How to organize a trip big company

Traveling a large company is always cool, but there are certain difficulties in it. For example, in the organization. It is necessary to agree with everyone, take responsibility for entertainment and overnight. Oh, affairs and really a lot. Therefore, we tell how to assemble the will in a fist and make it impossible – to organize a group trip to everyone liked.


What are good group travel? Plus enough:

  • Saving at housing. For example, in Asian countries, you can rent a villa! Two will be hard, and a large company is quite lifted by the price.
  • Opportunity to get on excursions for groups. Some places you can get, only if a group of several people are scored. If you hit the unrest and tourists a little, your company may well pull on the group.
  • You will see familiar people from the new side.
  • Get acquainted with new people (if such be in the company).
  • Anywhere more fun together! (with)

Hi, Chat!

Without chats when planning a trip with lots of people anywhere. Yes, it will be a cereal of opinions, because people are different. Someone reads once a week and constantly asks, someone unsubscribers with stickers and try to understand what he meant. But it’s good that in some modern messengers there The ability to secure messages and create surveys. Latest news and solutions can always be learn from trips and quickly express an opinion by voting in a survey.

But you also need a lot. Try to write specifically and essentially. Consider the wishes of everyone and do not forget about your. Remember, everyone is difficult to please, but you can always divide for a couple of days so that everyone goes to where he wants.

And most importantly, consider the fact that not everyone is comfortable to express the opinion, especially if it dispels with the majority. Donate yes of these people that any questions you can decide in personal correspondence.

Collection of information

The first thing you have to decide – Date of Trip and Direction . There are many people, everyone has their own life, so choose the dates and place together. It should not be convenient only to one person so that everyone else has been adjusted. Scroll Google Calendar At all so that everyone marks a convenient travel time.

Another important point is to do it in advance. And it does not matter how far you are going to go, will you fly on the plane. Decide the date for several months. Remember that it can be adjusted due to the cost of tickets and housing. All participants should be aware of these shifts.

How to organize a trip big company

When choosing a direction, it is also important to consider the opinion of all. You need to choose so that everyone has something to do in a particular place. Therefore, the most ideal option – to arrange a trip on several countries or cities.

Next step – Right to the tickets . Typically, tickets with a good price come on weekdays, and fly more expensive on weekends. Experiment with the cities of the departure, suddenly from the neighboring even cheaper? Consult with the participants who from where to fly fundamentally. And as soon as they found good prices – collect passport details from the participants and buy tickets at once at all, and not separately. So less chances to buy tickets at different costs. Why it happens, we wrote here >>>

If not all from one city and someone plans to join already in place, agree on the place and time of the meeting, give the address of the housing (if already exist), and keep a person aware of your movements.

And now We are looking for housing ! Since you have a lot, you can search for accommodation with amenities, and not content with beds in rooms for 30 people. Yes, so cheaper, but it’s a shower at the end of the corridor, an uncomfortable toilet without breakfast. It is better to rent an apartment or house, villa (depending on the direction). In some places even give a discount on the group.

At the same time, find out from everyone (you can in PM), who is what maximum is willing to lay out on housing, count the average and after that already look for options. Throw off your findings in chat, and participants will choose the appropriate. Democratic!


But here you need neat. Even those who first agree at all will eventually be unhappy and snorted that they did not ask them about. And here there is a way out. Try to plan the time so that your company’s day is at least one joint event: a picnic in the park, campaign on attractions, bypassing the main attractions, and anything. And everything else – at will. Suddenly someone wants to secede half a day and walk on their own route, so let them go. In the evening, for joint gatherings it will be interesting to listen to who saw and where.

The main idea is not to plan every minute, but in the case of which it does not grumble that "we knocked out of the schedule, we have two more museums for today for today!". No one needs such a holiday. Choose something cheerful and go together, and the rest of the time let each spend in its own way.


Well, if there will be at least two people with driving licenses. This is an opportunity to go beyond the city or save on trains. Move the car more convenient and faster, no dependence on the schedule.

If you drive abroad, the drivers need international certificates. It will be logical if all participants in the trip will be thrown on international law and car rental.

If your company does not have a single driver, and plans long trip, be sure to pre-buy tickets for trains or buses. At least one month.

Ask for help, that’s fine

If your group of 5-6 people, to cope with the organization is not so difficult. But if more people, ask someone for help. Shoulder the organization of the entire hard, where it is possible to overlook and make mistakes that can put the trip in jeopardy. Always need fresh eyes and an extra arm, which will seek to hotels until you buy all the tickets.

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How to organize a trip big company

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