How to make insurance online

Registration of insurance online, in principle, the standard for all companies: the client is invited to choose the country of following, the type of policy (single or multiple), the dates of the trip, the number of insured, their age. Traditionally, the question is asked whether the insured to engage in extreme or professional sports will be (in this case, insurance will be more expensive). After that, the system automatically calculates the cost of the policy.

Consider some companies offering to arrange online insurance, and compare the cost of the policy in different regions: USA, Schengen and Asia. To obtain a visa to the Schengen Zone, you need to issue a policy with an insurance coverage of 30 thousand euros, in the USA and, for example, Japan, – 50 thousand dollars. For visa-free countries in Asia, consider the minimum coating option – 30 thousand dollars.

Attention! The table is given solely for the approximate price comparison. The cost depends on the course of the euro or the dollar on the day of the execution of the policy. These prices are relevant to May 1-7, 2014.

The cost of a single policy for 1 adult for 8 days

How to make insurance online

Cherehapa service.Ru
The aggregator choosing the best option of the Insurance Policy on Partners (Alpha, VTB, Ingosstrakh, Liberty, Uralsib, Allianz and T.D.). The site has a user-friendly interface, transparently offering additional options (travel on a personal car, insurance in case of complication of pregnancy and T.D.).

It would seem that the site should write off the Commission for its services, but the cost of the policy on CherehaPa.RU lower than on official sites of insurance companies.

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Some consulates (for example, Germany) require medical policies with blue printing and a real (not facsimile) signature. Therefore, by purchasing the online policy, you will have to demolish it into the company’s office on the signature and print. This option is good in cases where the visa is already on hand, or you go to the country with a visa-free regime.

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