How to meet Dawn on Mount Kinabalu

The surroundings of the vertices, which are tropical jungle, are considered a national park under the protection of UNESCO.

Climbing by Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu and the same name of the National Park annually visits many tourists who wasting to the top. Overcoming the route traditionally occupies 2 days from travelers. Lifting begins at 8-00 at a height of 1890 m. The mountain trail leads to tourists to the first stop – the Kambarang shelter, located at 2286 m.

  • Stages of climbing

Slightly resting and recovery, travelers continue to climb and rise to a height of 3322 m, where Laba Rat is located. In most cases, tourist groups stay at the base at 17-00 and immediately located for the night.

The second stage of climb starts at 2-30. The route is compiled in such a way that tourists can reach the tops of the mountain – the peak of Lou in 4-00 and meet the dawn, admiring the first rays of the sun, illuminating the island of Kalimantan.

  • Security guaranteed
How to meet Dawn on Mount Kinabalu

It should be noted that the rise in the Rush Low, like some other mountains in Asia, is equipped with VIA Ferrat. So, specifically to ensure the safety of tourists on the rocky area of ​​lifting, metal structures and safety ropes are installed, which help travelers quickly overcome the distance with the lowest energy costs.

World Morning to Mount Kinabalu

The most famous event leading to the National Park is the mountain race, whose participants are hundreds of athletes coming from different countries of the world.

The race is held every year in the last weekend of October. Under the conditions of the competition, the participants of the race should rise as quickly as possible to the top of the mountain and go down, overcoming the distance of 21 km.

How to get to Mount Kinabalu

Getting to the National Park Tourists can from the bus station Kota-Kinabalu on minibuses that run daily. The cost of a travel ticket to one end is 10 RM with a person. Time on the way is about two hours.

Where to stay in tourists to climb mountain

Most travelers who plan to meet dawn on the top of Mount Kinabalu, stop in Kota-Kinabalu. The capital of the state of Sabah is considered one of the most colorful cities of Malaysia, where the ultra-modern skyscrapers are adjacent to the old shops and traditional Asian bazaars.

  • Attractions Kota Kinabalu

The main attraction of Kota-Kinabalu is the state mosque of huge sizes. In addition, tourists are happy to visit the Sabah State Museum and the Sabah Foundation Tower – a majestic high-rise building built on the shore of the bay.

How to meet Dawn on Mount Kinabalu

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