How to organize a trip? Step-by-step instruction

In this article, you will learn how to organize a profitable journey.

Step 1. Choose a country / rest

How to decide on a holiday destination?

Everyone will have their own idea of ​​the desired holiday. In the photo: I’m on Blossom Sakura (South Korea)

First to pay attention to what type of rest you want.

It can be:

  • beach vacation;
  • mountain;
  • sightseeing;
  • gastronomic;
  • Instagram (choose the brightest location to make photos from them);
  • targeted (visit the carnival in Rio, look at the flowering of Sakura in Japan, to visit Picchu and T.D.)
  • Adventure / Extreme and DR.

These sites can be useful in order to find a rest space:

  • ADMe
  • Lonely Planet
  • Pinterest

After deciding with the place, find out about the weather / seasonality. This can be done on sites:

In detail how to determine the weather in the country of travel, read in the article: How to determine the weather, climate in the country of travel?

On my experience and experience of other people, the spontaneous selection of the place often disappoints.

For example, the other day, I applied for help in the organization of New Year’s holidays Georgy (

We had to hold a consultation, where I would talk about the best places of rest – he could choose the perfect travel island.

It turned out that he was unable to communicate into a conversation for consultation time, and the next day I did not work.

After a couple of days, he wrote to me that he himself booked housing for his whole family (5 people) in g. Puerto Princess (Palawan), who does not comply with me.

In my opinion it was a rapid decision. And you know why?


  1. First, in Puerto Princess there are no clean beaches for swimming (This is a major philippine city).
  2. Secondly, sand fleas are found on the beaches In large numbers from which you can get infected with skin leishmaniasis.

The girl bit the sand fleas on the beach in Palawan 400 times.

In my opinion, go there to the Philippines anyway, what to choose rest in g. Manila (the capital of the Philippines), even worse.

Therefore, if you are not sure about choosing a place, better ask for help to those who know.

If you want to contact me for a choice of a place to stay or for organizing a profitable trip, then you can do it.

Step 2. Buy Flights

After you decide on the place of recreation, with accurate dates, you need to purchase profitable flights to this country.

I will immediately say that in one post it is impossible to follow the detailed information on how to buy The most profitable air tickets.

I will try briefly tell about it in steps.

Step 1

  1. To begin with, choose more economical arrival points (airports). To do this, you can use the airport card: WWW.FlightConnections.Com.
  2. Compare prices for flights to suitable airports and decide which ones you fly.

For example, in the video course "How to buy favorable air tickets" in the fifth lesson "Honor of Practitioners’ Practice" with the student, I disassembled the route.

Instead of acquiring a ticket from Tbilisi to Moscow for 8.365 p, we found flight from Vladikavkaz for 3.861 R .

Vladikavkaz from Tbilisi can be reached by bus or Blablacar from 400 R .

This option was quite satisfied with the student and she was pleased that saved on this Edu Technophobiae 4.000 rubles .

Even more like lifhacks that help significantly save on the flights I give a course "How to buy favorable air tickets".

After you have decided on the hubs, proceed to the search for long-haul flights.

Step 2

Often, flights from Russia abroad is more profitable to buy on search aggregators, for example:

It is important to compare prices for them. Each search engine has its own features, your search range.

Use filters when searching for tickets Unless you want to spend nights at the airport or travel without baggage.

Most often, the long-haired flight in both directions is cheaper than one way.

twenty.000 rubles. TOTAL from 40.000 rubles if buying tickets separately.

Step 3

Once you have acquired a far-haul flights from Russia abroad, you can proceed to the search for the famine flights.

To search for nearby flights (Loauset a / k) inside Europe or South countries, we recommend using search sites:

When buying a nearby flight, you do not have to pay extra for:

  • insurance;
  • choice of place;
  • nutrition;
  • priority landing;
  • Baggage from 10 kg.

You can just buy airfare, traveling Lights – without surcharge.

On average, the recorded baggage from 15 kg in Lookers will cost from 450 rubles .

It happens that shipping transport is much cheaper, easier than by the plane.

To check this information, you can use the site for laying routes (ground, air, water): Rome2RIO.Com

In brief, then all the tickets.

A If you have a desire to learn more about buying profitable air tickets, I invite you to an online course with a check d / s here.

Step 3. Book accommodation

After you purchase air tickets, you can safely book accommodation.

