How to overcome fear and start traveling yourself!

Many people say &# 171; I also want to travel a lot&# 187; but do not travel at all.

This means that they or do not want, in fact, or do not know how to travel as low as possible, or to be afraid to travel, they have fears and affection for everyday life, to the comfort, from which they are afraid to stick out, but dream of a paradise vacation.

In this article I will write in detail about all possible fears, because of which it is terrible to travel and how to deal with them to finally be, somewhere on the island &# 171; Bounty&# 187;.

Fear fly by plane (Aerofobia)

This fear is probably even more popular than the fear of travel and adventure (oneophobia).

If you have this fear, you are dependent on it until you meet with statistics and do not open your eyes to facts.

Take a look at the statistics: According to the World Flight Foundation, in the world from January to August 2008, there were 23 aircraft incidents &# 8212; 422 people died.

He dies only in Russia on the roads for 4 days!

Choise on your nose: the most secure transport in the world &# 8212; airplane!

So what are we afraid if the probability of tragic junction is extremely small?

Responding to this question, psychologists say that the fear is like a reaction to a potentially dangerous situation, which emerges for the usual framework, is natural.

Those who fly often perceive the flight as a necessary, integral part of their lives, just like most people perceive the trip in the car.

Fear to meet face to face with insects, snakes, lizards, mosquitoes, etc. Littleness

The whole thing is habit.

People who have grown near the forest, in the jungle, in Amazon are absolutely calmly relate to different &# 171; dangerous&# 187; mammal.

People who have grown in megalopolis, will be rich in various insects, lizards, whom they meet on vacation.

If you were born somewhere in the center of Australia, where the anaconda, dangerous mammals, would be treated with mammal without fear, but with caution.

Many insects and mammals do not pose any threat.

Understand, snake, whatever she had a deadly poison, will not go to a moving house, having in view of the hypopotamic steps of a person.

On 90%, the snake will crash from you as far as possible, and if you’re surprisingly by the surprise and unstable, they still have a 90% crash from you, if only it is to crash! 🙂

Beasts are afraid of you more than you, so just be careful, especially in the evenings in Asia and keep the kitchen clean!

If you are panicly afraid of insects and mammals, do not choose rice fields or amazon for long-term housing.

Pleep asian food

The most important thing &# 8212; not to eat.

If you are clean, you have no problems with the stomach and others. Such problems, then most likely you will not be afraid of failure.

Fruit Sri Lanka.

Food, let’s say in the same &# 171; dangerous&# 187; India is many times better and more useful food in Russia. This is a fact, to argue with which it is meaningless. Wherever you do not bother, in any restaurant and cafe, you can always be sure that it is fresh, healthy food.

These vegetables, this morning, were collected from the garden, this chicken did not lie six months in the basement of the store, and half an hour ago cauchat, these fruits just from palm trees, they were not brought, soaked with chemicals, from the other end of the world, and not stored Months on a vegetable database.

Fresh fish, which was caught early in the morning fishermen and will prepare with you.

All food is prepared with you, on open fire, hands, this is a real healthy live food, not chemistry and semi-finished products that are used to feeding with us. Therefore, Asian food is not necessary to be afraid, it is much better for the body than the food that feeds, for example, in the same Moscow.

Many Asian cuisine are sharp dishes – it’s not necessary to worry much about this, you quickly get used to it, but it’s hard to fall. 🙂

Here are already open water in Asia, drinks with water, juices from the street I would not recommend buying.

Also, choose the places where to eat who cause your trust and seem to be hygienic.

Fear of being incomprehensible, fear of communication with foreigners

Fear before communication in general one of the most common phobias. Many have discomfort or even fear in communicating with unfamiliar people, or with interlocutors who look confident or with those who occupy a high position in society.

Moreover, people will seem difficult communication in another language with foreigners.

So how to overcome the fear of communicating with foreigners?

  • It is important to assimilate! Before starting to fight with your fear, it is necessary to firmly make sure that this is really the way to success. That is good and only in favor of you. You will not only improve your English, but also get useful life experience, lead yourself friends of foreigners and t.D. Clear yourself in my head, is it really what you wanted &# 8212; Free to communicate with foreigners in a foreign language.
  • Just live your usual life and gradually push out your communication skills. People are absolutely the same, all of them are in a different mood, differ only to other life experiences, like you, everything happens gradually, first it will be necessary to get used to the new warehouse of the mind, then the fear of communication will not immediately disappear, and gradually.

Try every day to practice your skill of communication with foreigners, try to happily start the dialogs with each foreigner, with whom you need to join the dialogue.

Any communication complex may be overcome with the help of laughter and smiling attitude to life.

You can use a warning phrase &# 171; Sorry, I Speak a Little English, But i Would Like to Improve IT&# 187; what does it mean &# 171; Unfortunately, I speak English a little, but I would like to improve it&# 187;.(Listen to the phrase on the sound in English can be on Translate.Google.RU)

Such training seizures the art of communication, and you practice your English.

