How to make a Polish visa

How to get a visa
Poles go to the meeting and ready to issue visas without confirmation of the armor in the presence of at least one ticket. The main problem is that tickets will appear on their hands only in mid-May. Therefore, you can submit documents with a printing from "Personal Cabinet" From Ticketing.UEFA.Com Pages "My tickets".

However, this does not exempt from the collection of additional standard documents for a Schengen visa (we recall that Poland is in Schengen)

The documents:
– Questionnaire (crept on the site http: // www.E-konsulat.GOV.PL
– Passport and copy of the main page, the passport must act 3 months after the end of the trip.
– 1 Color photo 3.5 to 4.5. Face 70-80% on white background.
– Insurance on a trip of a trip in the amount of 30,000 euros (done in any insurance of 25 rubles per day staying in Schengen)
– Help with work on the branded form indicating the post, wages, contacts of the organization
– certificate from the bank about the availability of funds (made in any bank in which you have an invoice, card, contribution, etc.) from the calculation of 40 euros per day.

There are rumors until confirmed that if there are only passports, insurance, questionnaires and photos. If there are no tickets, you will also have to show tickets (air, railway or copy of Greencard on auto, automobile rights and TCP), confirmation of the reservation from hotels (with prepayment)

Poles also intend to put semi-annual multivibuses, which will make a fan of the our national team truly mobile (it will be possible to visit the championship with a break, return to the playoffs, go to Ukraine and t.D.) and open for future trips on Schengen (few consulates open semi-annual visas).

How to submit documents
Documents can be submitted personally or by proxy through a trustee. You can also submit documents through accredited travel agencies.

How to make a Polish visa

If you want to file documents yourself, then you can do it:
In Moscow, ul. Climashkina, 4; Embassy @ Polandemb.RU +7 (495) 231-1573
In St. Petersburg (for residents of the North-West District), 5th Soviet street., fourteen; KonsGenrp @ PeterLink.RU + 7 (812) 336-31-40
In Kaliningrad (only for residents of the Kaliningrad region.) Chestnut Alley, d. 51 Girkuck @ Sovintel.RU +7 (4012) 976-400
In Irkutsk (for residents of Buryatia, Irkutsk region., Krasnoyarsk Territory and PR.) ul. Suke Bator, D. 18 KGIRKUCK @ SOVINTEL.RU +7 (3952) 28-80-10

The process of registration of a visa is standard: collect documents, come to feed, pay 35 euros in the consulate itself and wait 7-10 days.

What to do if there are no tickets or reservation housing?

According to the rules of Shengen, you must make a visa of the country in which you will spend more nights. That is, if you are going to Poland for 5 days, in the Czech Republic for 7 days, then the visa should be Czech, regardless of where you cross the border. You can make a visa of any other country, but at the entrance to Poland it will be necessary to prove that the country will be the main place of stay during your trip, which issued a visa. This does not apply to possessors of open multivis, recently most active travelers have semi-annual and annual visas in the passport (mostly Spanish, Italian, French, Greek, Finnish).

There are no boundaries inside Schengen, so you can move inside the zone. The main thing is to know that the visa is not a guarantee of entry, the last word for the border guard. Therefore, it is weigious and correctly use small loopholes in the Schengen Agreement.

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