How to organize an independent trip to Myanmar?

I really can not imagine how to travel on it, I discovered a lot of new things in the country itself and I would like to share with you experienced how to organize a cool, optimal and inexpensive trip to Myanmar.

1) Obtaining a visa to Myanmar on its own

The first thing to do &# 8212; Get a visa to Myanmar online.

To do this, go on the link and fill out an online form on Evisa, in which you need to specify your personal data, arrival airport and place in Myanmar, where you plan to stay (you can specify any existing hotel address).

Sunset in G. Mandalay

After filling out all the data and add a personal photo, you will transfer you to the payment page. For a visa to Myanmar, you must pay online $ 50 with man.

After payment, within a few days (from 2 to 7 days), a visa will come to your email to Myanmar, which will need to be printed on the A4 sheet and demonstrate when entering the country.

Issue tourist medical insurance

Decide on visiting cities and attractions

For the most part, travelers choose the same places in Myanmar:

  • Pagoda in the Bagan;
  • U-Be Bridge nearby. Mandalay;
  • Pagoda Swedagon in g. Yangon;
  • Fisherman beautiful lake Inle and maybe a couple of other places.

Fishermen near the U-Bein Bridge

If you decide that you want to see all these main sights, it is worth starting to start your way or from arrival in g. Yangon or in g. Mandalay.

Here you can learn more about the prices of Myanmar.

Buying tickets to Myanmar

There are still no direct flights from Russia to Myanmar, so we choose the cheapest way to arrive in &# 8212; Through Bangkok (Thailand).

We are determined from the airport in Myanmar, let’s say with arrival in g.Mandalay from G.Bangkok, and from g.Yangon in Bangkok back. Alternatively, on the contrary.

I recommend Air Asia Airlines. This method of arrival in Myanmar &# 8212; Through Bangkok, AIR Asia, perhaps the cheapest of all possible for today.

Beautiful landscapes in the baggage

We buy air tickets, at least a month before the date of departure (from Bangkok to Myanmar), in order for money in cheap.

Flights I cost $ 92.5, in both directions, from Bangkok, that just below the average price.

Booking Accommodation in Myanmar

I chose 2 options &# 8212; Sites where you can cheap Book a good accommodation in Myanmar for short-term stays of living (up to 2 weeks).

A) The site of the Agode where you can always find tens and hundreds of special offers and discounts for accommodation in the countries of South.

I recommend to select options at the best reviews and location, with free breakfast.

Choose better those that with numerous reviews no less than 7 points. I chose from 9 &# 8212; 10 points and very satisfied!

Our comfortable accommodation in the Bagan booked through the Arode site

B) Private apartments on AirbnB (discount on the first booking of 1543 rubles). You can through this site, also find some good accommodation options in large cities of Myanmar (Mandalay, Yangon).

Complimentary breakfast in Myanmar

In order to book and pay for housing by abroad, a bank card MasterCard or Visa is required, it is desirable not to bank Sberbank, t.To. He often faces overseas payment.

Accommodation in a private house in Yangon, booked through the AIRBNB resource

Confirmation of armored housing is sent to the email address and is demonstrated upon arrival at the hotel or apartments with a passport.

Hotels in Myanmar

Transport, on arrival at Miaanma airports

On arrival, you can order a taxi to the city center at the city 7 $ . This is a standard price. Cheaper you are unlikely anyone who will dismiss only if you know how to persuade very well.

Public transport, such as buses is quite difficult to use, t.To. All routes are indicated at the local Myanmar and it is not clear where you are lucky. Local themselves are climbing a huge crowd into the bodies and go quite uncomfortable, so we did not use them.

Crossroads in the center of. Yangon

The road between the attractions and the cities of Myanmar

Many of the independent travelers who are accustomed to the rental of Motobike abroad, think that they can also quietly dissect in Myanmar on a rented bike everywhere.

This is not true:

  • The distance between Yangon, Mandalay and the Bagan is very large (thousands of kilometers);
  • Movement from local transport is quite aggressive, which is rather dangerous;
  • In Myanmar, tourists are forbidden to go to leased bikes, in such cities as Yangon and Bagan;
  • Roads in here very poor quality and in general, there are not so many motorbikes.

Local still use natural transport for movements &# 8212; Hard humpback bulls 🙂

In g. Mandalay True We rented a bike for a day, to inspect the closest sights and the U-Bein bridge. It cost $ 12 for a day (in the morning take, in the evening to return).

