How to make a decision

So, let’s start from the very zero beginning. Taking a decision on the trip.

Yes, when I did not have a child, I only did that he had so much around: a child to travel not to interference! The child must just take, put in the sling (ergo-backpack, stroller) and fly with him towards adventure! I was very naive, I agree.

And becoming a mom, I realized that I could join me to another face: the child is very and very scary even in the space of his own apartment, which is there about traveling to think. Dress the daughter in the sling (ergo-backpack, stroller) was not so simple, Maya yells so that all my initial concepts of parenthood rushes as air locks.

But a year and a half without trips made me some very sad. And here in January so much circumstances feared "must go", that I seem to have no choice.

Foreign passport We made your daughter back in her 2 months. The employee of the UFMS swore: they say, and the passport was for some reason they made a new sample, and if we fly after six months, it would not be empty on the border, the child will change until unrecognizable. Well I do not know. At the borders, no one said anything, at least a two-month Mayan and the truth is little similar to the sevenoneal version.

Long thought where to go. We wanted to south of Europe: breathe on the sea air, to warm up under winter, but according to our standards – almost May, the sun, take a walk. At first they wanted to the Canary Islands, the apartment there could be removed for normal money (before the euro’s course growth, of course). But the flight confused – and price, and the number of transfers. Dreamed of Portugal, but again two docks in Moscow and Paris stopped us. (I am writing, always told tourists: "Well, transplant, well, and that, well, okay, that the child is small, that such?") And then everything somehow got together: friends were offered to live in their apartment in Calpe on Costa Blanca in Spain, S7 was thrown back tickets for flight Moscow-Alicante at Promotional tariff, and we no longer doubted. Although lying. Finally, we all decided when a pediatrician let go. I repeat: we were afraid, it turns out, powerfully. (By the way, here once, with his semi-annual daughter traveled the moderator of our site Marina Popova, its report can be found here).

How to make a decision

I will not say that he always dreamed of traveling to this corner of Spain. But, holding the hands of the screaming Maya, I thanked the sky for a direct flight Moscow-Alicante.

The next most important step was to persuade-invite Grandparents. Together with my husband, honestly, it was scary. Grandma and Grandpa happily agreed to make us a company. But honestly they were still worse. Looking ahead, I will say that to take grandparents on the first journey with a tiny young – this is a superMegalifhak.

And so, when tickets were bought, visas were obtained (at once for two years, praise Spain!), medical insurance is framed (on me and Maya, we issued insurance with 50 thousand euros, just in case), it was necessary to start gathering.

"Start to get together" – it’s general about rest with a child. Never in life "started to gather". And this time I constituted all sorts of lists of things that you needed to take with you, carefully completed the first aid kit, consulted with experienced moms and was read a bunch of all texts on the Internet. By 7 months, Maya, in addition to breast milk, already ate vegetables, fruits, cereals and was preparing to get acquainted with meat, so the issue of food on the trip also stood acute. And this every day a growing euro rate.

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