How to learn to make beautiful photos on travel?

Today in our interview there will be many beautiful photos and useful tips, how to make no less beautiful pictures &# 8211; Everyone of these kesthers shared a traveler photographer and blogger &# 8211; Alexander Plight.

Alexandra group in VK

Alexandra, where to travel your travel experience?

It seems to me that travel experience personally has begun since the transformation of the brain. When something clicked something in it and instead of buying a tour of the operator, I opened a website with a search site and acquired them myself.

But it was not yet &# 8220; hereby&# 8221; Travel, how I think now. I moved first in the company of some friends, then we drove with others by Paul Israel. But my personal achievement was the fact that I myself did the fly, myself got to friends, and indeed felt in this situation it was extremely comfortable in this situation.

I think it was then that the story began.. From the moment I realized that one is not scary and not difficult to travel. The next time I rushed for 2 months in Asia, what I proved that I was not mistaken at all.)

In which countries you have already visited, which still have to be discovered for yourself?

In which countries&# 8230; Straight list? Well, Good: Sweden, Finland, Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, Israel, Vietnam, Italy, Thailand, Singapore, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Holland, Mexico, UAE, Malaysia, Cuba, Jamaica.

In fact, not so much. Personally, the collection of countries seems extremely symbolic. However, in some of them, I continue to return. About Indonesia in general, I am silent, I got off the bill, how many times I was here.

And now probably more interesting&# 8230; Where i would like to go? Although what is there. I want everywhere. In fact, I still have a gap in the north of Asia, the blue dream in the form of states is no longer so bright, but still a dream, try in Latin America Blaries my brain, as well as Africa manitis and scares at the same time.

How did you notice, travel and travel.)

Traveling a lot and all of them pursue different goals – someone wants to celebrate in all countries of the world, someone comprehends new cultures, someone is looking for themselves, and what purpose you pursue?

What is interesting to me? I wonder how people live. Of course, it is not always possible, but still interests me most. How people live, what are their values ‚Äč‚Äčthat they are careful. And, indisputable, cultures are of great interest to me. Personally, I can observe and compare giving great freedom. More precisely, he freed from part of the prejudice, laid down my native culture.

Probably, it will be correct to say that in travels I am looking for myself.

What is it – not to have binding to one place? Or, even being in constant movement, you feel that you still have a house?

You know, the obvious sensation of the house I never had. Gradually, this feeling aggravated. Again, a certain transformation of the brain took place, after which I gave and threw unnecessary things. And after stopped buying and storage &# 8220; trash&# 8221;.

My main value is now &# 8211; These are my impressions, life in itself.

Would you like to buy something (this is a psychological dependence of a kind)? Sometimes yes. But since for 2 years I am moving the world with two suitcases and only one of them is intended to do clothing and other things, the purchase of something new is usually associated with the arrival of something old. Well, or there are impulses sometimes, but then again something from the suitcase should change the owner.)

Why I spoke about things? Because it seems to me that many people associate a house with some specific place where things are kept where the comfort and so on.

Want to create comfort somewhere&# 8230; I don’t want exactly now. I now like to live in different places &# 8211; By mood.

Is there a place in this world where I feel good? There is: before it was Bali, now I was added to Mexico. Although, I am a lot where I feel like at home. I think it is again the state of the soul when my house &# 8211; This is me, and I always with me.)

In addition, you are a traveler with experience, you are also a photographer. That in your story was first – photo or travel?

Oh, first came the photo, I came myself, not a lot of me and asking me.

Very spontaneously I wanted to the camera, my mother gave me the most simple mirror for 20 years (although it was a very expensive gift for me). I did not know what to shoot. Tried to shoot people because they always occupied me. After numerous bounces in the phrase &# 8220; I’m nellogenic&# 8221;, one girlfriend agreed to be my model. The process of fascinating both in such a way that a series of creative filming with a full fantasy rush and accessories made of infirmized materials.

Not half a year ago, as the first message came with the selection request. It was scary. Do for entertainment &# 8211; one. Make for someone &# 8211; completely different. Twisted in general. Then I still worked in the office, shooting were on weekends. Passion was the sea, there was no free time at all.

In fact, it is a photo and gave me the opportunity to travel. Sometimes, I am invited to shoot weddings in the beautiful corners of our planet, it is extremely nice. But the fact that you yourself are the head &# 8211; This allows you to plan your time taking into account interests and desires.

So began my first colors for a month, 2, then at 3.. Then suddenly it turned out that in the homeland for the year I was less than somewhere else&# 8230; And then I dawned on: "Why not start living &# 8211; In journey?"

Travel-photo from Alexandra is posted – what it is?

I have already said that people were always interested in people. I am in nature &# 8211; observer. Sometimes even in large companies I do not communicate, but I observe. I’m interested.

Absolutely, the same thing happens in the photo. Especially in Travel.

Although I will be honest. Let’s start with the fact that the photo has different genres, which in turn suggest different shooting styles. And if a person is good in one genre, it does not mean that in the other he will immediately be good. Often, it is necessary to work for some time.

So, my first experience of Travel photography was just scolding: I was like the Chinese, constantly pressing the button. I wanted to remove everything, do not miss anything, because the vacation is so short. And stored with me these millions of photos &# 8211; There is no time to revise, and not hunt.

Gradually, when stress from a lack of time and desire to remember everything passed, I began to shoot more thoughtfully. But this also did not immediately come. I still removed all the sights and TD. Now I’m finally &# 8220; let go&# 8221;, how it seems to me.

