How to pack snowboard and ski. Methods and means

In winter, in front of many drivers, the task of transporting snowboarding and skis to the winter camp, not counting, of course, spouses, friends, children, mother-in-law and pets. Winter Equipment takes a lot of space. How best to pack it so that they do not interfere?

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  • Ski bag
  • Roof rack
  • Maybe cheaper
  • Conclusion

Usually the worst option – to carry snowboard or skis (and often snowboards, and skis) inside the vehicle. Yes, it makes sense when there is a van, but in the case of passenger cars or even with a wagon works worse. For several reasons. The two most important of them are lack of space and safety. Ski or snowboard occupy a valuable place in the car. Meanwhile, a lot of space is required for winter travel. Many occupy ski or snowboarding boots, plus pants, jackets, sweatshirts. And do not forget about helmets. In addition, transport skiing in the car can be dangerous. In the trunk they do not fit, so they are folded on the rear sofa. However, it should be remembered that in case of even small irregularities, skiing inside the car can be dangerous for the driver and passengers.

Ski bag

How to pack snowboard and ski. Methods and means

If the car already has skis or boards, always keep them in a special bag for transportation. Many manufacturers produce ski and snowboard covers for their cars. Thanks to them, the interior of the car does not dine, and skis will be relatively safe.

Roof rack

Best to store skis and boards on the roof of the car. Good, but expensive solution – buy boxing on the roof. Well, because in the container you can put a ski or board, as well as a lot of clothes or other gear. The roof trunk is safe for the equipment itself – the snowboard hidden in it does not seduce the thieves and is not exposed to weather conditions. But, unfortunately, this is an expensive decision. Decent boxing on the roof costs several thousand rubles. Buying cheaper does not always pay off – boxing can be too small, without a decent castle or with an uncomfortable opening system.

Boxing Taurus Xtreme 400 can be a good choice. It is specially adapted to transport ski, convenient and will last long years of trouble-free operation. And at the same time, this is a very reasonable sentence, because, for example, another excellent model for skis – Thule Dynamic 800, which can fit the items up to 206 cm long, is much more expensive.

To the cost of boxing it is necessary to add the cost of the so-called basic medium, t.E. transverse struts to which the drawer is attached. You can pay 1000 rubles for the cheapest, but the average price for high-quality equipment varies from 2000 to about 7000 rubles. There are two types of basic racks:

  • one is attached to the guides;
  • Other – to the drainage gutters on the roof of the car.

Maybe cheaper

Many drivers choose a compromise solution, but still extremely comfortable. What do you need? Must mentioned above the basic bracket, to which a very simple ski or snowboard holder is attached. The idea is to get rid of big, acute and angular equipment inside the car.

The average price for the Holder for skis and boards will be from 4000 to 8000 rubles. It is so much the driver will pay for a couple of "latches". This is a universal solution that allows you to quickly and efficiently pack several devices. You need to wear them on the lower rack, press the top and close. Many skiers advise in advance to wrap the "bords" with an elastic film so that they do not scratch sand, thrown out from under the wheels of other machines, and the salt did not damage them.


Perhaps dear manufacturers will be offended, but make a good ski and snowboard holder easier than making a roof trunk. Thus, you can buy boxes of Taurus or Thule, but the acquisition of Menabo equipment will be twice as cheaper (about 3000 rubles).

How to pack snowboard and ski. Methods and means

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