How to make cheap call from the Czech Republic

I don’t want to stay on vacation without communication, most tourists want to at least call relatives, and some do not stop actively work even on vacation. In this article, let’s talk about how to stay in touch in the Czech Republic.

In this article we only tire only voice communications. About how to make an Internet cheap, read our review "Internet in the Czech Republic".

Roaming of our operators

The main advantage is the ability to stay on your issue. However, sometimes this advantage is "in a penny". It is reasonable to choose tariffs, options and packages of services than we now and do.


Beeline has no special tariff options, the company simply declares "cheapest roaming".

At the first call (it does not matter – an outgoing or incoming), a package of 20 minutes per 200 rubles is activated. These 20 minutes need to be used until the end of the day, then they "burn". From the 21st minute price – 10 rubles per minute. Outgoing SMS – 20.

The price per minute – 10 rubles is relatively small, but it is very uncomfortable to use. Or you will lose paid minutes, or pronounce them, even if you do not need.

Tele 2

All incoming and outgoing – 15 rubles per minute. The Tariff Option "Conversations Without Borders" for the monthly fee of 5 rubles per day reduces the cost of a minute of incoming up to 5 rubles. SMS message outgoing – 6.

Tele2 has an important advantage – it is very cheap SMS. Prices for calls – medium, but also commercial tariffing. It is very convenient to use the TV2 if you call the Subscriber in Russia, and he will call back.


No tariff options Price – 89 rubles per minute. Outgoing SMS – 25. Expensive, but MegaFon has the largest set of tariff options.

MegaFon in the Czech Republic has a great option "Roaming, Goodba". For 300 rubles you receive incoming free, SMS and outgoing at prices at home. Also on this subscription fee includes the use of Internet at rates like at home.

The option "The whole world" gives 40 minutes of incoming per 100 rubles. Included from 41 minutes and outgoing – 89. The option can be used once a day.

The option "Around the World" reduces the cost of all calls up to 13 rubles and SMS to 11 for 9 rubles a day.

For lovers of SMS messages there is the option "100 SMS Europe". 100 SMS for 295 rubles. These are the cheapest SMS from the Czech Republic.

And the most convenient option is "50 minutes of Europe and the CIS". For 495 rubles you get 50 minutes. And it does not matter – incoming or outgoing, you can spend in any sequence, there are no restrictions on spending per day or a week. In fact, for most tourists this is a way to solve the issue with calls on vacation in just 500 rubles.

Without options: Calls – 85 rubles per minute, SMS – 19.

Tariff or Option "Zabugorische" for 320 rubles per day makes it possible to use the phone like at home. That is, free incoming, outgoing is spent and paid from the home package of minutes, the Internet from the home package. For those who speak a lot and use the Internet – the perfect option.

The option "Zero without borders" gives for 95 rubles a day 10 minutes of incoming. From the 11th minute price – 25 per minute. If you compare with other options – this is not an option at all.

Czech cellular operators

Three mobile operators work in the Czech Republic. This is: T-Mobile, O2 and Vodafone. Their SIM cards are freely sold in communication salons, supermarkets and even small stores. Registration is not required, in fact, the SIM card can be used anonymously.


He is a "daughter" of the German "Deutsche Telekom". According to the data on the 3rd quarter of 2017, they are leading on the market – 6.18 million subscribers.

Call to Russia with prepaid SIM card T-Mobile costs 15 kroons per minute, SMS message – 5 kroons. Current Currency Currency See our article "Czech Crown".

At the time of publication of this article 15 crowns – it is 45 rubles. When you see such a price, I immediately remember the novel "Twelve chairs" and the character of Kis Sparobyanins with the phrase "however!".

For this reason, we will not even talk about how to buy a T-Mobile SIM card and how to replenish the score. It makes no sense.

O2 owns the Dutch financial group PPF. This is the second size of the Czech operator – 4.9 million subscribers.

How to make cheap call from the Czech Republic

Operator O2 All countries are divided into 4 zones: a, b, c, d. Russia enters the zone C. With prepaid SIM card operator O2 call to Russia costs 60 kroons.

Similarly, we will finish talking about the operator O2.


Has the best coverage in the Czech Republic – 99% of the country’s territory.

Call costs 7.26 crowns per minute. There is a tariff option "My Country", pay 50 kroons per month and call for 5 kroons per minute.

It turns out that for calls to Russia, Vodafone from all Czech operators is the cheapest, but compared to the proposals of the roaming of our operators, he is dear.

Rules set

+7, hereinafter operator code or city, then the phone number. Please note that you don’t need to recruit at the beginning of "8". It works in Russia, there will be no work in the Czech Republic.

Best options

– You can forget about Czech SIM cards, Astronomical tariffs for calls to Russia.

If you like sms, then before the trip, buy a SIM card MegaFon and connect the "100 SMS Europe" option, get 100 SMS for 295 rubles.

If you need to say a little – Enough 50 or 100 minutes for all vacation. Then before the trip, buy a SIM card MegaFon and connect the "50 Minutes of Europe and the CIS" option. The cost is 495 rubles in 50 minutes, which can be spent at any time, by any portions, and does not matter – incoming or outgoing. The most convenient option.

If you need to say a lot And very much. Here are two good options – the option and tariff "Zabugorische" from MTS and the "Roaming, Goodba" option from MegaFon. From the point of view of tariffs for calls, there is no big difference between them.

If you already have a SIM card of one of these operators, then simply connect the option. If SIM cards are not, we recommend the tariff "Smart Zabugorische" – 350 minutes, 250 SMS and 7 GB of the Internet will cost 250 + 320×7 = 2490 rubles.

Good tie in the Czech Republic, and read our interesting articles about this country (Links below).

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