in the city until Monday. Once at the bus station of Savannakhet, it is most profitable to catch Tuk-Tuk for 50 baht per person, since it will immediately find the necessary representation to be problematic. Embassy doors open at 9 am, reception of documents until 11:30. And, by the way, people here are really little. To the left of the gate is a small "Larök", offering the services of the photo maternity, filling out documents and other stationery joys. Most likely, in it you will be offered to buy a migration card for 10 baht, which is not necessary to do, since a huge number of the same forms lies with the embassy window, where they can be taken absolutely free and in any quantity.

After filling and incuring the photo (it can be done right there) should be in the queue. Passing the paper into the window and paying visa collection (1,000 baht), you will receive a room with which you need to return here the next day.

And now the most interesting starts. What to do the whole day in Savannakhet? Despite the fact that it is a big city (by the standards of Laos) options to pass the time enough. You can visit one of several temples. Externally they differ from Thai and pretty cute.

In Savannakhet, there are not so many cafes and restaurants. Yes, and the prices in them for some reason higher than in neighboring Thailand or Vietnam. At the ratio of "price-quality" we selected the establishment of Ilounge Cafe. It is located directly opposite the store "Seven".

Savannakhet is rich in churches that are located here at every turn.

In general, the place is very quiet and calm. Reminds small towns from American thrillers about sheriffs.

Where to live. Choice, again, dictated by the ratio of "price-quality": LEENA-Guesthouse mini-hotel. All local and tuk-tubers know about his location. Room without air conditioning will cost 220 BAT / day.

In the room there will be even a similarity of the Internet, which is a wonder for other budget gestures of Savannakhet.

The next day you will not have to get up early, as the documents begin to issue in 2 pm. However, we recommend to come in advance so as not torture of the Lao heat, standing in line.

How to place a visa in Thailand

The procedure for obtaining documents is simple: you extend the numbers to the same window, listen to what your name from the mouth of the Asian is funny, and take a passport in which a single visa for 3 months will stand.

And again but! This permission is still for 2 months, and when this time will approach the end, you must contact the nearest Immigration Office for another extension for 30 days (cost 1900 baht).

Note: There is also a two-time tourist visa for 6 months, in obtaining which it refused to everyone without explanation. Perhaps due to the concerns of permanent residence or work on the territory of Thailand requested.

Having got the long-awaited passport, directly head to the already familiar bus station, with the goal of buying a ticket Savannakhet-Mukdakhan. Price of four-wheeled half-hour travel – 50 baht.

The bus will take the border where you will be happy to put a departure stamp. Next, immediately after the bridge of friendship between the two countries, the very Thai border and the city of Mukdakhan. Once at the bus station, you can purchase tickets to Bangkok to continue our way to the desired side. Ticket prices are distinguished and dependent on the selected class. For example, the budget local (local) bus to the capital will cost 395 baht.

Information is relevant for the summer of 2015. Successful independent travel!

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