How to organize an independent trip

Trips &# 8211; This is primarily freedom. But what freedom can we talk about if you went to a ticket tour? From the guide, do not move away, all the time will have to crowd in the group of strangers and for free time only a few hours a day. Well, what is this holiday?

Enough! It’s time to travel yourself!

You probably will now think that you will not cope, it is difficult, expensive and scary. But in fact, everything is exactly the opposite.

Independent travel &# 8211; it is discoveries, acquaintances with new and interesting people, the opportunity to visit truly interesting places about the existence of which you did not even guess.

So what stops you?

  • It is expensive. Not at all, often an independent organization of travel is much more profitable to the tourist ticket, especially if you are traveling to Europe. Exceptions, these are only weird mass pilgrimage of tourists, for example, Turkey and Egypt.
  • I do not know the language. Of course, it creates certain difficulties, but millions of French, Germans, the Spaniards have been struggling for many years around the world and this fact does not confuse them. If you know at least at least English &# 8211; Be sure they disappear. Yes, and no one has canceled gesture. In addition, everyone has a telephone, but to set a special application on it &# 8211; Phrasebook or translator, will not be difficult.
  • What if I’m lost. If you are poorly oriented in space, install GPS navigator on your phone. Google Maps coped with this feature. In Europe, Google determine your location with striking accuracy.

Be sure to take a visit to the hotel in which they stopped. Even if you do not know the words in a foreign language, you can always show her taxi driver and he will deliver you straight to the hotel.

  • It is very difficult. We will not lie, come to the travel agency, set out your requirements for the resort and the hotel much easier than spending a few hours, and maybe even days, to search for profitable flight options, accommodation and other travel information. But, despite all the difficulties, an independent organization ensures that your journey will be the way you want!

So how to organize an independent trip?

To begin with, decide on the destination. If in life you are not inclined to adventures, then leave the Mozambique or Laos for later. Start from the old woman in Europe.

In advance to make an approximate route, you will adjust as it prepared.

Where to take information for travel planning?

You will be helped by guidebooks that can be bought in many bookstores. The most popular publications are &# 8220; around the world&# 8221;, &# 8220; Lonely Planet&# 8221;, &# 8220; Berlitz&# 8221;, &# 8220; National Geographic&# 8221; and &# 8220; poster&# 8221;. Choose the one that most of all.

On the Internet, you will come to the aid thematic sites for countries, tourism and forums agencies. The most valuable resource in our opinion &# 8211; This is a forum &# 8220; Vine&# 8221;. Here you will find literally everything from the tips to see, before information about visas, the sale of airlines and travelers reports. And if you have any questions, experienced travelers will be happy to help you. Another, worthy of attention resource &# 8211; Community RU-Travel.

How to organize an independent trip

We decided with the place, it’s time to take for tickets.

Decide in advance what kind of transport you will get to the destination. Keep in mind that the railway ticket to Europe in terms of cost will be more expensive, and no day will have to get to most cities. The most optimal option &# 8211; airplane.

On the pages of this blog we have already written about how to find cheap flights, where they can be bought and when it is better to do.

I repeat the main rule here &# 8211; Buy air tickets need in advance, preferably for 6-9 weeks before departure.

Buy cheap flights you can on our website &# 8211; Kupibilet.Ru!

This rule applies to hotels. There will be no place in hotels, of course, it will not end, but if you are looking for a place to sleep 2-3 weeks before the trip, then there will be no options, you will have to search for a compromise between your desires and the fact that you offer booking sites.

By the way about them, book a hotel you can also online.

The most popular site &# 8211;, he has a our version, so the choice and payment of the hotel will not work. You can read about the intricacies of booking on this resource

You can find and book a hotel on other sites, in Russia among the most popular are Ostrovok.RU and OKTOGO.Ru.

But you should not be limited to one hotels, pay attention to the rental of apartments. Go to the airbnb site.COM and you will definitely never want to stop in hotels 🙂

If the budget presses, then take a look towards hostels. You can book them on Hostelword.COM and HOSTELBOOKERS.Com. Keep in mind that hostels &# 8211; More for youth and those who have experience in the first place, not comfort.

Specify in advance whether you need to get a visa. ours can go without a visa to one of 90 countries. It is almost half of the world!

All the latest information about visas can also be obtained on the Vintsky Forum, there you will find fresh information about the necessary documents, tips and samples of filling out the questionnaires, as well as answers to most issues. If you don’t understand something or you have a non-standard situation, do not hesitate to ask &# 8211; Forum just for this purpose.

For official information, it is better to go to the website of the visa center or the consulate of the country in which you are heading.

Do not forget about medical insurance. According to the requirements of most countries, it is mandatory for obtaining a visa and entry. Do not neglect your security, especially since it is not quite expensive.

Well, now everything is ready, it’s time to collect suitcases and you can conquer the world 🙂

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