How to make a passport

Features of biometric passport: The term of the passport is 30 days (excluding administrative checks), the cost is 2500 rubles, it is issued for 10 years, it is impossible to enter children in a biometric passport – they will have to make individual passports.

How to choose which passport to receive?

  • Soon you are going to get married or change the surname
  • you have little time and passport is urgently needed
  • How to make a passport
  • You often go and passport will still end quickly
  • You have little children who do not need their own passport, or you make a passport for a small child

  • You drive abroad two or three times a year
  • You want to make a passport and forget about this issue for the next 10 years

State services

List of documents that you need

How to enter children’s passport?

  • Application form of an old sample with filled.fourteen.
  • Passport (old sample) and passport of the our Federation
  • 3 photos of the child, colored or black and white, matte, without corners (size – 3.5 x 4.5)
  • Certificate of the birth of a child (copy and original)
  • Receipt of payment of state duty in a bank in the amount of 200 rubles with the wording "For making changes to the passport"

Where and when to make a passport

There is a myth that abroad can only be done at the place of registration; This is not how – to file documents can be in any UFMS convenient for you, it just takes a longer period (up to 2 months, if the UFMS is located not at the place of registration).
Do not forget that in front of the summer, New Year holidays and May weekends, the UFMS are always overcrowded by people who unexpectedly remembered the absence of a passport before traveling. Do not repeat such errors: it is best to make a passport immediately after large holidays and the season when visitors get much less.

How to make a passport

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