How to move to the Czech Republic: the story of Vadim and Alina

You probably know the stories like the son of the mother’s friend or familiar acquaintances moved to another country on permanent residence. Someone goes to learn, someone to work, the meaning is alone – you leave the location based on the place and get in the adventure.

While we were in the Czech Republic, managed to talk with a couple, which moved to Brno – a small town in two hours drive from Prague. Vadik and Alina told about the difficulties, joys, motives, purposes and dreams.

Vadim moved according to study 10 years ago, and Alina recently. And that’s what the story turned out.

Vadim, tell me how the idea came to go to study in the Czech Republic and why exactly?

In 2009, after graduation, my friend called me to pass some kind of entrance exam in some university. Thought why not? Exam passed, but it turned out that the university in Finland. Then I thought, did you really go to study in Europe so simple? Interested in this issue, I was looking for options for the price / quality of education. The choice fell on the Czech Republic. It also attracted the fact that the language and culture of Czechs are similar to the our. Contact an educational center, which helped in collecting documents, organization of moving and selection of language school. And now, for almost 10 years I am in the Czech Republic.

Wow, serious? And what difficulties were at the beginning?

Like everyone at first – language barrier. But I realized that while in the our-speaking party, this barrier will not overcome this barrier. Tried to join the rhythm of the city, entering the coffee shop, beer, leisure centers, even found a part-time job. So I have become familiar among the Czechs, and soon they became my circle of communication. Czech Republic stopped seemingly someone else, and the language barrier after a year and a half disappeared.

Where lived during study?

First lived in a hostel from the university, but soon moved to a removable room. Otherwise it was difficult to concentrate on affairs, well, you understand 🙂

What will you do at the end of the university?

I now finish the third university, I plan to doctoral studies in the fall. And in the summer I will look for a permanent job. Although in Brno and not so many interesting offers, as in Prague, but I used to this city, he is the Golden Middle between the noisy megalopolis and the province. Here calmly, life goes by his woman, I am satisfied.

What do you give advice to those who choose the university in Europe?

Look for what is really like. Do not be afraid of someone else’s language. In addition, now more and more specialties in European state universities are available in English.

Alina moved to the Czech Republic after Vadim. For many years they just were friends, but one day he called her to swim in Brno. From this point on, the story acquires a romantic nature.

Alina, many are confident that relationships are impossible. How did you cope with it?

Of course, the distance is a check that not every relationship will withstand, and friendly including.

Regarding our story, I can not say that it was for us too complex testing. Thanks to Schengen, I came to Vadik every and a half or two months. The first time remained for a week, then changed the work on the chart on Freilance and began to come for a month and a half.

What do you think, why it is still difficult to maintain relationships at a distance?

I think the relationship is beginning to collapse due to the fact that people feel a lack of attention from the beloved person. We did not have this. We always had something to discuss than to share with each other. Maybe because our relationship began with friendship. Sometimes, people who live in one city or apartment pay each other less time than we are then.

How did you decide to move to Brno? It was easy to adapt?

Since I have already come to the Vadik to visit many times, then by the time of the crossing Brno has already become the second home for me. And from this point of view, I was much easier for those who go here for the first time and does not know anyone and nothing. The main thing in such a situation is to find friends who are in the same position, or the passion with which the new city will seem at least a little familiar and native. How to transfer something from the usual life in a new environment.

And what was it for you?

The best way to feel like at home in a foreign city – translate together with your things and your hobby. For example, I love to take pictures. Even before moving through Instagram, I met a our-speaking girl who lives in Brno and shares my love for photos and creativity as a whole. Now – she is my favorite friend, which is in the same status "moved", herself passes through all emotional jumps, and is always ready to support.

We miss my relatives?

Of course, at first this longing is felt with a special force, then you get used to. And once the fear appeared sharply that, if / when I return to Petersburg, then all the contacts I gained for life will already be under the thick layer of dust and have to start everything from scratch there. With the best friend, we already communicate not so often, but with warmth. Scary to imagine what will happen next.

What seemed to you strange in the Czech Republic?

There is one oddity to which I still can not get used to. All the Czechs stare. Differently and not say. When you go to the subway in Russia, then you carefully consider someone and quickly takes a look, just to not meet with you eyes. In Brno, when you enter the car tram or room, sometimes even just on the street, you are closely viewed, not embarrassed. And when you catch their eyes, it does not bother anyone, some continue to watch eyes into the eyes.

You said that I went on Schengen. What kind of visa are you here now?

How to move to the Czech Republic the story of Vadim and Alina

I moved on a student visa. But in general, this is a visa for the purpose of staying "Other" – it is given by students on courses of language schools. Unlike students of language courses at state universities, students of conventional language schools with this type of visa can work.

Another visa will help students of language schools get permissions in 5 years. The fact is that the school year in this case is equal to the calendar year of stay in the Czech Republic. But students of state universities have a school year equals only half a year of stay. The latter, it turns out, you need to live in the country for 10 years to submit documents for permanent residence.

Tell me in detail what kind of school, how did you get there?

I chose GO Study Language School. In addition to learning, school staff help with the preparation of documents for a visa, the choice of further university and specialty for training, the design of the necessary securities to obtain a nostrification (recognition -.Red) School Certificate or University Diploma, obtained in Russia. On issues of campaigns to the doctor and to the bank without knowledge of the language, and the selection of housing also appeal to them.

Among the documents that were required to submit for a visa were: confirmation from language courses, an agreement or permission to accommodate in an apartment / hostel, a certificate of non-support and certificate from the bank, which confirmed that I am not a bum.

After collecting papers, the staff of the language school helped me correctly fill out the questionnaire and register for the reception to the consulate. There I was called for an interview.

And how do teachers communicate?

Teachers at school are our-speaking, and Czechs. I think my group was lucky: we have two teachers, and both are native speakers. One of them is perfectly in our.

How would you characterize life in Brno? I would like to move somewhere else?

I love Brno. In the city and surroundings there are many amazing places and attractions. And most importantly – no crowd of tourists. Prague compared to it – just a caocophony from the Chinese-our color.

In good weather, I love just walking around the city and enjoy the excellent combination of nature and architecture. Some streets are terribly reminded to me Native Petersburg. Vadik lives here for 10 years and sometimes he wants to change the rhythm of life – the thoughts of moving to Prague appear.

What do you say to those who think about moving to another country, but can’t decide?

Of course, it is better to move with the company – such an adventure for one will be severe. And well, if there is an occupation: study or work. Now I study in a group in which some guys turned 18. And I very much respect them for how they cope. After all, they were pulled out in an adult life. If it were not for Vadik, I would not decide in my 26 for such a move, still habits and attachment to the place is already stronger than in adolescence.

Moving is difficult in the emotional plan. But changes inevitably occur in our lives, wherever you live. Change of the situation helps to know better learns himself and the world around. In any case, you can always return! So, if you have thoughts about life in another country, try.

How to move to the Czech Republic the story of Vadim and Alina

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