How to move to live in Thailand

Recently, exotic recreation is becoming increasingly popular among our tourists. And in the number of people who are especially loved by ours firmly entered Thailand. He became the place where the crowds of ours are sent to relax every year. And some of them, having visited there once, dream to move to this unusual and fairly cheap country for permanent residence.

But what should be done, so that the dream turns into reality, where to start? These questions frighten many, and ignorance of answers to them become an obstacle for many people in the implementation of the desire to settle in the paradise edges.

So let’s figure it out in all aspects with which the move is connected to Thailand. First you should decide on the place where you are going to move. Explore all the features of the climate, infrastructure, pricing policy and choose the most suitable place for yourself.

Then it is worth thinking about housing. This can be done yet in Russia, and the Internet is a faithful of your assistant in this matter. And it will also be possible to find housing and directly in place. In Thailand, this question will not be a problem for you. But on the spot you can see everything yourself, and to bargain and reduce the price there will be much easier.

Since we live in the material world, the financial side of the aspect also do not forget. It is better to take care in advance about the availability of money to which you will live there in the first time. For normal existence in this country per month, a family of 2 people are required in an average of 800 dollars.

And it is not necessary to engage yourself with the hope that on arrival there you can immediately find a job and earn a lot of money. Just to work in this country, knowledge of the Thai language is a prerequisite. And the second mandatory item is the availability of a working visa. Without compliance with these two conditions, it will be very problematic due to the fact that strict sanctions apply to employers who violated these rules. Therefore, an alternative option for receiving income for you can serve the work via the Internet or profit from the delivery of your our apartment for rent.

How to move to live in Thailand

It is necessary to take care in advance and about obtaining a visa, since citizens of Russia, going to stay in Thailand more than 30 days, it is necessarily needed. You can arrange it by contacting the Consulate of Thailand. Consulate is located in Moscow. There you can get everything you need to fill paper. The main thing you will need for this, it is a passport with a period of more than 6 months, its photocopy, filled with a questionnaire, photo 3×4, made no later than 6 months before the date of the trip, certificate from your place of work, and in case you are a student, study, There is also a certificate of income, and for children – birth certificate.

When you already live in Thailand, you will always need to extend this visa. Extension is made for 3 months. The best way for this is the departure to the neighboring country and receiving a visa there for the next 3 months. There are no restrictions on the number of renewals.

Subject to all these recommendations, you can bring a new jet in your life, and perhaps and change it radically. The main thing – they are not afraid to risk, and then life in an exotic paradise will no longer be for you an unrealized fairy tale, but will become an excellent reality!

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