How to live with airbnb in this Mexican Assand House

That’s so luck! We were lucky to live a week in a honeymore, a beautiful mexican house built in the nineteenth century. Can say – a classic sample. I liked it so much and impressed that I decided to get a little more close to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the Mexican life – to be and share the knowledge gained with all interested.

For those who do not want to read a lot, but wants to live in ancient acete, here is a direct link to this house on Airbnb →

There you are also, as we can rent a room and join the beautiful. Believe me, accommodation in such a place how can not be better supplied not only from the city, but from the country as a whole – just remember! Who is ready for a long interesting text, read on.

So, Mexican House. He passed a long way, starting with primitive dwellings, ending with modern buildings, he overcame the period of domination Assand, the introduction of a colonial style, subjected to French influence, and in this boiler he acquired the traditional inherent features.

The house in which we lived now belongs to a welcoming owner named Eduardo Rodriguez, but once he was part of a huge acende.

What is Assanda?

Assands began to appear in the sixteenth century, they were created by the conquisites and the Spanish top for servicing the crown. Over time, they grow up to huge sizes and became centers of civil and public life in rural areas. The owner could buy nearby ranch or seize the land of the Indians. Assand fully provided himself with food, clothing, medical care and engaged in the production of one kind of agricultural product: Mescal, Sugarf, Pulka.

To the eighteenth century ace had their own schools, churches and markets.

However, the revolution of the beginning of the twentieth century led to the end of the existence of Assand, which were disbanded and turned into separate small estates.

Today estates still belong to the descendants of old owners. Others were bought after the Revolution by Mexicans from the city, who wish to take place in the village, and some became hotels. Many days have undergone full reconstruction to today, since the arses and destruction of the revolution left some few more than the main walls.

House Eduardo – this is part of the former aceland. According to the previous owner, its construction was completed in the nineteenth century. The current owner has made some changes, but in general, the house has been preserved in original form.

What role plays color?

From the street, the house is practically not visible, because it is on the slope of the mountain and only the first floor is visible above the ground level. But immediately striking the juicy pink color of his facade.

Bright color – This is the essence of the Mexican Spirit, the warm colors of the facades express greeting and talk about hospitality.

Each house has its own emotional climate, a pleasant combination of texture and color. This climate is a force that can expand or compress, heat or cool the space. It is important in a Mexican architecture that is trying to create an emotional background.

According to Eduardo, quite a long time in Mexico, it was customary to paint the walls in white, but love for bright colors came with the arrival of the Spaniards. House Eduardo – no exception, before buying his walls were yellow, and now – Pink.

What is he, Mexican home?

As already mentioned, the house is located on the slope of the mountain and fits into the landscape, in no case who does not break it, so it resembles a staircase, leaving the ledge down or lifting up (how to see). At the first level – Bedroom, Living Room and Cabinet, On the second – Hall, Hall, Dining Room, Terrace, Kitchen and Household Buildings, At the third level – Bedrooms, Bathrooms, one more terrace, small living room and dressing room. All these spaces are not isolated from each other, they seek one to one another. The house is a large multi-level space with high ceilings and stairs, and all this is in a single harmony.

Barely crossing the threshold of the house of Eduardo, you understand that I got into an unusual, very interesting place.

Before his eyes appears a real Mexican house in its original original style. Mexican style – These are open spaces, inner courtyards, the use of contrasts and myriads of small parts, such as twisted lattices on the windows, stairs, columns and much more.

On the one hand, Mexican House – This is the place of privacy and individual expression, and on the other, the place where Mexican meets his family, friends and the world as a whole.

Very important kitchen and well-cooled table. I note that this was fully felt on ourselves, when Eduardo prepared us delicious mexican breakfasts every morning. So we tried homemade Chelaaklyas, Enchiladas, Mexican scrambled eggs and with sauce of mole and a chocolate pie.

