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Especially for Bali travelers, Arrow Hotels and Resorts has prepared 10 simple recommendations that will turn into an unforgettable pleasure.

1. Visit Temples

Bali called the island of temples. These are unique facilities, ********************** Hinduma. Many of them have world famous. Be sure to visit:

  • Pura Tanah Lot;
  • Pura Luhur Ulwatat;
  • Pura Ulun Dan Bathan;
  • Pura Tirta Empul;
  • Pura Besaky.

Reviews of tourists Arrow Hotels and Resorts, who visited Bali, say that not ***************** deserve the royal palaces of water, which are located in Dwong and Tirta.

Want a spectacle? Visit the Balinese marriage ceremony. They pass regularly in local temples.

2. Take a walk on rice terraces

Features of rice growing on the island make plantations with agricultural culture by a real natural masterpiece. You will see emerald fields, bizarrely stretched along Balinese village. Especially beautiful near the village of Jodylui.

Balinese rice land are protected by UNESCO.

3. Visit Ubud

Arrow Hotels and Resorts recommends visiting Ubud. The city is considered one of the most beautiful on Indonesia. It is here that tourists will be able to appreciate Balinese cuisine, enjoy massage and visit the world’s only sacred monkey reserve in the world.

Ubud Interested in lovers of painting – here is the largest collection of paintings.

Be sure to visit the jewelry gallery.

Tourists note that one day is not enough to inspect all the sights of Ubud. An excellent solution will be the rental of housing for a few days.

4. Admire sunsets in Kuta

Kuta is famous for its chic beaches. Only here tourists will see an amazing sunset. This time is an excellent moment for photo shoots, because in the evening, the endless ocean looks amazing against the background of the blazing sky.

5. Take the Volcano and say hello to the sun

Bali organize excursion walks along two volcanoes: Gunung Batur and Gunung Abeg. It is absolutely safe. Climbing controls an experienced conductor. Special equipment will not be needed – Go Like.

How to make rest on Bali Unforgettable Recommendations from Arrow Hotels and Resorts - Bali, Indonesia

At the top of each tourist, the reward is waiting – the rising sun will be right in his palm. Reviews Arrow Hotels and Resorts talk about this unforgettable spectacle, which you will be happy to remember winter evenings.

6. Immerse yourself in magic water

Not far from Ubuda is the ancient temple of the Holy Source. Balinese perform ritual ablutions, bringing good luck and health. Unable to use a fabulous opportunity and plunge into the water to feel the magical effect.

7. Take pictures against the background of waterfalls

Semple of an unusual place, it consists of 7 waterfalls. The highest reaches a height of 80 meters. Take a walk to falling waters, you remember these moments for life.

The roar of waterfalls resembles the conversation of the ancient invisible shamans, you will get a stunning feeling.

eight. Take sunny baths on gili

Gili – three islets hidden between Bali and Lombok. Give yourself the right to relaxation after sightseeing.

Islands are immersed in greenery, it’s quiet here and calmly, the real paradise place for the traveler.

Every island has its own characteristics, learn about them, share your impressions and leave reviews Arrow Hotels and Resorts!

nine. Talk to the turtle

Want to be in a fairy tale and chat with representatives of the animal world? Then the more you need to visit Gali. Tourists with delight remembered swimming together with turtles.

Feel yourself with the hero of the famous cartoon about lion and the turtle.

ten. Return to childhood

Kuta is known not only by the best beach zones. It is located famous for the whole world Waterpark Waterboy.

Entertained and adults and children. Many attractions, local cuisine, surfing and much more waiting for Visitors Water Park.

This is a unique opportunity to return to childhood for a moment and feel a carefree child. Give yourself this magical time.

In addition, Kuta is a great place for night entertainment, there are dozens of clubs, in which discos lovers spend the night.

Arrow Hotels and Resorts wishes its tourists a great journey!

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