Alone in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is such a direction of tourism where it is rarely driving through the tickets, although, of course, you can find ready-made tours to Hong Kong. Moreover, in some cases it can get cheaper than an independent organization. But we still advise you to plan holidays in Hong Kong on our own "from and to": to buy tickets themselves and choose places (after all, to fly 9 o’clock it is you, not a travel agent), book a comfortable hotel with an excellent location, do not forget to buy insurance and, of course not going to trick with common excursion programs from the "All Hong Kong series in 30 minutes". For those who have never engaged in the organization of the trip on their own, we decided to prepare an actions algorithm that will allow you to consider all the important moments and not forget.

In Hong Kong alone

What you need to know before traveling to Hong Kong

First of all, before planning a holiday in Hong Kong, you need to decide for yourself, and whether you want to go to this city? Holidays in Hong Kong are not walking on some European capital and not at all resort. Holidays in Hong Kong is a big city vacation. Probably, despite the banal comparison, rest in Hong Kong is something like a vacation in New York, only with the difference that signs in Chinese. Hong Kong is a megapolis with all his advantages and minuses. We must admit that we didn’t fell in love with Hong Kong immediately, it took several "business trips" to feel his taste and accept it as it is, and whether it is worth saying that now he is one of our favorite cities. But back to what you need to know before starting the organization yourself Traveling to Hong Kong.

Visa in Hong Kong

ours who come to Hong Kong for a period of less than 14 days, the visa is not needed. The same story and citizens of Ukraine, but Belarusians will have to take care of a visa and make it in advance. By the way, for those who are planning to stay in Hong Kong for more than two weeks, there is a little Edu Technophobia: Schedule a visit to Macao at the end of the trip, and then you can "reset" your visa and launch a new 14-day term. But it is not necessary to abuse it, there are many cases in the network when people refused in the entrance due to such permanent visarans. More about visas in Hong Kong can be found in Our article, Fully dedicated to this topic.

Prices in Hong Kong

The second important issue to work is to work – this is financial support for the trip. Hong Kong is considered a very expensive city for tourists and not only because there are high prices for hotels, but also the remaining costs, compared with the rest of the Asian countries, quite high. It is especially difficult for those who do not like Chinese cuisine, because you have to eat either fast food, or very expensive. Of course, any expenses are very individual and depend on specific people. We can only give the total price order:

  • Good hotel per day – from $ 130, hostels and cheap hotels – from $ 40.
  • Lunch or dinner in a cafe (Chinese Chifanka) – from $ 3-6 per person.
  • Lunch or dinner in a restaurant (European cuisine or just a good restaurant) – from $ 50 for two without alcohol.
  • Transport costs depend on distances, on average a day leaves $ 5-10.
  • Water in stores 7/11 – $ 1.
  • Street food – $ 2-5.

On average, a family of three (two adults and a child) spends on a day in Hong Kong about $ 200-250, taking into account the hotel.

How many days to spend in Hong Kong?

How much time to spend in Hong Kong – eternal theme for holivarov. Someone says that all the most basic can be viewed for 1 day, someone is enough for 3 days, and someone and some months. It all depends on what you are planning and what we are waiting. If you have a combined trip, t.E. You combine Hong Kong with some other country, for example, with rest on the Chinese island Hainan or in the Philippines, then you need to plan at least 2-3 days. If you leave somewhere except Hong Kong do not plan, but before that have never been to Asia, then you should have enough weeks to understand, you want to get here again or not. For those who love China and Southeast Asia, we can say that you feel free to plan a trip at least 2 weeks vacation, especially if the financial question is not particularly acute for you.

Well, now, when you understand, for what time you are going and how much money you need with you, we turn to the step-by-step instructions for organizing an independent holiday in Hong Kong. First important step – buy a ticket to Hong Kong.

Buy a ticket to Hong Kong

Flights to Hong Kong – a rather serious article cost, but without buying tickets no trip will take place. In the past few years, Moscow-Hong Kong-Moscow tickets are almost not changed in price – about $ 400-500 per person, but if you are lucky, you can buy on the stock of Turkish Airlines for $ 200-300. You can book both on the websites of airlines and on the sites aggregators (Aviasales, Skyscanner and others.) who compare the offers of various airlines and offer the most budget option. There are no special rules here, it is important to carefully read tariff conditions (allowed luggage if you fly s7 and return tickets), well, and look at the time of docking, because the difference in 1000 rubles is not worth 16 hours of docking in Dubai airport. We have several articles dedicated to the purchase of tickets to Hong Kong, so I will not repeat:

  • Moscow-Hong Kong – how to buy tickets
  • In Hong Kong from cities of the our Federation
  • In Hong Kong from the cities of the former CIS

Book a hotel in Hong Kong

The second important stage of self-journey to Hong Kong is a hotel booking, a hostel or apartment. Since this is a big megapolis, the choice is quite large. From your observations we can say that the price for the apartment and the hotel will be about the same, so if you want to save, then this is not quite the optimal option. In our opinion, the apartment is worth choosing when you want home comfort or some exotic, like roof terraces.

