How to pack a suitcase

Competent packaging of your things will allow not only to accommodate them much more than usual, but also to get them on arrival in a decent way and immediately wear. In this article we will tell and show several ways to pack the suitcase and the organization of things in it.

Pack clothes and shoes in a suitcase

Unpacking the suitcase, upon arrival, we usually take out of it crumpled clothes, which is impossible to immediately wear. To solve this problem, we have to take a road iron or carry things in the laundry.

But there is another way &# 8211; Completely fold things.

When we pack our shirts with a neat flat stack, the bends are formed, and things located on top create even greater pressure on the folds and on arrival our clothes all mint.

So that things do not remember them need to be folded around the central object, as if wrapping it into clothes. As this object, it is convenient to use a small package, such as socks or underwear, its size depends on the number of things, but usually 30 x 40 cm.

The technique you can carefully consider in this picture (click to enlarge):

When folding clothes, watch the wrinkles and folds. Packing things, place them in a suitcase and secure belts. If, during the trip, your cucking will be burned, then work was in vain, things will come. To avoid this place them in the package, and it is in a suitcase.

Having arrived at the destination, carefully expand things, and if folds appeared on some of them, then hang them on the bathroom hanger and turn on the hot shower. Under the influence of pair, the fold will be accessed.

If your goal is to carry out as much things as possible, you can’t do without a vacuum bag. The principle of his action is simple, put things in the package, close it and twisting them to release them air.

Thus, you can pack two to three times more things.

Shoes should be wrapped in a package and put on the bottom of the suitcase or bags. For these purposes there are even special bags:

If you decide to bring wine from a ride from a trip, you can clean it in a towel or other clothes, but it is better to use special packages that do not give a bottle to break. You can buy them in online stores, for example on www.Vinnibag.Com.

Packing liquids

Those who are often traveling by plane, probably already accustomed to that liquids in the luggage constantly proceed. This is due to the difference in pressure, if the jar with shampoo was complete, then most likely it will not leak, if there was air in it, then the leakage cannot be avoided.

How to pack a suitcase

So that this does not happen before tighten the cover put on the jar, thereby releasing air from it. But it is best to pour fluids into containers for less. Even special sets for travelers are sold. Using them, you not only avoid leaks, but also significantly reduce the weight of the suitcase.

How, probably, you already know, liquids cannot be rushed into a plane in hand baggage. But sometimes you do not want to hand over a small handbag in luggage. And this problem has a solution, as many as two:

  • First method &# 8211; Perform aviation security conditions according to which all fluids should be in tanks of no more than 100 ml., And the total volume of fluid in hand baggage can not exceed 1 liter. All of them must be packed in a transparent plastic container.
  • Second way &# 8211; do not take liquids at all. Almost any liquid cosmetic product can be replaced with solid. There is a large selection of solid shampoos and air conditioners (for example Lush), body lotions, deodorants and spirits.

Organization of things in a suitcase

To organize things in baggage, it is very convenient to use various handbags and packages. It can be transparent plastic bags with a lock:

as well as small bags where you can put socks or underwear:

All this will allow you to carefully pack your luggage and, if necessary, quickly find the right thing.

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