Because I don’t want to take photos of some recognizable places. There are already billions of these very pictures in the world. And I do not want to produce them even more.

But I really like &# 8220; pry&# 8221; some moments, &# 8220; catch&# 8221; People and atmosphere ..

Atmosphere. That’s what the photo from traveling, it seems to me. And undoubtedly, all this through the prism of copyright and mood, but still an atmosphere.)

Photographing your travels Many, if not to say, "all", but not all then satisfied with the result. Alexandra, give a few tips how to make such photos so that they like them to transfer the atmosphere in which this picture was created.

In fact, there is such a nuance that, sometimes, it is very difficult to transfer the atmosphere in the photo. Especially if we talk about the landscape, for example. Here you are standing on the edge of the canyon, sunset, the breeze flies your hair&# 8230; The heart is compressed from fear and indescribable beauty at the same time. Tell me how to transfer it in the photo? The photo &# 8211; This is a two-dimensional space. And you are in what? In six-dimensional. Therefore, it is worth making a correction for it. See in the picture and live &# 8211; It will always be completely different things.

How to learn to make beautiful photos on travel

However, I probably would like to share tips on how to bring interesting pictures from traveling, which will please not only by travelers themselves, but also those who will discer.

  1. Buy yourself a light chamber. I will say on my own experience, as well as the experience of my friends / acquaintances, when your camera weighs half a kilogram, in a couple of days the desire to wear it with himself disappears by itself. And get it out of the case also really do not want. Even to me, although I trained myself that I myself chose, so thermal.)
  1. Do not press the button until you decide why you want to do it, or do not play in &# 8220; Chinese tourists&# 8221;. Why? Why do you need 3 billion pictures not clear what you never reconsider? Remove only what really struck you.
  1. Remove the details, take a story about your travel. What is the trip? Road, accommodation, food, walk, dating &# 8211; Here it takes off. Remove moments, not monuments.
  1. Get up early. It is clear &# 8211; Vacation, Nakhota. But there is one secret: to get up early, you need to lie down early. The earlier you get up, the better the mood for the whole day. And most importantly: in the morning there is a lot of interesting things.. And what light..Yes in general, watch the city wakes up &# 8211; this is solid pleasure, peace. There is no fuss yet.Why not make yourself such a gift?
  1. Read what you would like to see, but not much. Here, too, a stick about two ends. On the one hand, it would be nice to understand whether something else is worth a visit. But! Recommendations &# 8211; This is a subjective opinion of a particular person. Therefore, a very good acquisition of general knowledge &# 8211; what is it and why. And then, draw conclusions: it is necessary for you or not. It’s like me &# 8211; I still can not understand my feelings about what I saw &# 8220; Monu Lizu&# 8221;. I saw live, yes. Much further than could consider in the textbook. And it is not clear, it was worth it or not. Although it was another period when I set &# 8220; Tick&# 8221;.
  1. Remove the atmosphere. This is much more interesting. Here with the same &# 8220; Joconda&# 8221;. It seems to me that 3 years ago I was close in the crowd of tourists to take a picture of the picture. And now I would photographed from afar this very crowd of tourists trying to take a picture of the picture, or to make selfie on her background. That would really be a story.) And the picture picture has long been published in many books and textbooks.)
  1. Record the places where you visited. This may not apply to photography, however, this part is also important &# 8211; storage. Because believe me, after a couple of years you do not remember where we visited and what they did. Not just so before in the albums there was a place to sign.)
  1. Send photos at once upon arrival. Do not delay in a long box &# 8211; it’s a way to nowhere. Then they will lie, stored and dust on the computer until the next vacation.) After all, ahead of time &# 8220; bring to mind photo&# 8221; &# 8211; No. But the next vacation archives will increase on a hundred gigabytes. Therefore, do not postpone &# 8211; Immediately select, delete too much and present.) Even if we do not talk about social networks, then at least print for yourself so that the soul is glad from viewing, and not only you.) To come to visit after your travel friends, listen to stories and see pictures from your last trip.)

Did you like to postpone the camera and just absorb what is happening, remember, "take pictures of the eyes"?

As I already mentioned, at first I had a straight teeth, as I wanted to photograph all.) But over time it has changed much.

For example, I often remove on the iPhone. I understand that printing pictures on the wall in the format A0 I will most likely not become (and what walls need to print and hang on them the most favorite photos). However, for the personal collection of memories of the quality of the camera iPhone, I have enough.)

And over the past year, another transformation occurred: our world is absorbed by the Internet and social networks, and at some point I realized that I was very tired. Understood accidentally when left without internet in Cuba. And so I was good from this. And it was difficult to return back to virtual reality. This was one of the first moments of awareness that you can not remove anything, but just to be here and now, just enjoy, just remember.

But of course, even now I sometimes have a heart shrink, if I find yourself somewhere without a phone, and something really wants to remove. Here the mantra lies that &# 8220; all take a picture impossible&# 8221;. It calms me and I just admire the view.)

And if it were not for a photo and not traveling, no matter what you devoted your time?

This is probably one of the most difficult issues.. Because these two components make up my life, I myself.

I, if you feel honest, confused.)

In general, me, like many women, captivates psychology. Probably, I would develop more in this area. Or learning &# 8211; I like to teach people. No, not life, but some useful skills &# 8211; This case gives a lot of pleasure, especially when you see the result.)))

Well, or I do not know, I would draw, danced, helped people.)) I like to look for myself. Since the state is not stable, changes occur often, the process is very fond of. And on my own experience I like to show that everything could be desire.) Changing yourself we change the world around.)

How to learn to make beautiful photos on travel

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