How to learn to relax correctly

For the bustle routine and work, the importance of recreation retreats to the background. But we have only one life, it makes sense to stop and enjoy its uniqueness. Timely rest is a guarantee of good mood and kind health.

Beauty Outside, Harmony inside

Time dedicated to itself always pays off repeatedly. Foam baths, skillful masseur hands, relaxes in spa and procedures in the beauty salon, first of all, remove the stress of workers everyday life. Therefore, psychologists recommend taking a notebook and pencil with them, since Meditative relaxation facilitates with new ideas. As a bonus, after such a holiday, colleagues will definitely notice and fresh look, and confidence in their forces, and stylish hairstyles.

Change of active and passive recreation

Should not be takenlated exclusively by chase for adventures, such a vacation tires. To return to work rested, It is advisable to plan your vacation in such a way that active disesNS (Mountain skiing, sightseeing, tourist hiking, karaoke and bowling) Rechanged passive (rest on the beach, forest fishing, kebabs with friends, visiting spa procedures). Start better with extreme adventures, It will help forget about work and enter the holiday rhythm, And ending with relaxation, In order to relax to relax before going to work.

Good – does not mean expensive

There is an alternative to journey through the "All Included" system: Many unforgettable excursions can be arranged for free. For example, visits to castles and vineyards in France is usually free for any guests. Tickets are always more profitable to buy in advance. Remember the transfer of "Eagle and Rushka" and fantasize how to plan the route to spend no more than 5 euros per day. Beauty of nature, sightseeing, photographing is inexpensive (if not free) ways to relax with benefit and expand the horizons of knowledge.

How to learn to relax correctly

Detaching from civilization

Psychologists advise Do not hold rest with colleagues, and including limit communication with them through blue screens. The tablet and the phone can be replaced with an old push-button phone, it will not only fully break away from colleagues, work, unnecessary social networks, email and endless news, but also to feel the proximity of your family and friends. A pleasant bonus is that push-button phones keep charging much longer than smartphones, which is especially relevant during the rest – it will give the opportunity to be in touch.

Alcohol is not an assistant on vacation

Even those who are not adherents of a healthy lifestyle, know about alcohol cunning. Thanks to his work, many are returned not to beware and rested, but undusted, loaded and tired. Perhaps, Incitization of the body is not the best help of someone who dreams of a good rest. Cheaper and useful alternative – Try seasonal fruits, local mineral waters and fresh juices.

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