Cozy houses on about.To Tao (Thailand)

In rare cases, it happens that you first need to book accommodation, and then buy tickets.

For example, it can be:

  • Popular with tourist hotels for certain dates (For example, there is a hotel overlooking the Red Track in Cannes or Hotel Dome
    Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort 4 * in Finland and DR.);
  • Rare Hotels in Beautiful Places and T.NS.

But if you do not plan to go somewhere for a certain hotel, then better first buy air tickets, and then book accommodation .

T.To. accommodation options in many tourist places a huge amount.

Almost always, if you do not plan a trip to NY, and at least 2 months there will be exciting and affordable housing options.

Where it is more profitable to book accommodation? Here 2 directions that I decline below.

Short-term accommodation (up to 14 days)

Search, compare housing options on sites:

    (housing at local. Get a discount at 2.100 rubles. On the first booking ); ; ; ; ; .

Before you pay for accommodation, find out how much the same number on different sites of booking systems, or on the site of the hotel itself.

A large selection of options on these sites (above) will allow you to find the most interesting offers for the price / quality ratio.

Long-term accommodation (from 2 weeks)

If you plan to stay abroad from 2 weeks, it is more often more advantageous to search / book it:

  • In place. Book a housing for the first 2-3 days and ride, look for options;
  • Through Facebook groups (especially relevant for Asian countries);
  • On local sites For rental housing (especially relevant for developed countries).

You can exclude search aggregators like Booking.COM T.To. more often on them will be more expensive.

Good options are cheaper are not located in tourist areas, and a little remote from them.

Eco House on.Busuanga in distant from the city (Philippines)

When choosing a long-term housing options, it is worth conducting the following checks:

  • Rate the quality of the housing itself, Does the roof take place if the windows are closed. Check how new, comfortable bed, sofa and chairs. Is there a mosquito net over the bed (if you are in Asia);
  • Check all the necessary devices, technique in the house on performance. Is there cold and hot water. Is a good pressure in the water; Find out if there were no problems with large equipment, with a stove and water supply;
  • Imagine how convenient will be the room For your usual life and work.
  • Check the Internet speed and specify the owner as well it works, does not give frequent failures;
  • Examine the terrain. Housing Location Very important feature. It is important to find out how far it is from shops, roads, level of security level and the presence of trees from trees (especially in Asian countries);
  • Do not miss the items. The smell of air freshener may indicate an attempt to mask unpleasant odors that do not destroy from the apartment, and the presence of traces of shame – about the presence of cockroaches. Pay attention to the little things – they can become a problem in the future.

Booking housing travel if you have questions, write in the comments under the article.

Perhaps in future posts, I will make individual articles on this topic.

Step 4. Visas

This item may be one of the first when planning a trip if a visa to travel country get difficult.

For example, the most difficult visas in: USA, Yemen, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Canada and DR.

My french visa

For the rest of the countries, you can most likely not worry about approval in a visa, unless you spoiled myself a reputation of a good traveler.

This may be in cases: violations of civil rights abroad, disturbances of the conditions / duration of stay and t.NS.).

To find out whether a visa is needed (transit or for all time) you can use sites:

    &# 8212; Website of the tourist center of the International Association of Air Transport (IATA). &# 8212; On the website of the airline KLM. &# 8212; On Qatar Airways. &# 8212; on Emirates website. in Wikipedia. The article is pretty quickly updated

  • Traveldoc.Aero – service with a base that airlines enjoy to check current visa rates when landing for flight. For the most part information is relevant for entry through international airports.

How to check whether a visa need?

For example, you are going to Oman (Near East).

Fill out the form, for example, on the website of the airline KLM https: // KLM.TravelDoC.Aero:

We specify that the air tickets to Oman we have back, fly a direct flight without transfers and passport is valid until 2024.

We get the result: burning green. Visa to Oman citizens of Russia do not need.

If you do not understand English – Install the translator in the browser, for example, from Google. It will be you translating page information into our.

If you need a visa

If you need a visa to execute, we will learn about online / offline visa opportunities.

To do this, you can go to sites:

  • Large tourist portals, sort of:https: // Visasam.RU, TONKOSTI.RU, www.Travel.RU and other.
  • Official website of the Visa Center / Consulate of the Country, Where do you need a visa in Russia.
  • How to organize a journey step by step instruction

Visas are different types: Business, Labor, Marine, Student, etc. We need tourist.