Apartments with a terrace in Hong Kong

How to organize a trip to Hong Kong yourself

As for the hostels, then you have a straight road to the famous city of Hostels Chungking Mansions. There are options for almost any wallet, finding something cheaper will be very difficult.

Hostels in Hong Kong can be

For those who prefer to live in hotels, there are several search options in Hong Kong. The easiest and most clear – use the search for one of the online booking sites, such as Booking.COM or Agoda.Com. Despite the fact that these sites have the same roots (Priceline), personally we choose the search for hotels in Asia. There are several reasons for this:

  • Much more choice (801 options for housing, while on Bukin 590).
  • There are excellent options with a very big discount.
  • Weekly sales and special prices for subscribers.

But when choosing a hotel, you will definitely note that in most cases the price does not include taxes and service fees, and to the price that you see on the booking site will add another 10%.

These prices for hotels can be found in Hong Kong

On the topic of hotel booking in Hong Kong, we also have many articles and reviews, so Welcome:

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Buy insurance to Hong Kong

It is very important when planning an independent trip to Hong Kong Do not forget about medical insurance. Despite the fact that no one will demand it at your entrance to the country, but we still advise you to purchase it, because any hike to the doctor will pay it immediately. Medical services in Hong Kong for non-residents of the country are very expensive, so it is better to have confidence that the insurance company will reimburse you these costs in case. We have already written in detail about tourist insurance in Hong Kong in Separate article. But better, of course, so that the insurance can be useful to you. &# 128578; You can buy insurance or insurance agents, or online through the CherehaPa service through the form below:

Guide services in Hong Kong

If an independent study of the country is not for you, and I want a knowledgeable person to spend you at the most interesting places, told about the country and its traditions, and also passed the passwords and appearances, where they are tasty, they do not do without a guide. Fortunately, in Hong Kong is quite a lot of certified (it is important!) our-speaking guides, which will be happy to tell you everything and show. Their services are approximately $ 40-50 per hour + cost of entrance tickets and transport. Options where you can purchase such an excursion, a lot: it’s TRIPster, Sputnik8, Weatlas.COM and others. In addition to individual excursions, there are both group, which can be joined, but it is important to book a place in advance, because you have quite a lot.

Create a plan of inspection of Hong Kong

This item Instructions for an independent organization of travel to Hong Kong is not at all necessary. Someone does not like plans and graphs, but prefers to go around the city "Where the eyes look", and find something interesting for yourself. And someone goes exclusively by the guide and recommended in them routes. Those who make up their own sightseeing plan, our articles about Sights of Hong Kong and three days route For those who arrived here for the first time. We have on the site More than 70 articles about Hong Kong – walk along them, and we are almost confident that you will find in them a lot of useful for organizing an independent travel.

Conclusion or what is more expensive: a ticket or an independent organization

As a conclusion, we decided to compare what would be more expensive: ready-made trip from TezTour or an independent organization with the same input data. So, a trip to 7 nights from 19 to 26 October 2016, 2 people, Hotel South China Hotel 3 *. The article is written more than almost a month before departure, and here it is worth considering that prices can change. So, TEZTOUR proposes to give them 101639 rubles for two, the price includes: flight, hotel, shuttle and insurance. I must say that this is an excellent price, especially if a direct flight, and not with three transplants!

Price for tours to Hong Kong from Moscow

Now we think that it will turn out when independent booking.

Tickets: Moscow-Hong Kong-Moscow (back there for two) – 60000 rubles (direct flight Aeroflot).

Hotel: South China Hotel 3 * (7 nights with breakfasts) – 54,000 rubles.

Insurance: 1000 rubles.

TOTAL: 115000 rubles.

Independent organization of a trip to Hong Kong

If Teztour offers direct flight Moscow-Hong Kong, then this is a great offer to take and fly! But if this is an option with two docks and one and a half days of the road in each direction, it is better to do everything yourself. I must say that for us the result was quite unexpected – we were sure that the price of an independent organization will be less than the price of the tour or at least the same, and it turned out on more than $ 200 more expensive. Despite the fact that we ourselves were clearly convinced that sometimes a tour is cheaper, we still do not become intermediaries on your vacation – it’s better not to be more expensive, but to be 200% sure that everything is done as it should, and set us exactly in that The number we booked.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

Summing up Let’s say that the algorithm of the trip to Hong Kong is independently simple: tickets + hotel + insurance, and everything else solely at your desire and opportunities. Good luck to you in the conquest of Hong Kong, and if you suddenly have questions, you can ask them in the comments.

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How to organize a trip to Hong Kong yourself

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