How to organize an excursion yourself: personal experience

I will talk about how you can organize an interesting excursion not only for yourself, but also for a group of loving car travel tourists. You will learn how I myself do it, what difficulties may be, what is worth paying special attention and is it possible to earn.

How it all began

It all started from afar.

I love travel very much, I go a lot myself, including on your own car. I worked in travel agency, and many different tourists constantly passed before me. With some of them there were not only business, but also friendly relations. Knowing about my trips, people often asked me: "And take us with you. We also want a car tour ".

We agreed to the direction, I expected the cost – gasoline, placement, excursions, food, and we went to the road.

Initiatrics of the Travel Agriculture Agricultural Tourists. To invite people to such tours to me somehow never came to mind. It seemed to me that autotourism was very specific and lovers of such a holiday would not be very much.

About a year ago, I came across the site where a man, in love with the auto-trip, invited everyone to join him for a trip to Norway. And he was carrying people not only on her car, but took with him other motorists with their own iron horses. People in such tours have been gained quite a lot.

I decided, and why not try me? Throw my clins, see how people will be gather. And then, this is such a beauty for me, the fans of travel: you are going, watching new places, enjoy the road and do not pay for it. the beauty.

I tried. And I got.

How to organize a car tour

What is needed to organize a tour:

  • Car – your own or rented.
  • Skill organization tours. Aliens or own. You need to be able to search for information – about attractions, hotels, unusual places, sightseeing, the state of the roads, the cost of the Internet and phone calls and more about a bunch of small things that are vital in traveling. You must personally imagine what it is – to go to someone else’s, unfamiliar place, and what you may need there.
  • You must have an audience you can call on a trip. Your personal friends will not be enough. Because everyone who loves trips with you already probably went.

As for me, I actively lead the personal page of VKontakte: I post there and tourist information, and photos, and some important moments for me.

People consisting in my friends are not always familiar to me personally, but they know me. They know what I do, what is interested in what is fond of. Represent what you can wait from me, trust and ready to communicate.

They also know about my own travels. They are interested to go along with me and experience those adventures, about which I tell in the posts.

Calculation of the cost of the excursion

To calculate the cost of a car tour, you need to lay on it all costs.

I will tell you how it is done on the example of a newly organized tour. I drove a group of travelers in a circular route in our Kirov region.

  • Route about 450 km: Kirov – Orlov – Kotelnich – Soviet – Nizhne-Ikvino – Kirov.
  • Duration: 12 hours.
  • Travel Tool: My car Lada-Kalina.
  • Driver and accompanying: I am.

What to be included in the cost of the tour:

  1. Petrol. Everything is simple here. Determine how many gasoline consumes your car, look at how much km you have to go and expect costs. In my case it is 8 liters per 100 km. That is, 450 km x 8 l / 100 = 36 l. The cost of gasoline – 44 rubles / 1 l, 36 l x 44 rub = 1584 USD
  2. Car shock absorption. I hope based on the fact that every 15,000 km mileage must be done (maintenance) worth 15,000 rubles.We believe: 450 km x 15 000 rub / 15 000 = 450 rubles.
  3. How to organize an excursion yourself personal experience
  4. Driver / accompanying salary. Here you think about your desire, but I proceeded from the average wage in our area: 200 rubles per hour. We consider: 200 rubles x 12 hours = 2 400 USD
  5. Overnight. If there is, then add to the price, if not (one-day tour), then do not take into account.
  6. Payment of excursion services. If there is excursion service in some cities, then you need to lay it in the price. In our case, the journey was more visible than excursion, so this article costs were not taken into account.
  7. Visiting museums and attractions. If this is, then you need to lay in price. We did not have – do not take into account.
  8. Nutrition. If included in the tour, then add. In our case, I did not include meals. Perhaps it is better not to do this at all, because the food is a complicated thing. Someone vegetarian, someone does not eat fried, someone does not dine, but necessarily dinner. But time on food is still needed to lay and need to determine in advance where the group will eat. In our case, I asked everyone to take food with me.

We traveled during the period when the quarantine restrictions were removed due to coronavirus. Part of the cafe has not worked. And if the food is with you, then this is significantly saved by travel time. An occasion in the cafe is usually at least an hour. We took thermoses with hot tea / coffee and sandwiches. That was enough.

Final costs:

1584 rub + 450 rubles + 2 400 rub = 4 434 USD Round up to 4,500 rubles – this is the minimum amount you need to get for the tour. If you count on it, then the next cost of the tour will turn out if the car is expected:

  • 1 Passenger – A trip will cost him 4,500 rubles.
  • 2 passengers – 2 250 rubles / person.
  • 3 passengers – 1 500 rubles / person.
  • 4 passengers – 1 125 rubles / person.

However, the mind would still lay in the cost of the cost of organizing an excursion. And travel expenses – the driver and the accompanying need to eat something.

With a price on four people may not be so unambiguous. Because, the more the person in the car, the greater the consumption of gasoline. Therefore, the cost of the trip is better to set a little more than just in the amount of alleged expenses so as not to remain with anything.

I had the following parameters:

  • 2 passengers in the car – 1600 rubles.
  • 3-4 passengers in the car – 1400 rubles.

It was done to equalize the cost so that there was no too much break. If only 2 people went, then the costs would not be completely covered, and if 4 people, then the income would be slightly higher than the planned.

From unexpected

Who travels a lot, he knows that no matter how to get to the trip, and some nuances and changes are that it is planned to avoid.

So, with the first group, we forgot to call in one of the items scheduled on the route. Just squeezed and forgotten. It was a small village, stopping there was not foreseen. We had to just drive through it and lay around. It seems that not such a significant moment, but I stated it in the program.

In compensation, we arrived at the cave-indeced cave in a picturesque place – a break, river, endless long distance and beautiful photos on the background of nature.

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I did not know about this place, nor about the fact that there is a cave. I told me my tourists, what I was very glad – I like to explore something new.

With the second group in the villages forgotten in the previous day we drove, but they did not have time to the cave. But this time in tourists were two girls who were born in two cities included in the route. They told us curious facts and nuances.

Work on bugs

In our journey everything has developed successfully. There was so many wishing that I had to break the tour for 2 days – 4 people went on Saturday and 4 people on Sunday.

Everything was wonderful, but in any case you can always find what to fix and make better. I made myself a note that travelers need to give more information.

We had a majority not excursion, but a review tour. He was so declared: drive up to the desired attraction, we look at, touch, taught, go around, we make photos and go further. I told everything that I knew about this place, but it seemed to me that the people of this were not enough. My travelers wanted to know more.

Made for myself with the next time: Or you need to immediately negotiate with guides that will accompany the group at visits, or independently more carefully prepare the excursion program.

Invitation of excursions in places of visits has its pros and cons.

pros – an interesting program, a specialist story with accurate facts and the opportunity to relax for the accompanying.

Minuses – a significant rise in price of the tour and the question of organizing an excursion. If it is pedestrian, then people can quickly get tired. If automotive, then you need to leave a place in the car for a guide. And this is minus one tourist in the car.

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I think car travel is beautiful.

In my last trips, good people came up, we wonderfully rested, a lot of things looked and the most remarkable thing that the people are already asking for a new trip. And I am very glad – because thus travelers in the world are becoming more and more.

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