How to overcome the fear of flight on the plane?

It is no secret that quite most of the passengers of any flight is afraid to fly. If there is an opportunity, people with Aerofobia, of course, choose a train or car, but what to do if there are no other alternatives? Today we will talk a little about the fears of flights, what methods to deal with him and what to do is categorically impossible.

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People who are panicly afraid to fly, love to read about different plane crash, thereby wind themselves even more. Try to cope with this temptation, it will be your first little victory. If you eager information, then it is better to find the statistics of the plane crash in comparison, for example, with an accident. At least you will learn that the plane &# 8211; The safest transportation on the planet.

Refuse alcohol

Probably the most popular advice to combat Aerofobia &# 8211; It is advisable to skip it before the flight. However, this advice is very dangerous, from fear of before the flight he will definitely not relieve you, at best, slightly remove stress and the whole flight you wake up, but this is the perfect script. Unfortunately, most often such passengers are a little fond of and the plane sits down already a pretty drinking friend who spoils the flight not only for himself, but also its neighbors. In addition, your body will not tell you thank you for drinking alcohol on board or before flying, and some of it is completely contraindicated.


If you are afraid to fly, then in your head uniquely climbs a lot of not the most pleasant thoughts. Your main task switches to something more positive. In the plane, the fascinating book, watching the film, breaking the crossword puzzle, some hobby (knitting, beads and t.NS).

Many are fighting with fear by coming it, the option is not the best, but suddenly helps. Take with you nuts, small cracker cookies or any other small snack that will not leave crumbs and interfere with the smell of other passengers.

How to overcome the fear of flight on the plane

Another great way to distract &# 8211; talk to a neighbor if you got a clever and interesting interlocutor, then you will not notice how to arrive.

Breathing exercises

Oddly enough, elementary breathing exercises can help overcome fear of flights. Exercises great set, try somewhat and decide what helps you best.

Contact a specialist

If the fear of the flight is bordered by the panic attack, then do not try to defeat Aerophobia yourself, trust this case to specialists. In each city you can find a psychotherapist, there are even special centers that help to deal with Aerofobia.

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