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Journey to Ionian Islands Greece can turn into an exciting adventure, because the air itself is impregnated with the spirit of travel and wander. I visited a wonderful weekly round, organized by the tour operator "Solvelex-Trevel", and I got the impression that in one week I saw more than some two-week travel. Below I want to offer a route following which you can cover the maximum number of attractions of these fabulous islands.

So, the journey begins with Islands Zakynthus, Where you can easily get a direct flight from Moscow, as well as from St. Petersburg for about 3.5 hours. We settled in a wonderful home hotel MEDITERRANEAN Beach Resort 5 *, Which is a hotel complex consisting of cozy chamber houses in 2-3 floors. The hotel is located slightly away from the central part of Zakynthos – Zante Town, but the dotood can be easily reached by running buses or simply ordering a tour.

Zante Town meets tourists with a wonderful port with a long embankment with fishing ships and neat cafes on the shore. Further, it is interesting to inspect the Church of St. Dionysius, stroll through the central square of the city and adjacent to the narrow shopping streets adjacent to it, and also familiarize themselves with the most magical landmark of Zakynthos – Navagio Cove, where you can swim on the boat in good weather. Interesting for visiting and blue caves with unimaginable blue water, where you can sometimes meet the legendary turtles of "Care-Coach", laying eggs right on the shore, as well as the Anafon Terry Monastery, located on the hill, where he lived in Saint Dionisios, the patron saint of the island. Another religious attraction of the island is the Church of Saint Maur, in which the miraculous icon is kept.

Next, you can make an internal flight to another stunning island – Kefalonia. Travel time – as many as 10 minutes, the feeling of flight – as after visiting the amusement park. Kefalonia met us a stunning hotel Apollonion Resort 5 *, which, of course, was an absolutely contrasting place towards the hotel in Zakynthos. This hotel is ideal for tourists with children, there is everything for a full-fledged family holiday in ideal conditions.

So, Kefalonia. This island a fairy tale, a dream island with a nine clear blue water, high hills, crumpled greens. This is the capital of Argostoli, a city that has significantly suffered from the earthquake of 1953, but was literally rebuilt and rebelled out of non-existence.

By the way, the Venetians dominated the island for a long time, which, of course, influenced his architectural appearance, was influenced by his architectural appearance, so even a simple walk on Argostoli streets will give a lot of wonderful photos.

How to organize an interesting holiday on the Ionic Islands about. Zakianfo. Itacao. Kefalonia, Greece

These are famous beaches of Makris Yialos and Platis Yialos, photographed on which, it seems that you have visited the earthly paradise. Be sure to visit the monastery of St. Gerasim, the church of St. Andrew, in which part of the leg of the student of Christ Andrei and the First-Called, the stunning caves of Droghriti and Lake Melissani, dedicated to the pagan god Pan and storing his sculptural image.

And finally, the final travel chord is the world famous Island Island, Motherland Odyssey. It is easy to get to it on the ferry, while the water journey is also an important part of the entertainment program. This island is a truly protected, all consisting of carved hills, closely approaching the coastline. And also – literally toy houses, narrow rural streets, blooming shrubs of various colors and shades, friendly smiling Greeks, street satisfied cats and cute souvenirs that are equally happy with both adults and children.

There are practically no hotels on Ithaka, but one day here will be quite enough to meet the island and get a complete performance about him. But after that you can already return to Kefalonia, and then to Moscow – with a margin of pleasant impressions for a whole year ahead!

How to organize an interesting holiday on the Ionic Islands about. Zakianfo. Itacao. Kefalonia, Greece

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