We can’t find it cheaper, maybe you will succeed.

For trips to longer distances, we booked a place from the JJ Express bus online (through Facebook), 2 days.

Here is the cost of travel and accurate arrival and departure time, depending on the direction.

Bus stations are not more than 10 km from the center of Mandalay and Yangon. There can be reached by taxi for 6-7 dollars.

I would like to note that for 18.000 Chiat or $ 18, you get a trip first class and the level of service that will give you the bus is incredibly high, compared to bus trips in the usual way and you will most likely stay 100% satisfied with a comfortable night trip.

New buses JJ Express

From JJ Express travel trips:

How to organize an independent trip to Myanmar
  • dress pants;
  • Take earplugs;
  • sweater or jumper, cape on a torso body;
  • Use a sleep mask.

Inside the bus JJ Express comfortable broad armchairs, free water, lunch, footrest, air conditioning, personal light, even there is a socket 🙂

Order cheap transfer &# 8212; Taxi in Myanmar

How much is the food in Myanmar?

Nutrition in Myanmar is not expensive than in large cities of Asia, like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur.

Tourist prices are about the same. For example, a rice plate with vegetables will cost 60-80 rubles .

On average, a full dinner will be released in 130 &# 8212; 150 rubles. In more tourist restaurants, lunch can go out in 200 &# 8212; 250 rubles.

There are many different dishes on the street, fresh juices, but I do not recommend feeding out the street food, t.To. There is a risk of grabbing intestinal bacteria and choose.

dinner in a local cafe in g. Yangon

Water in Myanmar Bad Quality, try not to drink water from under the crane. Buy water in closed bottles. (Source of recommendations: Lonely Planet guide).

Fit in cafe, restaurants, clean places where more hygienic cooking conditions and the risk of getting sick or choose less.

We are in the park g. Yangon

Local since childhood got used to their conditions and street food.

Most of them eat on the street. From the words of our guide in g. Yangon: &# 171; Cheaper will eat on the street than to cook the food at home.&# 187;

Myanmar Saleswoman and our Guide Michael in g. Yangon

For a week of lunches and dinners, I approximately planted in Myanmar by $ 40. T.E., My every lunch came to me about 170 &# 8212; 180 rubles.


Due to the fact that in Myanmar, 90% of the population is preached by Buddhism, kindness in the country and the atmosphere of harmony, calm rhythm is felt anywhere in any big city of Myanmar.

People are more often smiling here, tell us that we are beautiful. They are not yet corrupted by tourists and are ready to help disinterestedly, even if they do not know English.

Myanmers near the U-Bein Bridge

The amazing people, very hospitable living in Myanmar and are somewhat not interested in robbery, attacking tourists or cheating for money.

In Myanmar, it is very safe to travel to girls alone!

Local girl sells cut Asian fruits with red pepper

Fee for entrance to the pagoda, monasteries, etc.Cultural attractions

Calculate spend no less $ 50 For input and photographing inside pagoda. For example, the entrance to the Swedagon Pagoda will cost you $ 7.5.

Entrance to the territory of the historic Bagan costs 21 dollar, for photographing some attractions you need to pay 1.000 kyat and t.D.

Inside the Temple, the Swedagon pass different endouts of idols, rituals are performed

Of minuses &# 8212; Everywhere at the entrance to the cultural places of the country, it is impossible to go into shoes, socks, with open shoulders and in shorts or in the skirt above the knees.

You need to make shoes and rent Sarong, if there is such an opportunity (1.000 kyat or

$ 1) or you will not be allowed in the temples.

Souvenirs from Myanmar

I purchased 2 pictures in the bagan made by sand and paints for 600-700 rubles.

In the Bagan, visiting a local talented artist, choose the paintings

Also local doll &# 8212; Myanmar woman from a tree for 70 rubles and a couple of magnets on the U-Bein bridge for 100 rubles.


Well, in principle, I dismantled, almost all aspects of traveling to Myanmar. Everything else will open for yourself in place &# 8212; in Myanmar! 🙂 I am sure that a lot of interesting and changing look at the world of experience will open..

If you have not yet decided..My advice to you &# 8212; Share!

Bagan at dawn

Myanmar is beautiful in many things: nature, climate, attractions, nation, prices and interesting adventures that you are waiting!

Myanmar &# 8212; Unusual country, magic, mysterious, not yet spoiled by tourists.

How to organize an independent trip to Myanmar

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