In many countries today it becomes possible Registration of online visa.

To do this, you need to find out on which site to execute online visa and for how long before traveling to start registration.

It can be found on the sites that I listed above.

How to find out the current list of documents for submission for a visa?

In order to find out the necessary list of documents for registration of a visa, use the site of the official visa center.

For example, in the photo website of the Iceland visa center in Russia. It has a list of necessary documents for submission to a visa.

I recommend to watch information about the necessary documents on the websites of the visa center, T.To. Tourist portals do not always update their articles in time.

Well, then, you collect this list of documents, write to the appointment of a visa online (on the official website) and go with documents to the visa center. Or give the required list of documents online.

If you need to book temporary tickets or a hotel specifically to get a visa (in case you are not sure about or what you will come back), I recommend saving this article to bookmarks: "How to book a hotel and air ticket without?"

After submitting documents online or offline on a visa, you will learn about the result in 5-15 days depending on the country of receipt, season, holidays, and other factors.

If you have any questions about the design of visas, write them in the comments under the article.

Step 5. Transport


If you want to understand how you have to get to the place or travel around the country, you can use the basic sites:

They will offer ways to get from point A to b all sorts of vehicles.

Filipino jeepni – public minibus in the Philippines

Offline map

There is a convenient application with offline maps to phone: Maps.Me.

Download the application on the phone. Then download the travel country in advance, and when you find yourself in the country – you can use it without internet.

On this map you can:

  • put routes;
  • celebrate interesting places;
  • Focus on journey.


Alternative to our Yandex Taxi is almost every country.

One of the most unusual taxis in the world – a taxi beetle in Mexico. Cars of this model work on the expanses of Mexico for more than half a century.

In order not to overpay the taxi drivers of the Annal amount of money, you can find out which taxi application is more profitable to use in the country of travel in this article Skyscanner.

For example:

  • In Indonesia, there are mototxes on the GO-JEK application;
  • The Philippines are distributed by GRAB;
  • in Turkey Bitaksi;
  • In France "Lecab"
  • In Australia, Uber and T.D.

Step 6. Rent a Car

This step is not necessary, but I am sure that it will be useful to read it every one, t.To. Many interesting travels are possible only thanks to the rented car.

There are several resources for finding good car rental suggestions:

  • Groups in Facebook (for South Asian countries)
  • Large search engines (for developed countries) (Rentalcars, Autoeurope.RU, www.Economycarrentals, www.Economybookings.COM and DR.)
  • Local cars for rent for rent. To search for them to work in English in Google: "Car / Motorbike for Rent in..and city name / place. Look for the sites of local companies. In the title of the site they can use the name of the city or country. For example, site: https: // jtcarrentalcebu.COM / in g.Cebu.

Here is such a car you can rent in Singapore

Choose a car suitable for you &# 8212; Carefully read the rental conditions, especially what is written in small font.

It happens that prepayment, free cancellation for a certain number of days before arrival.

In general, the procedure is very similar to the hotel’s booking, only you choose not overnight, and the car.

I recommend choosing insurance with franchise. It’s something like a limited casco.

In the presence of the fault, he is responsible for damage to the landlord within a certain amount, and the insurer responds within its.

What is the advantage of such insurance? It will cost much cheaper of the classic Casco.

From what will depend on the rental cost:

  1. Lease term: the more days &# 8212; the cheaper the cost of the car
    For example, I noticed that the cost of renting for 7 days is often equal to the cost of 5 days.
  2. The cost of renting at the airport and the city office is different. Always check different locations. In my experience in Europe, the airport has always come out more expensive.
  3. Rental location and return place. Rent with reception / car return in one place (Return Trip) is more often cheaper than in different (one-way). However, in the US one-way may be cheaper, depends on the direction.
  4. Driver’s age and driving experience.
  5. Additional options to the car (navigation / GPS, baby car seat, option &# 171; Crossing boundaries&# 187; and etc.)
  6. Insurance price.

How to find out which rental companies work at a particular airport?

Go to the airport site and in the "Services" / "Service" section &# 8212; "Rent a car" / "Rental Cars" View which companies work at this airport.

I recommend not to save on the type of car. If you know that you will ride in difficult, not urban roads.

Once it happened to us.

We chose a mini car in Iceland, in which you can not even say the trunk.

