How to make the most secure journey alone

Recently, many tourists began to prefer Lonely travel, Since it is at such tours there will be a lot Positive moments. The main one lies in the fact that there is no need to constantly adapt to someone’s mood or fulfill the wishes of the companions.

If you decide to go on the road alone, without fellow travelers, then you need to think about, how to make such a journey as safe as possible and comfortable, After all, only then it can bring only positive emotions. Should first remember fraudster, trying to constantly Check tourists or something they have Single. And robbers can choose in their victim not only a woman, but also a man. So as not to get on the fishing fraudsters need to stick certain rules:

Safety Rules for Traveler

&# 8211; It is necessary to investigate its destination. If you want to make only pleasant discoveries and do not deal with dangers, then in the daytime it is recommended Avoid deserted and narrow alleys, And at night, it is even close to not close near such places.

&# 8211; Look carefully on the sides. It is necessary during independent excursions to pay attention to those people who are in front and rear, as well as on those who start look at the bag or phone.

&# 8211; It should be relevant to people who collided with you or the lacaround of rising coins. In most cases, while the traveler helps to collect coins, it remains without a credit card or wallet.

How to make the most secure journey alone

&# 8211; Never stand with a map of the terrain in the middle of the sidewalk and constantly look around, because it gives it to the tourist of arrival. It is recommended to try to figure out at home with the help of sites on the Internet, showing cities, streets and districts in real time.

&# 8211; Experienced travelers are always advised to remain sober. It is this that helps to keep composure and avoid Unwanted acquaintances, and not only women, but also men too.

&# 8211; Under no circumstances to demonstrate money from the card and recalculate them near the ATM for too long, thereby you can attract the attention of fraudsters.

&# 8211; Money and jewels need to be left in safes in hotels. Follow this rule when you go rest. As a rule, having arrived on vacation, tourists forget about all Precautions and completely plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday and fun, but quickly come to themselves when faced with trouble. Remember this and never lose vigilance.

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