How to make a visa to China yourself in 2020?

Registration of a tourist or working visa to China independently – the case is responsible, but quite achievable.

Many tourists, businessmen and just admirers of the East wish to visit the country of the rising sun.

Catching for a visa on your own, you will be confident in the legality of your visa, save some money. And also acquire valuable experience in communicating with the East Eastern and Work with Official Documents.

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Do you need a visa to China?

  • If you planned to be in the PRC of no more than 3 days, make a transit through a Chinese airport or railway, a transit category visa design for you is absolutely not necessary.
  • Also visa-free finding in the PRC is allowed when visiting the cross-border trading area G. Suifenhe (up to 15 days) or visit Hong Kong (up to 14 days).

In other cases, you will need to go through the Chinese visa opening procedure.

What a visa need in China?

The most popular visas categories for personal and business trips to China are:

  • Category F – Suitable for short-term business tours. Is drawn up on the basis of business invitation (invitations), decorated by the Chinese side and is issued for a period of up to 3 months;
  • Category L – Suitable for trips with cognitive or tourist purposes, it is possible to open it when contacting China’s Consulate for 1 month;
  • Less popular, but not more complex in terms of design seems VisasCategories x and z – respectively educational and working visas.

Visa to China by arrival

You can get a visa right at the airlocks of Sanya and Haikou cities.

It will only be necessary to present a number of documents:

  • Your current passport, having power for half a year;
  • Air tickets or train in the opposite direction;
  • Confirmation of armor and payment places in the hotel or officially executed invite (invitation) of the Chinese side;
  • Color photo 3.3×4.8 or 3.5×4.5

You should also pay a visa collection at the place of 65 dollars per person .

Such a visa will be valid for up to 15 days.

The Chinese visa upon arrival must be obtained on the state border between Hong Kong and the beginning of the Shenzhen free trading zone, providing the same package of documents.

Validity of a similar visa up to 5 days.

For confidence and in order to avoid unforeseen situations, it is better to have a printout of a document regulating the possibility of obtaining such a visa.

As practice shows, some airport staff forget about such a possibility for tourists and may not allow transport to other cities in China before landing.

Groups consisting of 2 or more people who were engaged in registration of a trip through travel agencies accredited by Chinese tour operators, allowed and at all entry into China without a visa to 21 days .

If they are issued by the official invite from the Chinese side, then for them a visa can be opened directly when the state border crossing.

Mandatory consular fee will have to pay for such a visa (100 dollars &# 8212; For a single visa) and includes the cost of a travel agencies that makes the execution of an official invitation.

On the checkpiece can be issued visas for any number of Visits to the PRC. But each gearbox dictates its own rules of the Multivis, so it is recommended to clarify the information in advance.

Working visa to China

To become the owner of a working visa in the PRC (category Z), first of all, you need to find the official place of work in China.

Only in case of compliance with these requirements, you can get a license to work in China.

The stages of your actions on the way to obtaining a visa category z are as follows:

  1. Get permission to work;
  2. Get the official invite of the Chinese employer;
  3. Collect a package of documents for filing to the consulate;
  4. Write on the reception to the embassy;
  5. Get a ZVA category Z and go to China.


You must provide him with the following documents:

  • Skan-copy of the current foreign passport;
  • Scan-copy of the diploma of higher education and notarized translation of this diploma into English;
  • Resume in the form of an employer in English;
  • Photo for documents 3.3×4.eight;
  • Scan-copy of your workbook and notarized translation into English (remember that the overall work experience should be more than 2 years);
  • Scan-copy of medical certificates in forms of 086 and 082 and their translation into English, certified by a notary.

Based on these documents, within 10 working days, your future employer will issue a license for you to work in the PRC and send you a copy of you.

How to make a visa to China yourself in 2020

At the second stage of preparation for obtaining a working visa, you need to get the official invite of the Chinese side.

For this, the employer in China will contact the Commerce Department with your work permit and a copy of the passport. There will be an officially executed invitation to work for foreign citizens.