In the kitchen, the walls are lined with tiles, in the living room there are many multi-colored plates, VAZ and jugs, made in the same technique. All this is good called Talavera. Puebla – The largest and most well-known center for the production of Talavera. Traditionally, it paints blue or blue paint. But Eduardo loves a brightest coloring, in Spanish style.

Local places are very important, where you can stay alone. Mexicans are very zealous to loneliness and always seek to seek refuge in their home. Walls protect when the world promises something terrible. A person loves to live in a place that talks about stability, safety and constancy.

I think Eduardo has two secluded places in his rather big house, the first – His working office.

Yes yes, Eduardo has two wonderful friendly loving dogs with which they will not get bored. Your name is Free and Time, together they symbolize free time (Free Time).

Next to the host bedroom there are two more, which he also rents.

All these rooms are located on the top, third level, on which the staircase decorated with carved wooden columns leads. These pillars were brought to the house illegally the previous owner, who drove them at night, because it was forbidden. Why, Eduardo and does not know himself.

Next to the room of the owner is the room, allegedly dogs, although they are calmly shop not only here, but also everywhere where they want.

At the same level there are two bathrooms, burgundy and blue.

And then the wardrobe was attached. By the way, a rather modest.

We lived in the fourth bedroom, located at the lowest, first level, it is located at the very corner of the house, a few mansion, in it its separate bathroom with a shower.

In the whole house, the same ceilings and they look like this (we saw the same in many old buildings).

Now Eduardo lives alone, his wife and son temporarily live separately, in America (the son is learning there). Most of the house is empty, apparently, so he decided to rent rooms for rent.

Important details

How to live with airbnb in this Mexican Assand House

Another feature of the house in Mexican – This is a love for the details that the house is replete and many of which are reminded of the past. But at the same time, housing does not look closed or overloaded, everything is perfectly combined and is in its place.

The use of such bright parts is easily explained: the owner seeks to make a certain creative statement through his home, that is, the house is a context to express a unique and unique lifestyle, its characters and customs.

Still in the house there are many books, a lot, and about half in English. It turned out that the wife of Eduardo – American, with whom he met twenty-five years ago in the town of Cuernavak, located south of Mexico City, this city is also called the city of eternal spring – romantic, is not true. Two years he lived in the States, so English knows well and constantly practicing it.

And that is not all! Soft climate all year round makes it possible to have an open terrace. It’s something external but at the same time – Part of the house. V «ours» the house of their whole two.

The output to the first goes from the dining room, here is the place for a barbecue, a hummingbird feeders (whom it flies full-fully) and a place for dog playing.

The second terrace, apparently, is rarely used, it is at the top level.

Hardly forgot: for order in the house the woman follows, who comes to get out several times a week, she also prepares food and erases things. Dog walks the special person too.

In general, Eduardo, as you noticed, not from poor Mexicans. It contains his own hostel in Guanajuato and a calorie cafe.

Of course, a religion is in an important place in the life of every Mexican, the house has not been an exception. The image of the Virgin Mary Guadeloop is hanging in appearance, which, sure there is in every home.

Impressions and bonus

The house left the most pleasant impressions, his good aura. In my opinion, it is ideal: wooden furniture, simplicity, traditional, comfort, unclusion, a lot of free space.

Still liked the feeling that the doors were constantly open to us. They say, in Mexico, hospitality is the pride of welcoming owners who offer peace and love for life.

As you already understood, we found this housing and rented with the help of the site airbnb. You can do the same and add a lot of positive impressions.

Here are the sections that fit and in case you want to stay in this house, and in case the rental room in it for some reason is impossible or more interesting to view other options:

Going on the last link, you will be taken to the section where all the accommodations offered at Airbnb will be collected in Mexico. There you can enter the title of the city in the upper left corner, which interests, and get a sample of housing based on it, plus "Play" with other parameters.

Details on the operation of the Airbb service and order of booking, as well as $ 20 bonus on the first booking (for unregistered users), look for in my article article. There are reviews and links to specific rooms and apartments that we rented Andrews.

In addition, there is a general article – How to find housing in a journey that can also come in handy.

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