How to make friends a dog and cat: really working life

The dog without a cat in the house is the money for the wind. Instagram holders will not give to Sieve – Joint photos are gaining more likes. But sometimes the relationship of animals is far from idyllic. It is not possible to make friends, left alone does not work, and in each departure from the house, unpleasant fantasies do not care about how they will fit and die. On this account, we have a semi-interaction on how to establish dogs.

Semi-interaction because we specialize only on dog behavior. And if your dog loves a cat, and the cat does not respond to him, beats and calls, you will have to turn not only to this manual, but also to the Felinologist – a specialist in cats. If the dog is the main terrorist flock or even moved to you and to your cat or the cat decided to settle in the house where the dog already lives, the instruction should work.

It is worthwing to know that the teaching of the PSA to the cat passes the same, whether it is a new dog, a new cat or long-coheble beasts who have a bad relationship. Simply put, if suddenly you realized that the interaction of the beasts should be pushed, you will have to imagine that they only met and act as follows.

Most importantly – organization for a cat’s cat. These are shelters at the top levels: shelves, cabinets, refrigerators. There it is worth spreading the under beds or rugs so that Coter can from there look from hate to the far world and not worry about the eared monster of the Dog system. Strategic faces of type of tanks with food, water and filler need to be installed so that it can be passed, bypassing.

The very first level of establishing relationships can miss those whose dog and the cat long ago live together and still did not kill each other. The rest is better to divide the livestock physically. For example, arrange a separate room for a cat, in which people often hang out, and blow it down from the dog with a grid, grid or a children’s door. The meaning is that the beasts can see and blame each other, but do not taste.

A few days later, when the guys will be hung together to each other, you should produce a cat for walking around the apartment. And with a dog, dressed in a leash, at this time let someone sits on the sidelines whispering and strokes. For a calm reaction to a cat, you have to praise, and attempts to break on the hunt to stop the leash and the weighty "no". And again praise if the dog is "no" reacts.

To the second level you can move when all customers are ready to endure each other without restrictive lattices.

It is important to make it clear that those who do not stare get delicacy

On the dog still there must be a leash. And if it is aggressive, then a muzzle. The leash is not needed to drive on a rigorous route between the rooms, and to stop the pests attempts to jump onto the cat or drive it into the angle. Keep the leash to the prior while the dog does not run towards the future friend.

It is important not to allow the dog to drive a cat, because this is the so-called self-fixing behavior – as if she got a sausage ass and praise every time I closed the pretty in the corner. She is too fun from the chase, so the dog will drive a cat more and more to get his portion of fun. But the calm behavior of the dog next to the cat must be reinforced. Calm can be considered the lack of screams and jumps in place, poor lying, lapse muzzle. From time to time lay the dog with a team or cunning, wait until it turns away from the neighbor-beast, and say what he is well done that he does not look.

Look at the cat in the focus consider provocation that stop.

But not punishment, but the motivation to look in the other way. Did you distract the dog from the cat, or the Trohany for the ass – not very important. And it is important to make it clear that those who do not stare are tasty.

How to make friends a dog and a cat actually working Lifehaki

Cats – pleasses liberated, and when they understand that the danger does not threaten them, they begin to provoke a dog. For example, sharply fall from the spot right in front of the pye nose or look intently on the PSA from the opposite corner. Patience here with anyone can end, but you need to explain the dog that you should not react to such attacks. And the lapse of the muzzle from the jumped animal again promises. Especially tasty in such a tense atmosphere.

We are no coincidence that insist on the dog walking around the house in a leash. It is important to stop it before the pursuit of a cat is not hands, namely a leash, because hands – an extra pathogen in and so exciting situation.

The dog can decide that you wanted to play with him to play the funny game "Kill Cat", and will be worsened by the former. And then bite Mamkina hands, passing.

Contacts "Dog – Cat" better spend under control the whole month after you decide to reconcile them.

Leash, safe cats, space and praise for PSA at the moments when he is calm, – the key to success. If your cat is too finely organized, it will not hurt to consult with a veterinarian for the subject of antitrusive drugs for him.

The dog may have a kickbacks and after you transferred the Spirit and decided that the guys heal peacefully. During the kickbacks, the scheme of actions is the same as in the process of training by Manners. We catch a chase for the collar and sternly send to lie in place. This is not a punishment, but the instructions for the dog, how to behave if the cat again picked.

How to live with a problem dog, what to do if the dog is afraid of salutes or barks on the street, and why she is afraid to stay alone – 101 Council for all occasions for dog owners written with sparkling humor and huge love Nastya Bobkova and Katya Pring. "Sloat, love, hawli – 2. The urgent guide to solving dog problems "was issued by the Publishing House" Eksmo ".

How to make friends a dog and a cat actually working Lifehaki

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