Registration invitations takes no more than 6 business days . All documents decorated by the employer you will receive by mail.

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Sample visa to China

The finished visa you will get in the visa center looks like this:

Sample visa to China

Documents for a visa to China

All documents that you submit to the Consulate check must contain only reliable information and have a copies notarized into English.

Documents are taken to provide a complete set, while the consulate may make a request for additional documents.

However, this happens rarely.

Below is a list of documents on the basis of which various visa categories are made in China.

Tourist visa category L:

  • Acting passport (validity of the minimum of six months). In the passport there are at least one free page;
  • Photocopy of the main page of passport (photo page and signature);
  • Color photo For documents with a size of 3.3 x 4.8 cm;
  • Questionnaire with filling in the form of consulate V.2013 (For children, individual questionnaires);
  • Copy of your passport of a citizen of the our Federation with a mark on the permanent place of registration or a special liner confirming temporary registration;
  • Tickets to China and back (originals and photocopies);
  • Document confirming the purpose of the visit (Official invitation to the Chinese side or confirmation of the fact of armor at the hotel with all its details and confirm the full payment of the tour);
  • Medical insurance, able to cover 15,000 dollars;
  • Help from work and extract from a personal account in the bank;

Work visa category Z:

  • Invite from the Chinese side;
  • License to work in China;
  • The issued questionnaires V2011-A and V2011-B;
  • Your current passport (validity of the minimum half a year) and photocopy of its pages with your photo;
  • Color photo for documents 3.3×4.eight;
  • Medical certificates for Forms 086 and 082;
  • Your civil passport and photocopies of his pages with a photo and registration.

If minors take part on the trip, will additionally need:

  • A copy of the birth certificate (even in the presence of a passport);
  • Color photo for documents 3.3×4.eight;
  • Questionnaire filled in our, English or Chinese;

Requirements for a visa to China

For a successful discovery of a visa to stay in China on their own, you must have confirmed financial capabilities for the trip.

And also have a true list of all required documents and their copies and notarized translations.

In addition, an obstacle to the opening of a visa can serve as debt in banks, problems with the law or in case the facts of incorrect use of previously issued visas were established.

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Questionnaire for a visa to China

The questionnaire for receiving a visa for you can be filled by specialists (for a fee), but you can do it yourself, guided by several rules:

  • You can fill in the questionnaire in our;
  • Blank can be printed and fill in manually (black or blue paste) or fill on the computer and print an already ready version (for a visa category L form V.2013, for a visa of category Z- V2011-A and V2011-B;
  • You can print on both sides of the sheet;
  • Your personal signature must be present in all provided paragraphs;
  • Do not forget to glue a photo (3.3×4.eight)
  • The questionnaire cannot do corrections and crawling;

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Cost and timing of obtaining a visa to China

The duration of the preparation of the Chinese visa in the consulate takes about 5-10 business days .

Urgent design is occupied 1-3 days , But it is twice as expensive and does not always receive the approval of the consulate.

You will pay for the visa when submitting documents for verification. Consular fees are also charged with children under six.

If you need to get a visa urgently, you will have to pay 900 rubles (3-5 days) or 2100 rubles (1-3 days).

If you will be denied in receiving a visa, money will not return.

Receiving a visa to China

Reception is carried out in order of a live queue. You can clarify the time of work of the reception commission by telephone or on the official website of the consulate.

Submit documents can be personally or entrusted with a member of a family who has a document regulating a document in his hands.

You can only get a visa personally in the installed clock.

Place a visa to China online

Consulate of China

The Consular Department of the Chinese Embassy in Moscow is located at: ul. Friendship, 6. Phone / Fax: (499) 143-15-40

.You can also place a visa in the visa centers of St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and other major cities in Russia.

Documents to check or get a ready visa here from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 12 am.

Additional information can be clarified by phone: (499) 143-15-40

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How to make a visa to China yourself in 2020

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