How to organize the workflow udalonke

Many are now moving to remote work. Somebody had to fly to the country, where the epidemic situation is not so critical or more open borders, someone is just going to, and someone is working on home quarantine. In any case, the work is still work, but the place has changed. Let’s give some advice on the organization of the working process, and does not really matter where you are – in the warm countries, just going into the mountain wilderness or at home.


During an outbreak, better leave big cities where quieter and more free, there is no panic and problems with toilet paper. Good decision – to fly in some mountain village or settlement on the territory of Russia and stay there. At the resorts now too few tourists. Rent for a small housing, around the fresh air and beautiful views.

For such a remote work necessary to prepare not only themselves, but also devices.

  • A couple of weeks before the trip hand over a laptop on the diagnosis to be sure that he will not fly in a week or hour of the burning deadline. If you find any problem (pah-pah), will have time to fix it before the trip.
  • Prepare all the necessary wires, adapters and adapter, which will be useful in the workplace.
  • How to organize the workflow udalonke
  • Zatar’tes charging and pauerbankami.
  • Learn how to spot with internet. If doubtful, bring a portable Wi-Fi router. After all, if you work in a team, you need a constant connection. And even with him, you will not be tied to the hotel or lodge, and can get to work on nature.


Not everyone can work in bed or in a hammock. If you are one of those who prefers an organized workplace, here are some tips:

  • Try not to work where relax, otherwise you just have nowhere to rest. Organize jobs in other locations. The usual table in the corner of the room to some it is enough if you have a room at the. If at your disposal an entire house or apartment – more options.
  • Put in the time between waking and starting work. No need to eat breakfast during the working meeting, talking with his mouth full of porridge, which tasks you decide today. Wake up, do a little exercise, go to a quick shower, eat quietly and get to work. So the day will take place more efficiently and more cheerful.
  • Do not forget to have dinner. And it’s not about a quick bite before a laptop, and a full dinner. The same as in the work: select half an hour for food and a little rest from work.
  • There are people who to tune in a working mood, you need somewhere to go. If you are one of these, you find yourself some coffee shop or space within walking distance from the house. CafĂ© laziness itself out and want to quickly make all the important things, to go somewhere else and have a rest.

And do not believe the pictures on the Internet, where people work under the palm trees or on the beach. Can solve some quick question possible way, but judge for yourself. A few hours under the sun, hunched and squinting you will be able to work productively? Or on the cliff? Unlikely. Sooner or later all udalonschiki trial and error to come to that in a simple cafe work easier and more convenient. And on the beach need to rest.

We understand that everyone who worked remotely has already developed their habits, but hopefully our advice will help those who are in this matter recently. All productivity!

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