How to organize meals during quarantine coronavirus, so as not to recover?

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, we are forced to sit at home on quarantine. In such a difficult moment it is very easy to stop watching ourselves. In this article we give a number of rules that will help preserve in the form during coronavirus quarantine.

    How to organize food during quarantine coronavirus so as not to recover tourism articles from
  • Need hourly routine. Yes, it is very important! Even if you do not need to go anywhere and you can wake up every day in different ways – do not do that. Daily rituals – Lifting and breakfast should be at the same time. Our biorhythms manage hormones and bring down their natural settings are very easy. Several times tightened with breakfast until 11-12 hours and now I don’t want to eat in the morning. Think that it is good? Eat down the day? No! Correct in the evening and put even more subcutaneous fat.
  • Let your food techniques be exclusively at the set time and decorated as in a restaurant. You have a festive service for special occasions? It’s time to pull it out. Beautiful tablecloth, plates, candle, napkins in the shape of a swan, interestingly placed food – It all increases the level of satisfaction. More pleasure from setting up – Less need to replenish the level of food itself.
  • Water instead of tea and coffee. We will be honest, often go to drink a cup of coffee or tea – this and the reason to eat something together with them. Drink water! Warm, cold with lemon (without honey), mint – what please, only you like. Often people complain that they do not drink their water rate in winter / spring, because it is cold and drinking it unpleasant. Now, nothing bothers you to surround yourself with water of the desired temperature and drink 0.3 * 1 kg of your body weight. This will receive advantages not only your figure, but also the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, which will be constantly moistened. Everyone as a doctor prescribed. You can get up because of the table, go to the kitchen to drink water. I want to cheer something – Drink water!
  • If you have new recipes – Do not be lazy to calculate their calorie and choose not only because of a beautiful picture. When you bake something, calculate that 100 g of oil – 662 kcal, 100 g of sugar – 399 kcal, 100 g of flour – 334 kcal, egg – 87 kcal, and if you still add nuts and dried fruits – Another 300-400 kcal is provided (and in the recipe may be far from 100 g above the listed). Together we get 1882 kcal – Daily diet of active person! Yes, of course, this is on all family members, that is, 300-400 kcal only for tea. It seems not noticeable – And the numbers speak for themselves.
  • When it seems that there is little food (and in crisis times the brain is convinced that it is), we subconsciously choose products that cost less, but saturate better. So, the time of flour and potatoes occurs! Dumplings, dumplings, pies and t. D. These are simple carbohydrates that will not be invisible on the waist and hips. Now a good time to remove frozen berries, vegetables (who has the freezer is rich in) and consume trace elements and fiber, instead of starch. Do not ignore vegetables, even if they are not enough now and get enough. This is food that will support healthy growth of useful bacteria in the intestine, and such bacteria – Protection against diseases, bad mood and unnecessary weight.
  • The last meal must be protein. Boiled eggs, fish, cottage cheese with kefir, white meat with leaf salad – To choose from. No carbohydrates (macaron, potatoes, pizza, porridge) for dinner, if you are important to keep or reduce weight. And remember that dinner ends 2.5-3 hours before sleep.
  • How carefully we would not follow the power, the lack of movement makes its business.
    Find for yourself online workouts, they are now mass freely access. If you can not force yourself to train yourself, agree with the coach for a certain time – It will be a guarantee that your lazy will not take the top. Calories It is important to use, and without exercise / dancing / movement, they will turn into extra fat.

Using these advice, after the end of the coronavirus pandemic you will look only more beautiful, slimmer and more confident in yourself.

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How to organize food during quarantine coronavirus so as not to recover tourism articles from

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