Our car with 2 doors, with a small trunk

And when we were on the road to the mountains of Landmannalaugar (Iceland), we realized that we could not go further. There is a sign about banning the entry of passenger cars not 4WD.

Violating the rule we could, but the high risk that we would not reach the place and that strongly ruined the car.

I had to spend the whole day to change the machine on the all-wheel drive. And of course we overpayed as a whole, how if you booked a all-wheel drive car in advance on all days.

And the mountains were worth.

One of the landscapes of Landmannalaugar Mountains

Step 7. Travel safety

15 safety recommendations

  1. Choose carefully, explore the destination before traveling.
  2. Check out the latest political environmental information and climate security in the country. For example, the famous resort island Boracay from April to October 2018 closed on the Philippines., And in Hawaii in May 2018. Activated volcano.
  3. Explore which areas are safe, and which should be avoided? Are there a medical center in the city? These are questions that should be explored for security purposes. For example: in Manila (Philippines) there are areas such as Balaran and Tondo, in Italy (g. Naples, G. Milan) in which is not safe. They have a very high density of pockets and kidnappers of the bags of all precious.
  4. Do not take jewels, family relics, birth certificate and the like.
  5. Take the map of the area with all airports in airports, on racks and information for tourists.
  6. Try not to look tourist and not stand out when traveling to attract attention less. Pockets know that the tourist has more money with them than usual and that it is easier to catch out perplex.
  7. Do not place any of the valuable things, equipment in the registered luggage by plane. Mark your baggage.
  8. Install these applications for the purpose of the phone:
    • "Compass" – Pavits the road in the wildest corners of the planet where any connection is missing;
    • Maps: "Google" – will help better navigate the country of destination and get to the right places faster. True in Paris it is better to replace it with another navigator, something he is often mistaken there;
    • Offline Card " ". Download the map of the country travel in advance in this application.Internet access to work with maps is not needed. Mark the places you need on the map, such as your guesthouse or inexpensive cafe, a souvenir shop that you meet in a journey. With this application you will easily navigate the terrain.
    • "Find the phone". Very necessary application in case of loss or theft of your devices (laptop, phone, etc.). This application helped in practice 3 my friends find a thief with lost things.
    • Do not drink in unconscious companies.
    • Take with you Power Bank – Extra battery for gadgets and a donor flashlight.
    • Wear with you always a first-aid kit and a bottle of water.
    • Try to stay among people.
    • It is much safer to walk in public places next to people, and not to wander one at the Little Community Places. For example, on Sri Lanka in not crowded places, I doubled the men who stuck to me.
    • Try not to conflict with local, even if they were wrong. Local police and local residents will be more willing to stand on the side of their citizen than yours.
    • Do not experiment with street exotic food and drinks.

    Details about 25+ travel safety rules I wrote in this article. Read detail.

    8 step. Collect a first-aid kit on a journey

    List of categories of drugs that I take with me on a trip:

    • antipyretic;
    • medicine from allergies;
    • Antihistamines;
    • anesthetic;
    • from burns;
    • antiseptic for disinfection and processing wounds and scratches;
    • Cardiovascular means;
    • anti-inflammory – even if you eat into the country with a hot climate, t.To. catch the cold is very easy because of the air conditioner in the room;
    • from the disorder of the stomach and poisoning (activated carbon, polyfien, smecta and t.D.);
    • patch and bandage;
    • Funds from burns;
    • antibiotics;
    • Means from mental
    • Special medicines that you use;
    • Vitamins, Bada.

    Of course not enough that from this big list usually need. But you never know what it can be needed in a journey.

    Therefore, I take with you the entire list of these drugs.

    In travels in the Philippines I was bitten by juggling. Big burns quickly healed thanks to antihistamine ointment, which I took.

    Step 9. We decorate insurance

    Today, in my opinion, the best search engine: Cherehapa.Ru

    Insurance is bought online. You do not need to go to insurance offices.

    When making insurance on Cherehapa website.Ru I recommend to go stages:

      Refer to the online advisory consultant in the selection of insurance companies for your country travel.
      T.To. Each country has different insurance companies:

    • For example, for the Philippines, the best assistance is BEST SERVICE. To minimize problems, companies are recommended as: Ingosstrakh or Consent.
    • In India, these are companies: Zetta, Consent, our Standard with Assistance AP Companies.
    • The amount of insurance (Minimal enough thirty.000-35.$ 000 )
    • Specify the type of active sport, If you plan;
    • Mark the "Motorcycle / Moped Mobile" checkmark ", If planning.