  • Try to have fun! Study Funny Stories, Wonderful Experience. Any communication complex may be overcome with the help of laughter and smiling attitude to life.

P.S. It is important to realize that all people are absolutely the same as you, the only thing if they say more confidently, most likely they have more practices than you.

Therefore, every day make a step forward, practice your skill of communication with strangers, not important foreigners they are not and you will definitely work out!

Fear that you get lost in the jungle, lose the right way

To get rid of this fear, I would suggest to take advantage of modern technologies, namely:

  • Wearing with you the Internet and Google maps;
  • How to overcome fear and start traveling yourself!
  • navigate with GPS navigation;
  • If there is no internet, Download your office with offline cards for any city of Galileo Offline Maps to your portable device;
  • purchase a paper map of the city where you are planning travel.

If you are planning to climb in the jungle, you should warn close people from the neighboring city and stay in touch.

Of course, if you plan to climb deeply in the jungle, in fairly dangerous areas, difficult and t.NS.,

You should warn close people from the neighboring city and stay in touch, connect the local number (the connection of the room in Asian countries will be from 50 to 150 rubles., no more and this amount you immediately get used), use the radio or other. Methods of communication.

But if, where you go, there is no connection, then at least never go to such places one (on) and warn people when your return to the city is planned .

Fear to speak with foreigners, because you have broken English

Most likely, somewhere in Thailand, the local will be delighted with your bad English, because they themselves speak in the same English and for them it is much easier to understand you will be with gestures and bad English than if you have the knowledge of English level EXPERT.

In addition, very many ours do not speak English on vacation at all, they simply show on the products or thing and they are shown in local money or on the calculator how much will cost.

Even without English, kind, open soul will not disappear in any country! 🙂

As an option, capture with you a small English-our dictionary or learn 100 or even 1000 most popular words before traveling.

For example, thanks to the methods, the record holder of Russia at the memorization, Stanislav Matveev, you can learn to memorize 100 English words per hour and for this you do not need to be a genius.

Therefore, if you do not know or do not know English, but you are sociable and open, or well versed on the roads and you have Google Maps, then with a probability of 99% you will not be lost and spend your vacation!

Fear that you will not give a visa

Of course, if you have not traveled and planned the first trip to the United States, then you need to explore the information that it is worth talking in the embassy when meeting with the consul.

Or you strongly want to start your travels from European majestic countries, like France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Finland, and others., Then you will need to explore the information on the Travel website.RU, or contact the Wine site.

Here you will learn what documents should be collected, in what order and what tricks you need to know to increase your interest on obtaining a visa.

For example, to get a visa in the US, it is necessary to show that you &# 8212; Provided person, you have property in your native country, there is something that will make you return to your homeland and that if you don’t get a visa in the US, you will not be upset at all.

You do not worry at the meeting with the consul, by no means waiting for Thailand, the plans are seized, in case of failure with Miami (visa in the USA) for example.

Therefore, having studied detailed information on obtaining a visa to the country that you intend to go and fulfilling the conditions in good faith to meet all the necessary documentation in the right order, you reduce the risk of a visa.

Fear that you get under the tsunami, you will cover the wave, you climb into the sea

First &# 8212; Do not watch TV, second &# 8212; Do not listen to the media, the third &# 8212; Do not listen to acquaintances and friends who check the news every day. More than half of the advertisible explosions, cataclysm, falls of aircraft, murders and fires in the world &# 8212; Full lies!

These news and repel people from adventure, from flights by plane and from independent travel. People begin to be afraid.

Roll out the zombie box.

Of course there are countries, archipelagoes in which typhoon, volcanic eruptions, tsunami, but it happens extremely rarely.

You can explore information about places in advance before planning a trip, how often various natural cataclysms were observed in these places and that foreshadowed at the time of traveling GIS Meteo.

If this fear relates to you, I would recommend issuing life insurance in a journey, including life insurance in emergency situations.

With such insurance on the soul will be calmer to travel, but in general, the probability of meeting with natural, life-threatening cataclysm in a trip less than 0.5%.

Fear that pirates will attack you and attract to eternal work on the ship

Fun fear, wrote it because I want to show how every fear may seem funny for others, for those who do not perceive these difficulties as fears, but on the contrary, like reality, life!

Illustration &# 171; Travel fears&# 187; Executed Elina http: // vk.COM / ELYAGORDEEVA

No one can make you feel fear if you do not allow it yourself.

Learn to do every day what scares you. Because the strength, courage and confidence get when they look at the fear right in the eyes.

We must do what it would seem, you will not be able to do and these words belong not only to the topic of independent travel.

No one can make you feel fear if you do not allow it yourself.

It’s time, my friend, it’s time to leave the comfort zone and do amazing things.

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