How to minimize the unpleasant consequences of changing time zones?

People who travel a lot often come across Jetlag &# 8211; Syndrome changing time zones. Athletes moving from the country to the country on tournaments and competitions sometimes have lower productivity due to time difference. Business people visiting different seats for meetings and solving other issues, bring Jetlag to bad days. This suggests that time zone changes affect not only the physical condition of the body, but also to mental including.

Changing time zones, mainly refers to the body of the body, which is characterized by disorientation. Frequent symptoms of jethag are the impossibility to fall asleep at night, loss of activity, general ailment, fatigue, inability to concentrate on something, headaches and so on.

As a rule, the severity of the jetland depends on the direction of movement. Most experts say that The likelihood of a jetage is less when people go to the West than east. This is because the body’s activity is extended to 27 hours, when moving to the West. In such a case, the body is able to catch up with this time, regardless of environmental changes.

Moreover, the so-called &# 8220; circidal rhythm&# 8221; more than 24 hours when a person travels to the west. This is explained by the fact that the time of day is lengthened, thus giving the body more time to adapt.

In fact, there are no rapid ways &# 8220; cure&# 8221; Signs of Jethand. Nevertheless, there are ways to deal with it so that in the new conditions feel better.


1. Stay and go out into the air during the day to cope with Jetlag. This is explained by the fact that the human body can adjust its own clock faster if it is used to the new setting.

How to minimize the unpleasant consequences of changing time zones

2. It should be adjusted to your sleep schedule to prevent the difficult consequences of the jet. Thus, the biological clock will be able to cope with changes in time.

3. Best if you start to eat, sleep and engage in your usual local time activities, and not in the usual.

4. For people who travel, it is worth moving in advance. For example, athletes and entrepreneurs are best if they come earlier than the schedule of the intended events, it will allow the body to get used to a new schedule.

So, Jetlag is not so big problem. It’s just a question of adaptation, after which you can fully enjoy your journey.

How to minimize the unpleasant consequences of changing time zones

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