How to make a visa to the UK

Great Britain’s visa gives you the opportunity to visit England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. And this is not only classic London, Manchester or Edinburgh, but also Brighton with Oysters and Promenade, famous white cliffs Eastbourne, Beer Dublin, beautiful frowning Scottish hills, and you can not even remember about football matches, St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas in Hyde Park. In general, the United Kingdom is a separate and very interesting world, for which it is definitely worth spending their time for entry documents. Remember only: Visa England is not a Schengen visa and in the countries of Shengen you will not be empty with her.

the main task When preparing documents for a tourist visa to the UK – to convince the consulate that you are tightly connected with your homeland and quite ensured financially. Based on this logic and you need to collect a package of documents.

Start with the questionnaire

Questionnaires Fill on the website of the British Consulate HTTP: // www.Visa4uk.FCO.GOV.UK /. First of all, you need to register. Use such mail to do you really check – on her a consulate sends notifications about the readiness of documents. Prepare a bank card: After filling out the questionnaire, you will need to pay for the visa collection, and it happens online, using a card. A map of any bank will be suitable, see only that it is valid and there is a necessary amount on it. When registering Save your GWF number, It will come in handy further.

After filling out the questionnaire and payment of the collection you will see an appointment form for a visa center. For the design of an English visa necessarily required Personally give documents; The fact is that you will need to pass biometric data (fingerprints and retina snapshot). This is an absolutely standard, painless and fast procedure – the prints take everyone, takes it a couple of minutes and looks much easier than in the films about the police. Accordingly, choose the time of submission of documents based on your free time, shifting this procedure for someone else will fail. In confirming the selected time, you will receive a letter with the date, the time of visit, the address of the visa center and the list of documents you need. The same information you can always find in your account on the website of the Consulate.

After you have filled out the questionnaire and paid visa collection, go to the site of the visa center itself: http: // /. Register on it, including your GWF number will be needed for registration. This registration is Prerequisite for a visit to the visa center. Here, in the Added Value Services section, you can order and pay for additional visa services, for example, the refund of documents through the courier.

Questions questionnaire

Secondly, In the questionnaire you will meet several strange questions like "and not terrorist?"Or" who your parents work?". Answer them honestly and seriously, – Yes, the kingdom does not joke with such things and seriously rub on its safety 🙂
Thirdly, Questionnaire contains a section on the financial part of your trip. It must be indicated how much you plan to spend on travel, at home and accommodation, as well as your monthly income and expenses. Check out this mathematics several times: your expenses must fit your income, and you must have money to life at home. This section should coincide with the certificate from the bank, which will be discussed below. Once again: the main task is to convince the consulate in your financial independence.

The documents

How to make a visa to the UK

After you filled out the questionnaire and signed up for submission to the visa center, you can proceed to the preparation of the rest of the package of documents. Everything is more or less familiar to those who have ever done a Schengen visa.

  • completed, printed and subscribed questionnaire;
  • Two photos (like on a Schengen visa, 3.5×4.5), one of which is fastened with a clip to the questionnaire
  • Passport with pure turn
  • Old passports if they had (or their copies, if the passports are lost)
  • Marriage certificate
  • Reservation of your hotel or apartments for the whole trip (you do not need to pay; but do not forget to take into account the estimated costs in the questionnaire)
  • Documents confirming your financial situation

Visa Center

Consigned package of documents in our and English You bring at the appointed time to the visa center. It is better not to invent the difficulties yourself and come not late, in the selected time. Employees of the Center will accept documents and check them, some minor edits are allowed to make in the same place, by hand.
Then you will take fingerprints, remove the photo of the retina and send home to expect a visa. Production of the United Kingdom’s visa takes On average 1.5 months, Depending on the season and in which visa center documents were commissioned. But according to the law, the consulate may consider your documents up to 12 weeks.

As you can see, everything is not so difficult. Respond to the questionnaire honestly, well count the budget of travel, learn English – and visa to the queen will be in your pocket.

How to make a visa to the UK

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