How to move in the Caucasus

We have been traveling for the Caucasus for the Caucasus for the first time, and we have developed our ways to move on it. Hurry to share with you.

In the cities of our Caucasus, as well as the cities of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan there are no problems with moving. At your service there are always:

1. Public transport (Public and private minibuses) – the cheapest way to get from point A to point b. It is good when you need to leave the capital to any major city and vice versa. On the downloaded flights and the tourist season is better to buy a ticket in advance, for example in the morning. From the signs to Tbilisi (111 km) Moving on the minibus costs 140 rubles per person. Go to schedule.

2. Joint taxi – Machine on 4 passengers, it can be reached from the airport / bus station to a major city, walks by routes, where there is no public transport, for example, across the border. Filled on average for half an hour. A little more expensive than minibus. If there is no 4th passenger, then the driver can offer to thread for his place. It turns out very cheap relative to distance. For example, a distance of 126 km from Makhachkala to Derbent cost us for two at 1200 rubles. Joint taxi from the border with Russia in Novo-Filya to Baku (200 km) we were worth 500 rubles per person.

In Tbilisi, Yerevan, Baku public transport and joint taxis are on bus stations. Competing with them Mini Vienna-private owners are usually standing at the entrance and actively planted tourists to the car with the words: "Now we are touching". It is worth remembering that outside the season you can wait for the fellowship for hours, sitting in this car. So it’s better before choosing an optimal type of transport for money for money and on the time of departure to resemble the bus station, find out what other things are sent.

3. Travel – Great way to get to anywhere completely free, the car can be caught on the road from the city or tracks. Usually very quickly catching. About security – my husband and I often used this way and we only have positive feedback, t.To. People in the Caucasus responsive, sociable and pleasant.

How to move in the Caucasus

4. Machine for holing – The most mobile way of moving and at the same time the most expensive. In 2014, car rental in Georgia and Armenia cost about 50 euros per day. Then we encountered the problem of crossing the borders on one machine, I had to take a single car in Georgia, separately in Armenia.

5. Taxi. For 1200 rubles we drove 150 km from Sheki to border with Georgia. The minibus goes once a day at 7 am, and we were walking in the afternoon on Sheki.

6. Organized transfers. If you are limited in time and you need to accurately get into place in the distance from popular trails and cities, you can order a car from the hotel. Such a transfer was worth 50 Lari (1300 rubles) to Wardzi caves (60 km from Akhaltsikhe) with a stop in the Chief of Chief Fortress.

7. Excursion tours. In Tbilisi, we saw many cars offering sightseeing tours in Kakheti, Kazbegi, Borjomi and T.D. for 100 lari (2800 rubles) per person. All these cities can be visited much cheaper by the methods listed above and get significantly greater pleasure.

How to move in the Caucasus

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