How to meet a star in Los Angeles

Rum, let’s post! Lyutka saw Kevin Coster in a restaurant on Wilshire Boulevard! I also want to!

I am sure of any tourist coming to Los Angeles, somewhere in the depths, even if he does not admit himself, hope will be worsered with the celebrity. In the end, where it will happen as not in Los Angeles!

Imagine that you are walking in Studio City, on the advice of acquaintances looked into the coffee shop DUPAR&# 39; s hoping to eat. Turning around, you fall into a shock – at the next table sits George Clooney did not look up and quickly eats, apparently, French toast. Here it is a chance! I will take an autograph and maybe, and photograph. Bring it to Moscow, did not believe in the office! Such a chance comes once in a lifetime. Immediately you notice a slight excitement at the next table, with all the visitors intently watched the star, chewing right behind you. Some Chinese children moved almost to a shout, giving hundreds of sounds per second, it shows a finger in your face and shakes her by the shoulders of the child.Apparently you’re not alone in the queue for an autograph stars. We need to act. turn around again. Damn, this is not the best time – at Clooney syrup on the chin. But when it’s this good point? And when you will have the opportunity to meet with the star in their natural habitat? Wait! George shoved the last bite into his mouth and seems to want to blame!

Here it is a chance. Now or never. Keep calm. Be polite, concise, keep the pen at the ready if an autograph is your goal. When presenting yourself be sure to specify that you are from far away: «I came from . ». It is not necessary to say anything about the appearance of celebrity. Keep your comments about clothes, hair, height, and God forbid, weight, strictly to yourself. If you are determined to meet with the stars in Los Angeles based on the following tips.

No matter how trite it sounds, but most non-zero probability of finding a star there in Beverly Hills. Particular attention to restaurants The Farm of Beverly Hills (439 N. Beverly Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210), The Ivy (113 N Robertson Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90048) and The Grill On The Alley (9560 Dayton Way Beverly Hills, CA 90210). Stars can appear on the lunch in the morning or dine at the end of the day. Just celebrities can attend gym or walk around the area. So wear sneakers and forward. But remember, avoid walking alone after sunset.

How to meet a star in Los Angeles

Another commonplace – celebrities love to shop. Hot places where you can run into the celebrity: Montana Avenue (Santa Monica), Kitson (Robertston Boulevard), Fred Segal (Farmers Market Shopping Center).

If nothing helps, follow in one place, where the stars must certainly appear – the place of their work. Sign up in advance on the shooting of the TV show, hide sandwiches on your pockets and do not forget to capture the identity document. Large selection of tickets as well as free opportunities to get to the transfer with the star you need provides Audiences Unlimited (http: // www.tvtickets.COM /).

Well, what about the famous nightlife of Los Angeles? After all, we heard so much about Sanset Streep, the Marmont bar, numerous clubs, where everyone embroils waiting for her hour to become the following Wine Diesel. Attempting to predict the place where the celebrity will appear compare the prediction of the next earthquake in Los Angeles. It is practically not possible. Even if you got into the right place, your chances will get into the celebrity small. In many places there are private VIP-halls for chosen. So more chances to meet with the celebrity in Los Angeles during the day.

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