How to make a tourist visa to Canada

Official website of the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada (CIC) (http: // www.CIC.GC.CA) provides full step-by-step information needed to obtain a visa. In addition, various amendments, updates and changes relating to visa issues occasionally appear on the site. The site is presented in two languages ​​- English and French. In our, useful information can be found on a single website of Canada visa centers in Russia – http: // www.vfsglobal.CA / CANADA / RUSSIA / ENGLISH /. Canada’s visa centers are exclusive service providers to the Government of Canada, they take documents for tourist and other types of visas, and also provide consulting assistance.

Package of documents

So, first you need to assemble the package of documents. The package will be considered complete only if:
• All questionnaires are duly filled,
• All necessary documents are applied.

In contrast to the requirements of most countries, when to obtain a visa, you need to fill out only one questionnaire, to obtain a Canadian visa, you must fill out several:
• Questionnaire for a temporary resident visa (IMM 5257). On the last page of this questionnaire there is a bar code that must be printed in obligatory;
• Profile "Information about the family" (IMM 5645);
• "Additional information for the questionnaire for a temporary resident visa";
• List of documents in which the cross must be noted all the documents attached to the package (IMM 5484).
Download all profiles.

Questionnaires must be filled with English or French and personally signed by the applicant (when applying for online documents is not required).

Additional documents:
• A copy of the passport, the validity period of which is at least 6 months from the end of the trip. The original passport is transferred to the Consulate exclusively When submitting documents through the Canadian visa center;
• 2 identical photos with a size of 3.5×4.5 cm (on the back of each it is necessary to write the full name and date of birth). Photos must strictly meet the requirements of CIC -Http: // www.CIC.GC.CA / English / Information / Applications / Photospecs.ASP;
• original certificate from the place of work indicating the post, experience and salary;
• Confirmation of the hotel’s reservation containing dates, tourist names, name and contact details of the hotel;
• a copy of the actual reverse ticket and / or travel plan;
• Consular fee, paid in accordance with adopted standards;
• proof of financial consistency (extract from the bank with printing, documents confirming the availability of real estate, car and t.D.).

All documents and references must be performed on English or French, or accompanied by the translation of a professional translator.

Documents on a tourist visa are accepted online or visa centers.

On the official website of the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, Canada has an assistant guide to fill out a questionnaire, but again in English – http: // www.CIC.GC.CA / ENGLISH / INFORMATION / Applications / Guides / 5256etoc.ASP.

How to make a tourist visa to Canada

The consular department can further ask you to undergo a medical examination (which happens quite rarely in relation to the persons submitting to tourist visas), and may also request additional documents or invite to an interview.

The average period of consideration of visa applications is 52 days.

The success of the enterprise

To get a positive answer on a tourist Canadian visa, you must convince the visa officer that:

• You will leave Canada’s territory at the end of your trip;
• You have sufficient money for the content of yourself and members of your family in Canada and to return home;
• You do not plan to work or learn in Canada, if there is no special permission;
• You will comply with the law and will not participate in criminal activities;
• You can not imagine the safety of Canada;
• You are ready to provide any additional documentation requested by a visa officer;
• You are in good health (ready to pass a medical examination if necessary).

How to make a tourist visa to Canada

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