    Step 10. Take care of travel food

    Food in the journey is a particularly important category T.To. she:

    • one of the largest cash flows;
    • responsible for our health in the journey.

    I believe she is worth attention.

    Food in airplanes

    In connection with its specific nutrition (raw food / veganism), most often I take me on board t.To. In the menu and rarely there is something edible for me.

    And fruit food, as a rule, is not enough for me to fully utter.

    My fruit diet on board from Singapore Airlines. Not even for raw food to fully dine.

    On board can take with you any food except:

    • Duriana (severe fruit);
    • canned;
    • dairy products;
    • Liquids with a volume of more than 100 ml.

    I also try not to eat in institutions of airports, because they are usually small portions of salad or second dishes for decent money.

    And the fact that cheap (Fast Food, Pizza) is very harmful and can be really not good.

    Often at airports there are no points with fresh juices, only coffee, lemonade, gluten yeast or margarine baking, in general, nothing healthy.

    Nutrition in the country Travel

    As in the cafe, restaurants often do not make good portions of salads, second dishes to fit on healthy.

    Season them are not very useful refined oils and do not give God the glutamate! Juices are often diluted in Asia with harmful concentrates.

    I and my breakfast in the Philippines

    I decided to prepare myself and close on the travels myself.

    You can buy products from local, in the markets, in grocery stores, in supermarkets. In the same place in them you can buy already ready to take place.

    Thanks to self-cooking in different countries and the constant availability of certain specific products, like curry leaves, green papaya, coconuts, I learned to cook some delicious Asian dishes well, sort of: "Papaaya Salat", "Dhal Curry", "Mint Chutney", "Coconut sambol "and others.

    With a long journey, you can purchase the necessary techniques for cooking, like a blender, steamers, juicers, which can then resell on the local flea market through the Internet.

    It is important in traveling to have a bottle for water to:

    • Do not litter disposable bottles;
    • Drink a lot of water traveling, fill the water balance.

    Sometimes it seems to us that we are ready to eat, but drove the water hunger can aby.

    Cafes / Installations / Restaurants

    In travels sometimes I want to sit, eat in a cafe, restaurant.

    In order to determine where in the city of travels of interest to us, special food and at affordable prices, I recommend using a resource: TripAdvisor.Ru.

    Ranking is based on fresh recalls of many people who have been in establishing food.

    Safety regulations. How not to poison travel?

    In the first years of traveling in Asian countries, I had poisoning, a high temperature that did not go down for a long time and other cases.

    After such a not desired experience, I take up a few rules for travel.

    My appetizing lunch in the cafe "Vegan Dinosaur" in g.Davao (Philippines)

    I would recommend to stick to them:

    • Do not drink water from the crane or cooked on the street, in the eaters of drinks. Unless this is not the 20 countries where it is possible to drink (Iceland, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom and others.). Especially be attentive to drinking water in the third world countries, in Cambodia, in Laos, in India, Haiti. There it is the most polluted, you should drink only the best bottled water from the stores.
    • Do not have a lot of oily food on the journey. There is a risk to poison, get sick.
    • Do not experiment with exotic food, Especially with fat, not very attractive and edible in appearance and taste for you.
    • Thoroughly rinse products with clean water (for third world countries).
    • Get a bottle of water ionizer, a mug or aquaspectr Mineral filter (In Promotion: Health You will receive a 10% discount) or analogues. A filter bottle cleans water from chlorine and heavy metals, ionizes water and destroys pathogenic bacteria. I use their products on travel and stationary ionizer at home since 2016.
    • Wear your cutlery on travel. On Aliexpress you can order comfortable wooden sets. This rule is especially true if: you do not want to get infected with local bacteria, parasites.
    • Have always a first-needed first-aid kit from the most necessary drugs, For example, from the disorder of the stomach and poisoning (activated carbon, polyfin, smecta, etc.), antipyretic means.


    Tried in one article briefly tell us about all the necessary points of organization of travel.

    If you understand that the organization of the travel process is not easy. If you do not want to engage in the organization of the journey yourself, you can ask for help to me.

    I will help if you have doubts, fears or no time to organize recreation. Read more here.

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